Ravi Shastri- Yogas in his Vedic Astrology Horoscope

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Cricket fundamentals:
Ravi Shastri has always been in the
news. Whether it was his beginning as a slow, left-arm orthodox bowler or his
growth as an all-rounder, he has almost always been at the forefront of events.
Recently, he has been appointed head-coach of
the Indian cricket team after being a notable presence in the commentary-box.
Ravi Shastri helped the Indian cricket team earlier with his distinctive style
and came out with flying colours. He has not been shy of taking up the mantle
despite the unseemly controversy between the former coach Anil Kumble, and the
captain Virat Kohli.
Almost immediately he appears to have done away
with the appointment of Rahul Dravid as one who would give inputs from the
batting perspective, and Zaheer Khan, who would give inputs from the bowling
World Stage:
Ravi Shastri has played County cricket in the
past and also worked on the international stage as an ambassador.  
From batting lower down in the order, Shastri
graduated to opening the innings for India. He won the ‘Champion of Champion’
award in Australia and brought back an Audi, which in the day was a very
conspicuous thing in India. He shares the rare record of hitting Tilak Raj for
six sixes in an over in a first-class game.
Karma from the Vedic Horoscope:
The events in life having been notable, it is
axiomatic that Shastri have the Karma which has brought the said events about.
Let us then see the Rashi chart of the Vedic horoscope which is given below:
Before we start, we must note that the term
Yoga is too lightly used in Vedic astrology. Of course, the coming together of
two entities in Jyotisha amount to yoking and almost invariably we can discern
its impact. But that is not even the tip of the iceberg. The classical
literature in Vedic astrology is replete with the specific impact of Yogas and
it should be clearly understood that Yogas are a distinct and major subject
in Vedic astrology, and furnish the subject-matter of inquiries which must be
undertaken independently due to the sheer width, magnitude and real-life impact
that they entail. 
Thus sobered by this knowledge, let us look at
this chart as we usually do, noting the coming together of entities but also
realising today, that there is a whole substratum of Yogas in any given
horoscope which must be strictly interpreted according to the Shlokas in the
classical texts and which then dictates the entire fabric of Karma. That level
of study and interpretation of the horoscope cannot be given here for a variety
of reasons. Even so, let us continue. 
The Sun is in the Lagna and being the
significator of prowess and fame, gives precisely that to Ravi Shastri. The
fact that he shines can directly be linked to the Sun in the Lagna, and Sun is
the Karaka of the Lagna as well.
The fundamental aspect of Yoga tells us that
Budha-Aditya or Nipuna Yoga is formed due to the conjunction of the Sun and
Mercury and gives high intelligence and expertise in the chosen vocation.
Mercury is also the Karaka for speech and communication, explaining a part of
his career very well.
Mercury is retrograde showing that this aspect
of communication has been cultivated with hard work and did not come very
naturally to him. At the basic level we can also see that Mercury is a
first-rate benefic for Taurus Lagna and its placement in the Lagna is

The basic understanding of Rajayoga also
reveals that since Surya is the lord of a quadrant and Budha the lord of a
trine, their association yields Rajayoga and that too in the Lagna. [One will
take the Rajayoga at the cost of a receding hairline, which the Agni of the Sun
in Lagna will give without gender discrimination.]
Excellence in the career:
The 10th House from the Lagna is the
career, and is the Swarga or heaven of the chart. Any planet here will give
good results, as a rule of thumb. We find the oft-celebrated Gajakesari Yoga
which is profound being in the 10th House. Also, planets in mutual
quadrants are co-workers and support each others’ endeavours, which makes Sun,
Mercury, Jupiter and Moon helpful to each other. The results of the association
of Jupiter and Moon are very auspicious and would have given a spotless life
but for the exchange between Rahu and Moon.
The Moon in the 10th House is an
excellent placement as the mind, social bearings, popularity and the human
factor in life are at their highest. It is no wonder then that Ravi Shastri has
enjoyed the popular acclaim that he has.
Rahu and Moon:
The exchange between Rahu and Moon changes
things and brings in controversy and worse because the Moon gets tainted with
the energies of the malefic Node. Rahu indicates shock, deceit, deviation from
the norm, loss of protection and such things. These matters will have their say
in his life and shape his personality. He is known to be stern and quick to
take offence, probably because he found out the price of letting things be,
when life dished out inexplicable and unpalatable things to him.
Rahu joining Jupiter in the 10th
House owing to the exchange forms an adverse Yoga, the Guru-Chandala Yoga which
will make it hard to form a reliable value system with which to navigate life.
Counsel is required but may not be forthcoming. There is a chance of charlatans
entering life if counsel is sought without due diligence, owing to the problems
with the latter Yoga.
Image and visible life:
The Parivartana Yoga between the Moon and Rahu
impacts the image and visible life because Rahu is in the Arudha Lagna. He has
been seen as a person who has not cared for convention (Rahu), his earlier
personal relationships were the focus of much public attention and scrutiny and
generally the image was dominated by Rahu. But due to the exchange, Moon comes
to its own sign in the Arudha Lagna pushing out the earlier perception and
giving genuine, clean and conventional acclaim and popularity which are matters
governed by a strong Moon. But he will never be too far from controversy
because of this exchange. 
There is Kala Sarpa Yoga in the chart as all
planets are between Rahu and Ketu and virtually everything is Karmic in life.
It is excellence in the Lagna which breaks the Yoga.
Personal life and relationships:
Rightly or wrongly, this aspect of his life has
been much discussed and Venus in the 2nd House from the Lagna, as
the Karaka for relationships and marriage can contribute to this. The 2nd
house from the Lagna is the 8th from the 7th House of
relationships and thus adversely disposed to the latter, especially as Venus rules
these as the significator.
The 7th Lord Mars has gone to the 12th
House which forms his philosophy of ‘Work hard and party harder’.
It was evidently falsely reported in the media
that the couple had filed for divorce because Shastri categorically denied it.
Anyhow, the Upapada Lagna showing manifest realities of marriage is in the 9th
House in malefic Capricorn and has Saturn and Ketu in it. The length of the
marriage is seen from the 2nd House from the Upapada Lagna which is
protected by the Gajakesari Yoga. The reason why the reports emerged in the
media is because of the exchange between Moon and Rahu which brings Rahu to the
2nd from the Upapada and fosters doubts and discussions and these of
The Navmasha:
The Navamsha is the real test but here it is a
pre-requisite that each very serious matter of the heart be tabulated and
recorded for these tend to exhaust (apart from the human heart) the relevant
reference-points in the horoscope. Suffice it to say that the 7th
House in the Navamsha with the given time of birth has a debilitated Rahu.
even a fundamental view of the
Yogas can yield an accurate portrayal of the Karma in life. Further, and
deeper, Venus for certain reasons indicates that he should always retain
professional proximity with companies.
Mars shows whatever may happen at
the metaphysical level he will always be accepted as a leader of all he surveys
since Mars is in the 10th House from the Arudha Lagna in Aries, and
for some other crucial reasons apart from that.
Deeper Yogas:
The deeper Yogas are steps that are
to be climbed so proportionally escalate the understanding of the chart, and of
life in general. Since one step is higher than the other, there is great
significance implicit in this seemingly simple fact. Due to this, these are
required to be studied at an entirely different level of appreciation and
Anurag Sharma,

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