Jupiter Transit in Scorpio on October 11, 2018 in Vedic Astrology

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Jupiter has now moved into the Vedic sign of Scorpio on October 11, 2018. In order to understand this event, which is, and is going to undergo metamorphosis, with the efflux of time, into a process, we need to quickly revisit first, the basic essentials of both Jupiter and Scorpio. 
In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the greatest benefic planet as far as the true good for mankind goes. It is therefore clear that goodness in life, in its myriad hues, must depend, at least in part, on the position of Jupiter in the natal horoscope, and in transit. It is one of those planets in Vedic astrology, whose transit movements are studied irrespective of whether it governs any conspicuous Dasha in the given nativity or not. Jupiter is the Deva Guru or the Preceptor of the Gods. His advice and influence, thus, often operate as a measure of protection in the form of blessings, which are themselves a function of cohesiveness and binding. Things bind and split based on the presence and absence of the blessings of Jupiter. 
Oftentimes we see significant events associated with the very ingress of the planet into a sign, which is also the same as marking its exit from the preceding sign. To say this more clearly in the present context, the movement of Jupiter into Scorpio and out of Libra may have shown up dramatically in certain Vedic horoscopes. By definition, this can raise eyebrows for Jupiter is phlegmatic and his movements are not intended to precipitate drama. In actual fact also they do not; the dramatic events that sometimes show up are precipitated by natal Yogas which may or may not have anything to do with Jupiter. The transit brings these forth often as a result of a single factor, which has been referred to above- the introduction of, or the cessation of, the element of protection and cohesiveness which depends on the movement, and aspect of the great benefic. 
The presence and aspect of Jupiter, and by aspect we mean both Rashi Drishti, the sign aspect of the planet, and the Graha Drishti, the planetary aspect, in that order, decide binding and cohesion or their absence in given areas in life. Generally, for this reason, in traditional Jyotisha, it is thought beneficial if Jupiter is not associated with any planet in the natal Vedic horoscope, especially by conjunction. The conjoined planet takes on the auspiciousness of Jupiter but the auspiciousness of Jupiter is gone. We do not want the auspiciousness of Jupiter to go. 
To give a specific instance of the foregoing proposition, when we judge the auspiciousness of a certain time we look at the sign aspect of Jupiter in transit to the relevant area of the horoscope. If it is there, we can hope for this single factor to help us tide over any negatives, should they be there. Conversely, we would like to avoid such an aspect of a dire malefic. Whereas Jupiter binds and favours success, the malefic splits and disfavours success. The much-vaunted  aspect of the transit Jupiter to the 2ndHouse from the Upapada Lagna (UL) has its roots in this thinking. And conversely, with malefics. 
Scorpio, though a malefic sign, has much more to it. It is a Jala Rashi, a Water sign, in one of which, Cancer, Karkata, Jupiter is exalted. Jupiter is very good in the Jala Tattwa Rashi fostering correct emotion and social connection. Scorpio is also a Brahmin Rashi, and for that reason also, Jupiter the Karaka for knowledge feels happy here. If we see, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces form the Water trine and an examination of each sign in the context of the happiness of Jupiter will easily show that Jupiter is happy here. 
Jupiter has just left Libra. No matter how unhappy Jupiter was here, if there are troubling facets in natal Libra in any given horoscope, Jupiter was pouring Ganga Jal (non-polluted) over these troubles. Now, Jupiter has left, and so, the troubles in Libra no longer have the protection of Jupiter. It is for reasons such as these that sometimes we will have dramatic events unfold. Of course, the clock may have been ticking in several other ways, but transit is always a device to time that which was always meant to happen, like a postman delivering mail which had been marked to your address and put in the course of dispatch earlier, but has arrived only now, at this point in time. 
Yogas associated with the sign of Scorpio will tend to fructify with relative ease, and now that Jupiter is there, the transit will further aid matters. Scorpio, otherwise is a malefic sign and despite its Jala Tattwa has a lot of heat associated with it. In this sense, the transit of Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio is very good because it tempers the aggression there and gives it sage direction. Scorpio is also directly associated with sexuality, more so with matters which are not always in full view. 
Being the 8thHouse of the natural zodiac, Scorpio is prone to breaking marital alliances and bringing in discord in relationships. It is for this reason that even certain auspicious planets placed in this sign in the Navamsha always portend caution in the personal realm, for the Navamsha chart is the specific domain of the personal and the marital and Scorpio, and placement in Scorpio, is very sensitive here for the horoscope.  
