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We can bet that your Grandmother would still ask for your future partner’s Kundli before giving her consent for the marriage even if you have known him/her for your entire life and are readily compatible
with them. Kundli matching has been a very important part of determining whether the marriage would last for a long time, is the pair compatible and to know a couple’s future prospects after marriage. Whether people believe in it or not, Kundli matching app has been going on for a long time in and around our lives and there is no escaping this at all.

With the advent of technology, everything you need is now available in the palm of your hands. And, Kundli software is no different to that. Today, you can find a number of Kundli matching app over the Google Play store. Here is our selection of some of the best that you would ever come across.

1. AstroSage Kundli

astrosage kundli matching app

For people looking to read into depth about their Kundli, find out more about the planetary positions when you were born and how would it affect their lives and to check compatibility and match Kundlis for free on this app for free. This app also allows you to check your moon signs and helps in predictions and providing personalized horoscopes. One of the best features of this Kundli software is that allows you to download your Kundli prediction in PDF format to help you to print it.

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2. Horoscope Matching

horoscope matching app

This very popular app allows you to check compatibility of two persons depending upon the predictions made by their Kundli’s. This matchmaking is done on the basis of the nakshatras and matches the horoscope on a 36-point match theory depending upon 8 different characteristics. For the Kundli to match, it should obtain a minimum of 18 points or more in the test. Also, the app provides you with a detailed prediction of the planetary positions during the time you were born and how these positions can have an effect on your present and future life.

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3. Kundli – Free Horoscope

Kundli – Free Horoscope App

This app is also one of the most popular Kundli software apps that people use on their Android devices to check and match Kundli of the two people involved. This app, available in Hindi and English, provides you with a personalized dashboard which helps to update your biorhythmic charts and details on a daily basis and reveal your personality traits depending upon your horoscope. The app also makes use of Avakahada chart to make the horoscope calculations and helps to provide you Dasha period till 5 levels for any given date you enter in the app.

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4. Zodiac and Astrology App

Zodiac and Astrology App

This app is a mixture of your daily horoscope app while also providing you with the Kundli matching platform. You can use the app to find out more about your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope. If you are looking to match your Kundli with that of your partner. The app helps to compare your Kundli’s for compatibility based upon the 8 different Guna and predicts if you two are compatible to each other or not. Getting a favorable score on the sum of these individual characteristics is a way to ensure that the two people are compatible.

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5. Personalized Astrology

Personalized Astrology App

If you are looking for Kundli software which provides you with a detailed description and content about your birth horoscope, then Personalized Astrology is one app that you can download and install via the Google Play Store. This app provides you with a free personalized birth horoscope in addition to providing you with daily and weekly horoscope as well. Also, this app includes options to use other useful stuff such as biorhythm compatibility and provide you nicely detailed reports of numerous astrology charts regarding your individual future forecast.

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