Planets at the time of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Verdict

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When the Gurmeet Ram Rahim verdict of guilty was pronounced on August 25, 2017 and violence broke out in parts of the country, the transit Moon was in Virgo, joined the greatest benefic in the zodiac, Jupiter.

Many could find this confusing at the outset but the confusion would not be well-founded in Vedic astrology. As we often write, the more advanced works at this resource also delve deeper into the nature of the signs and the planets.

Virgo is the 6th House of the natural zodiac and also deals with illness, debts and enemies and punishment as well. The concept of Danda comes from here. So, we need to be clear that Virgo houses all the malefic potential that may be expected from any 6th House in any nativity and these 6th Houses only follow and copy the potential of Virgo.

A mention of Virgo generally reminds us of Mercury but we forget that Rahu has its Moolatrikona in Virgo. The most devious of the planets goes to work in the domain of Virgo. It is with this fact that many of the less-palatable prospects in Virgo come to the fore.

Rahu and Mars were forming an incendiary Yoga in Cancer at the time. Cancer indicates the home and the homeland, the mother and the motherland.The sign has been brought into focus by the recent transit of Rahu-Ketu

Both Rahu and Mars were in the Gandanta, or in the junction, between Cancer and Leo. When Rahu and Mars are conjoined a war breaks out and this is what happened in certain cities of India on the day. There were widespread incidents of murder, looting and arson precipitated by the conflicting conjunction of Rahu and Mars.

The seemingly benign conjunction of Moon and Jupiter is not so. The taint comes with an element of reciprocity between the Moon and Rahu, since the Moon is placed in the bastion of Rahu and Rahu is afflicting Cancer ruled by the Moon. The net effect is that Jupiter receives the influence of Rahu while Moon receives the influence of Mars and Venus. There is a double Rudra Yoga.

The Rudra Yoga formed by Mars-Moon and Moon-Venus and the affliction of Venus by Mars reflected the facts that the conviction was for the offence of rape, and that the violence broke out as an expression of entirely misplaced emotional outrage. The gullible masses and the so-called followers of the convict indulged in wanton and willful breach of the peace and of law causing irreversible damage to life and property.

Leo, the seat of power is hemmed in a Papakartari Yoga especially due to the reciprocal influences generated by the Moon and Rahu. The Guru-Chandala Yoga ensures that religious or spiritual sentiment is corrupted and vitiated to lead to loss of life and the Rudra Yogas damages vehicles, buildings and the minds of people, all being significations of the 4th House, which Cancer is, in the natural zodiac.

The Sun is strong in Leo indicating that the governments in question are in no danger of being incapable of meeting the situation but the conjunction with retrograde Mercury which has caused so many communication problems, led to the perception that the highest functionaries were mute spectators. Saturn’s aspect does not help the situation at all.

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