Jupiter in the Lagna in the natal horoscope is considered to be a great blessing. One is advised to worship Shiva in such a case, and it is said that even one sincere bow before the trident holder is sufficient to cure the chart of a thousand evils. We can then readily surmise that the transit of Jupiter in the Lagna is equally beneficial since it directly impacts the life circumstances and the power of discrimination. The horoscope starts with the Lagna and when the Lagna is made auspicious owing to the transit of Jupiter, the beneficial aspects will percolate throughout the chart. The decision-making will be vastly improved because Jupiter always shows the correct direction. 
For those with Scorpio Lagna, therefore, this is a good time, and for those with this Lagna, for whom the Dashas indicate a positive time in life, the transit is apt for them to try and accomplish the best works. The Graha Drishti or the planetary aspect of Jupiter both to the 5thand the 9thHouses ensures that the future and the past are well-illuminated. What this means in actual practice is that the light shines in such a way that the events of the past are properly construed, and future steps are taken with appreciable insight. 
As one has mentioned before, the Gurus are not easy to understand and there can be cases where either one of Jupiter or Venus take on the mantle of the positive Guru for the nativity. It can be therefore, that for people with malefic combinations in the sign Scorpio, and for whom Jupiter is not playing a conventionally positive role, the transit precipitates the testing nature of the combinations in the sign. 
This kind of a situation can be understood only on specific personal study of the horoscope where the individual concerned is ready to receive the insights from this relatively rarefied realm. Otherwise of course, generally speaking, Jupiter can be understood to give His positive grace wherever He goes, for that is His nature. 
Since Cancer is the exaltation sign of the planet Jupiter, the aspect of Jupiter to this sign by its planetary aspect is excellent. Jupiter desires the results of its exaltation to come to the Rashi. So, the sign Cancer benefits in every nativity to the extent possible for that nativity. In the abstract, one can venture that home, education, heart and the feeling of positive competition, as that which used to exist in the Brahmins of yore, in the realm of knowledge of the scripture, will be positively impacted depending on a host of factors which will decide for each person whether the benefit is notable, and if so, to what extent. Cancer is one of the blessed signs, and so if a blessing exists in the sign in any chart, it will be fructified by the aspect of Guru. If instead a curse exists, then it may be mitigated or brought into clear focus with a view to resolution. It is in this manner that the grace of Jupiter is to be understood. 
Now, Pisces is the own sign of Jupiter and the aspect of transit Jupiter to this sign is also excellent, simply for that reason. Whatever Pisces should represent in any given Rashi Chakra, will stand to benefit subject to the contours of that particular horoscope. Pisces is considered to be the sign of the Rishis. The aspect of Jupiter to this sign brings forth the opportunity to tap into the eternal teachings of Hinduism, the Sanatana Dharma. Of course, Vedic Astrology never says that eternal teachings are appropriated by any one religion and so no matter to which faith one subscribes, spiritual bounty is all set to be received if one is interested and the Karma for that person points in that direction. Pisces can also indicate travel and expenses, and with the influence of transit Jupiter these can be positively influenced to indicate travel and expenses for higher and intellectual pursuits. Pisces can also bring in auspiciousness, happiness and goodness by triggering these in the chart in some way and so the more discerning among us can try and tap into these benefits if we can. 
For ARIES Ascendant (Lagna), this promises to be a very interesting time in the positive, and a somewhat testing time in the negative. With Jupiter, the greatest benefic transiting the malefic Scorpio, and that too in the 8thHouse from the Lagna, things can lead to great transformation through accessing matters which were hitherto hidden. This applies with special force to the occult and the esoteric, matters governed both by Jupiter and Scorpio in different ways. In the negative, however, the benefic Jupiter in the 8thHouse is not good. It is the 9thLord for the Lagna and in the 8thHouse, it dissipates the luck and fortune that it rules as the 9thLord. 
Things are very different for the Mesha Arudha Lagna (AL) and the transit of Jupiter in the 8thHouse from the AL indicates taking loans and repayment of debts. The 8thHouse and its role from the AL depends on some specific factors in the nativity when reckoned from the AL, which cannot be gone into here, and so we will leave it there. Suffice it to say, that in some cases the element of loans and debts will not play out during this transit, or at least for this reason, for the Mesha AL. 
