Does marriage work without Love

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Love is the big combination of feelings of strong attraction and emotional attachment. Love is the beautiful feeling which cannot be felt by every individual. But here our concept does marriage work without love? Nowadays, marriage isn’t successful. The main reason behind is that couples want to get out from the bond of the marriage. Even more, most of the couples separated from each other because they lack love in their marriage life. If the couples don’t have love and faith, then they are not able to make a long lasting relationship.

In recent research, it is recorded that many of the marriages are broken because they lack love in their married life. But the main point to consider is that is love is necessary for the marriage. Many people think that without work marriage can work. It is not necessary to have love in the marriage. But do you think this one is right? No, this one is absolutely wrong. Because love is the savior of the happy marriage. If the couples are in love then it is sure that marriage stays long lasting. Love is the pillar on which marriage stands.

Marriage is the spiritual bond which fully depends on the love and faith. If any of the factor lack in marriage, then it is not possible that marriage stays on the right track. Therefore love cannot stop you to fight with your spouse, or it doesn’t heal your wounds. But love teaches the lesson of the forgiveness and the patience in the marriage. It will allow you to deal with the major problems that come in the married life.

If you are lacking love in your marriage, then focus on these aspects:-

There are some factors that you need to consider in your marriage. It will help to enhance the love in your married life. Below are some of them:


Communication plays a vital role in married life or any relation. If you have strong and open communication then it makes you to better understand your partner. If you and your spouse have the good communication then love and happiness will sustain in your married life. And make it more wonderful.

Quality Time

Spend some quality time with each other. It plays important role in married life. After a busy and a hectic schedule, take out some time. And spend it with your spouse. Avoid using gadgets at that time. This will help to make you closer to your spouse.

Stay Happy

Do fun and do your favorite hobby. This will help you to keep happy and your partner too. If you want your relationship healthy and strong then happiness sis the best factor.

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