Case Study of the Moon sign: Sudden breathing problems and remedies in Vedic astrology

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Quite recently, a curious case presented itself. It was surmised
that owing to painting and polishing works being carried on in a household, due
to the chemicals comprising the materials irritating the system, breathing
problems manifested.
These were of a serious nature. There was shortness of breath,
frequent bouts of severe coughing at very short intervals and inability to
sleep. The medicines prescribed did not really help much and since the
constitution of the native was delicate, the medication focusing on asthma
caused dryness in the system.
The works could not be discontinued and efforts to distance oneself
from the fumes and the smell of the chemicals were futile; relief was not
really felt in other houses of friends for one reason or another. Given the
high temperatures of the summer, air-conditioning is sorely required. One house
of friends was not using air-conditioning since their own physiology reacted
adversely to the cold air and caused problems with the skeletal frame and
swellings of the joints. In the result, not only was a physiological problem
manifesting, but no relief was forthcoming from friends, and family, or any
other quarter for that matter, for one reason or another.
Homeopathy treatment was also tried but it did not work.
Given the facts of the situation, a quick solution was required and
given the seniority of the person, the health issues had already caused
significant psychological turmoil, the problems having carried on for weeks at
Since a quick solution was required (within minutes), the issue was
studied only from that perspective.
It is evident that currently the Cancer-Capricorn axis is seriously
afflicted with highly inimical planets in a situation of a standoff. Cancer/
Karka Rashi is the heart or the thoracic cavity of the Kalapurusha or the
Cosmic Man and the station of transit Rahu in Cancer can cause issues in this area
of the body.
When Rahu creates problems, diagnosis is difficult, or the treatment
does not work; the ambiguity and the enigma of the Nodes makes them and their
working difficult to understand. Also Rahu is traditionally associated with
breathing problems because when his neck was cut off, so was the respiratory
tract. All these indications showed that the problem was rooted in Rahu.
What made this certain was that the natal Moon sign of the native
was one of Cancer of Capricorn. With Mars and Ketu in Capricorn, in aspect with
Rahu, and Mars and Rahu being highly inimical to each other, the problem was
purely a transient one and caused by the opposition of malefic planets.
It is also to be noted that when a detailed study of health or
physiological states is done from the natal horoscope, it is always from the
natal Moon, as Chandra is the natural significator for the health and
physiology of the person. In fact, this is one of the dominant roles of the
Moon-sign chart in the Vedic horoscope. 
Two remedies were given. One, an appropriate Mantra to pacify Rahu.
On the same evening, the malefic reacted briefly and the situation became acute
for a brief while. Soon afterwards, a simple anti-allergic medicine was taken,
and sleep followed. The breathing problem practically disappeared and the bouts
of coughing etc. were greatly reduced. By comparison, they ceased to trouble
the person. The work in the household was still continuing and the person was
advised to keep away from the areas where work was continuing to try and void
triggering the allergic reaction.
Two, Monday was at hand soon and on Monday, the day of lord Shiva, a
compressed form of the Mrityunjaya Mantra was given. With these two remedies,
the person recovered at a miraculous rate. At their own choice, all the
medication was discontinued immediately given the sensitive constitution of the
person, including homeopathic medicine.
In this case, the problem lay elsewhere.
While modern (and perhaps traditional) medicine on the one hand and spiritual-cultural-esoteric-religious
disciplines work in different reference frames, and one ought not be and cannot
be, a substitute for the other, this case is an illustration of how, despite
all the advances in modern medicine, there are occasions when very real, and
palpable results are obtained, without more, from a metaphysical system such as
Vedic astrology.  
© Anurag Sharma

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