For TAURUS Lagna, the transit of Jupiter is in the 7thHouse and is good in the sense that better sense will prevail in the marriage and in personal relationships. Unless, Guru is the Dasha lord for the Lagna in a major Dasha system, the transit will largely give positive results in marriage, partnerships and will also reflect well in the career and work. If it is the Dasha lord, there can be food for thought for Guru is the 8thLord of the Mangalya Bhava for this Lagna. Whatever it may be, marriage and personal relationships are brought into sharp relief during this transit of the planet. 
For the AL of this sign, the transit of Jupiter in the 7thHouse is excellent and may aid emergence into the world into their own right, and facilitate transactions of some importance with society at large. 
The movement of Jupiter to the Dusthana for GEMINI Lagna is stressful because the 6thHouse is very inimical to the Lagna and the presence of the great benefic in this Bhava from the Lagna indicates distancing from the attributes of Jupiter. Jupiter indicates benefic grace and this is getting lost and dissipated in the illness and adversity that comprises the 6thHouse. When the grace of God is not forthcoming to the Lagna, it can be said to be an ordinary time. For the people with the AL in Gemini, the situation is not better but decidedly worse. The AL shows what is actually coming to pass in life, and the various houses when reckoned from the AL show much the same thing. Wealth and auspiciousness can take a downswing for vulnerable horoscopes with Mithuna AL, either generally or at the present time, coinciding with this transit.   
I have written above about the positive impact of the transit for the Jala Rashi, of which CANCERis one. For this Lagna, the transit of Jupiter is in the 5thHouse of the future. Jupiter transit is very good in the trines from the Lagna because blessings are more readily forthcoming from the divine. Also, from this position, Jupiter aspects both the 9thHouse of Bhagya and the Lagna itself, infusing the self with optimism and correct thinking and triggering fated events. In a similar vein, Jupiter is even better in transit for the Cancer AL, because Jupiter in the 5thHouse from the AL will help sustain all positives associated with the Bhava. 
For the fiery LEOLagna, the transit of Jupiter is in the 4thHouse from the Ascendant. The 4thHouse is that of home and family, properties and academic attainments. All these matters stand to benefit greatly during this transit for the Leo Lagna. It also indicates a considerable change from the transit of Jupiter in Libra, where it was in the Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) placement for the Lagna which is not good. Goodness would have appeared to die around Leo in the past and so merely cessation of such a scenario is a positive sign. Additionally we know that for the Kalapurusha, Cancer is the natural 4thHouse and Jupiter is exalted here. By necessary implication, the transit of Jupiter in the 4thHouse for Leo, in a friendly sign will prompt Jupiter to approximate to His exaltation when it comes to precipitating results. 
For the Leo AL also the results are positive as Jupiter expands learning and acquisition, if these should be promised in the nativity through Yogas in the horoscope. 
Even the greatest benefic in the zodiac can obstruct, and this is the case for VIRGOLagna. Guru is the Badhaka for the Lagna, but will only be adverse if the planet is poorly placed in the Rashi Chakra of the natal horoscope or otherwise devoid of strength. However, the Badhaka nature of the planet for the Lagna is not of prime concern for the Gochara; the main issue is that Guru is transiting the MKS position from the Lagna. It is in a friendly sign. The results will vary depending upon what Jupiter indicates in the natal horoscope. In some cases, the planet will deliver up whatever it has for the individual in question. In other cases, and by and large, Jupiter transit is not good for the Lagna and once again goodness and blessings may appear to be in short supply during the transit. 
As always though, we live in the manifest world, and no matter what is happening from the Lagna internally, it is the precipitate of the Karma which is amenable to the senses that decides the quality of time and experience. From the Virgo AL, Jupiter transit is highly adverse and a cautionary note needs to be struck here. At the first sign of major distress, the individuals of this AL are advised to seek help from appropriate quarters. The position of the benefic in the 3rdHouse from the AL cannot be taken lightly. The human factor in humanity is governed by Jupiter and when in the 3rdHouse from the AL, this runs the risk of being lost, nothing more need be said on the subject. 
Though Jupiter has now transited out of LIBRA Lagna, the planet was not very comfortable there and with the ingress into Scorpio, the influence has now come to the 2ndHouse from the Lagna. The 2ndHouse is the Dhana Bhava, the house of wealth and assets. Jupiter is the significator for wealth and finances and if the 2ndHouse is well-fortified then the transit of Jupiter will precipitate positive and auspicious events. If the 2ndHouse if afflicted, even in that situation Jupiter will try and pour water over troubled matters. In any event, more clarity is likely to ensure in matters related to the planets in the 2ndHouse and the significations of the 2ndHouse from the Lagna. The situation is vastly better for the Libra AL, where Jupiter is excellently placed in the 2ndBhava from the AL. This will be mostly focussed on wealth and finances and Jupiter may bring out many positives in this area of life during His transit in the sign. 
