7 Reasons Love Marriage Happens Even If Janam Kundali Doesn’t Match

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The marriage is often considered as the meeting and uniting of two very different souls into one post the marriage ceremony. However, one particular thing that has always been constant to decide whether the marriage is possible or not is the matching of kundli. Since a long time, people have placed a lot of thought in the whole process of ensuring that kundli’s meet. It has become like a major entrance test that every couple has to pass to convince to their families if the couple is compatible or not.

However, there are stories of where kundli’s never matched yet the marriage survived the most difficult circumstances of life. So, if by any chance, your kundli doesn’t get the require approval for the God’s above, you can still live a good life with your would-be partner.

1. Kundali Matching Can Be Wrong Over Compatibility Between Two Persons

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The position of planets when you were born or any other information written on a piece of paper which was made when you were born is not the best way to judge your compatibility with your partner. The compatibility is usually judged upon how similar interests the pair have between themselves and you would never know if your interests meet if you haven’t talked over them in your life.

2. Knowing Each Other For A Longer Period Of Time Matters

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If you and your partner have been together for a long time, then you both would have been well averse to each other’s best and worst points. You two would have practically grown knowing each other’s best qualities and ensuring that Janam Kundli matches is only a traditional barrier that you need to cross to convince your families.

3. Mangliks Would Have Been Single All Their Life If Kundali Was Given A Serious Thought

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Has anyone ever given a thought about people who are ruled by Mars? This is because Hindu astrology believes that those people are affected by Mangal Dosh and makes it difficult for them to find a match for themselves. There could be a case where they haven’t find a match due to compatibility problems but all the blame is put upon the shoulders of Mars.

4. 8 Gunas To Meet For Kundali To match? That’s Too Much

how many gunas should match for a successful marriage

Kundali matching places a lot of effort on ensuring that 8 very important Ashtakoot or Guna as they are commonly called are in compatible with the other person’s. While logically, it could be a good way to ensure that your compatibility quotient matches with your partner but if you have spent a lot of time already with them in your life, then it is natural that it should match already.

5. Instances Are Their Where Kundali’s Have Matched Perfectly But Marriages Failed


Browse through the internet, Ask your friends. Do whatever you like but you could easily find people where their Kundali’s matched perfectly well with their other halves but still, the marriage couldn’t survive due to compatibility issues.

6. Kundali Might Not Match, But Marriages Have Still Survived

There are instances to negative the previous point also. The world is full of wonderful stories where the couple decided to marry each other despite their kundli’s not being a perfect match, yet they are living happily ever after post-marriage.

7. A Piece Of Paper Can’t Decide The Fate Of Two People In Love

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Indian people have placed a great value in making sure that kundli of a prospective groom and bride should match perfectly for them to be happy for the rest of their lives. But how could a piece of paper decide if the people involve love each other or not? For a couple to live together happily, their mind, their thoughts, interests, and other more important things should match rather than ensuring some mathematical value add up to a required number.

Since old times, a lot of emphasis has been made on ensuring that the horoscope of the lady and man involved in the marriage should be compatible with each other but there have been cases where people who completely different horoscopes have found love in each other and have led a happy married life. So, do not fret if your horoscope doesn’t match with the one you love. You can still live a happy married life.

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