Jupiter is extremely positive for SCORPIO Lagna, being the 2ndand the 5thLord. Jupiter in the Lagna gives this Karmic Lagna to worship the trident holder and lighten the burden. Jupiter blesses the children and fosters luck and good fortune with His aspects to the 5thand the 9thHouses respectively. Jupiter in the AL for this sign is positive for overall existence and the image of the individual in society. 
This is the first Rashi which is undergoing the Sade-Sati transit of Saturn. People with the natal Moon in Scorpio will feel the relief brought by transit Jupiter. Otherwise the sign has been going through the wringer in personal life and relationships, matters of health and emotional well-being and currently, finances. The Moon is debilitated in this sign and so poor decisions of the past in any area will reveal themselves in their true colours. While the Moon in the natal horoscope will continue to be Nicha if it is, this is a chance for these individuals to take the sage advice of the Guru and mend their ways. If this is not done and the horoscope is vulnerable then Saturn can wreak havoc through Artha-related matters. Money, wealth, work, career and all these areas can be damaged by transit Saturn if the benefic grace of Jupiter is not accepted or availed of. 
Note- For all signs use the planetary aspects of Jupiter as described above in this paper to decipher the active influences on the other houses. For instance, for Taurus Lagna, Jupiter will aspect the Lagna with Graha Drishti and the 11thHouse of friends and gains and the fulfilment of hopes and desires. The planet will also aspect the 3rdHouse from the Lagna giving sage advice to the Dushchikya Bhava which usually brings competitiveness and Mars-influenced thoughts to the head. 
The best starts and expenses on auspicious and positive matters is the first result experienced by SAGITTARIUSLagna. Expenses may be notable but they will be on matters that are laudable and spiritually sanctioned. This can also be construed to mean that expenses oughtto be on good things because the worst thing one can do is to earn the wrath of the Guru. Some serious spiritual transformation and occult insights can be expected because Shani/ Saturn is transiting the Lagna. If the Moon is placed in this sign then the Sade-Sati transit of Saturn is in its peak period, being right on the head of the native. This is a good time to outgrow that which is no longer required in life. Jupiter will aid the transformation because of the aspect to the 8thHouse of secrets and transformation. The heart can undergo a change owing to the aspect to the 4thHouse from the Lagna. All these matters especially related to the expenses and conduct or the Gati (direction) of life will be clearly seen from the AL. 
For CAPRICORN Lagna, Jupiter being the Karaka for the 11thHouse is transiting the Bhava. Friends, gains and income will be positively influenced. So too the future prospects, children, marriage and the lesser thought processes that beset human beings in mundane matters. For the people with the AL in this sign, the tangible and manifest aspects of gains and income will be there for all to see.
This is the third sign to be undergoing the Sade-Sati of Saturn. Saturn is testing people in their personal lives and marriages. This aspect is aided for people with the Dhanusha Lagna. If the Moon is in Lagna, marriage and problems in marital life heightened by Saturn can be helped by the aspect of Jupiter to the 7thHouse of marriage. 
Amala Yoga or spotless reputation in work comes to people with AQUARIUS Lagna with Jupiter in the 10thHouse from the Lagna especially if the 10thHouse is auspicious in the chart and unafflicted by malefics. The Artha Trikona of work and career is positively influenced because these houses are influenced by the transit Jupiter. Jupiter is just short of excellent for the people with the AL in this sign but the ultimate results will be good in the realm of work and career. 
For PISCES Lagna, Jupiter is in the 9thHouse of Bhagya, a house of which it is a significator. Foreign travel, higher education, father, luck and fortune and the blessings of the Guru can all come during this transit. The results are not as good for people with the AL in this sign because Jupiter is the only planet who struggles in this placement from the AL. People may feel disinterested with striving as a way of life with this transit of Jupiter. For the Meena Lagna though, the aspect to the Lagna and to the 5thHouse are auspicious. Self, decision-making and children are all areas that benefit during this transit. 
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We become aware on reflecting on matters that if the transit of one major planet can influence so many facets in life, then an elaborate study of the Vedic horoscope can truly enliven the understanding of life in all its myriad hues like nothing else can. Such is the power of the eternal wisdom of the ancient sages of the land. 
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