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Janam Kundli, commonly referred to as Kundli, is something common among Hindu families. We even know a lot of families from other religions who believe that a Janam Kundli is an important document for getting insights into one’s future and related actions. If you take a look at the history, you can say without a doubt that Kundli has been there for a huge amount of time. For decades and centuries, people have been treating this astrological document as something viable and trustworthy. As it goes back, the core basis of Kundli is the fact that a newborn child’s future may vary according to the date and time it was born. So far, there has been not much of hard proof to object that claim.

Janam Kundli, commonly referred to as Kundli, is something common among Hindu families. We even know a lot of families from other religions who believe that a Janam Kundli is an important document for getting insights into one’s future and related actions. If you take a look at the history, you can say without a doubt that Kundli has been there for a huge amount of time. For decades and centuries, people have been treating this astrological document as something viable and trustworthy. As it goes back, the core basis of Kundli is the fact that a newborn child’s future may vary according to the date and time it was born. So far, there has been not much of hard proof to object that claim.

The sole idea of this article is to make sure that you don’t commit mistakes while reassuring your beliefs in a world of Kundli. We can also clear some common doubts you might have about Kundli, especially if you’re new to Hindu religion. I mean, if you did not have a solid background with Hindu religious stuff and myth, it is probable that you may have some misconceptions. Anyway, we can start ahead and almost all your doubts will be cleared once you reach the end of this article. Shall we start?

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1. Janam Kundli Isn’t A Wild Guess; It’s Well-Calculated And Crafted.

We are not talking about the scientific aspect or anything, but the focus is merely on the astrological value, authenticity and other sub-aspects of a kundli. There are people who believe that kundli is a result of mere guessing by an astrologer, which is one of the biggest misconceptions ever. There are a bunch of serious, time-taking and philosophy-based calculations involved in creating and crafting one’s kundli. As we did say earlier, the main point of kundli has its basis on the time of one’s birth. It does not mean that only the time is being considered for making the kundli as a standalone document. On the other hand, several elements will be taken into the account.

According to Vedic Astrological System of India, Kundli can be made by analyzing the planetary positions of the time of one’s birth. Planetary positions mean a lot of things, including that of the major planets, stars as well as other signs that might have an impact on one’s life. You would have a specific idea about these if you have approached an astrologer for comparing two kundlis, whereupon he would talk about the compatibility of two planets or signs. So, we were saying, the planetary positions are considered and you can also have an impressive idea about a person’s different areas from the different Kundli houses. Each of these houses is a representative of different aspects, such as education, relationships, finances etc.

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To sum up what we have said, you cannot ignore the presence and effects of kundli by simply saying that it is a wild-guess result. For someone who believes in Vedic astrology of India, it’s something to count on when it comes to their life. As far as the user is concerned, there is no imposition here, but when you want to use the document for getting insights, please try not to have a serious misconception about its making. It’s more of common logic, you know — you can’t believe in kundli if you don’t believe in the astrology concepts and other aspects. And, if you believe in the astrological system that we follow, you have reasons to reassure the technical viability of your Janam Kundli.

2. Your Kundli Can Be As Specific As You Want It To.

This is something you should know before you approach an astrologer for making a Kundli for yourself or a child of yourself. In most cases, Kundli is made with the help of common details about one’s birth, such as date and specific time. It’s also considered that the combination is satisfactory for creating a document that provides insights into one’s life. That having said, as far as specificity is concerned, Kundli has more to offer.

Specific Kundli

It needs to be noted that you cannot apply this to every scenario and every astrologer. We hope you know that there are multiple ways of creating a kundli, depending on your requirement and the features you need. The easiest method nowadays is to check out one of the Janam Kundli online platforms of software, where you can enter the required information and have the document ready in literally no time. One of the major advantages of such platforms is the option to make your kundli as specific as you want. If you are wondering how it will be done, you should have a look at the modus operandi of this document and how it’s made.

We already said that the time and date of one’s birth — along with the name, if any — will decide his future as far as Kundli is concerned. It also makes enough sense to believe that the place you are born and a bunch of other aspects will have the same impact on life. As far as online kundli platforms are concerned, you have an option to input additional information such as the coordinates of the location where one was born. This way, whatever that is mentioned in a kundli will be crystal clear and applicable to the different aspects of a person’s life. So, whenever possible, you can try to make the Kundli a bit more specific and authentic.

It may not be possible if you are someone who believes that online Kundli websites aren’t good, which is an extreme misconception. They are as authentic and valuable as other modes of making your Kundli. For now, you can make sure that you pour in enough information into the making of Kundli and receive a specific and more reliable Kundli document for yourself.

3. Online Kundli’s Are As Authentic As An Astrologer’s Version.

We just mentioned the same in our previous point, but an extensive explanation is really required here. It’s because, even after all the digital revolution and growth, there are people who believe that Janam Kundli is something fake if it has been made using online platforms. There is one thing that most people forget when they something like this — computers perform much better than human beings when it comes to calculation activities. And, recalling what we had said earlier, a perfect Kundli is a combination of the right calculations and predictions, right? And, that is why it makes more sense to use an online platform making kundlis than to approach an astrologer.

If you have read our complete guide to kundli making, you would have noticed the process of kundli making, where a wide variety of elements are taken into account. Most importantly, planetary positions at the time of one’s birth are given the single-most priority, and several planets and signs will be considered for the same. Don’t you think that all the calculations will be more accurate and flawless if computers are used? Well, that is what happens when you rely on online Kundli making services for getting the document ready for you. At the time you enter your time and date of birth, the data will be compared and analyzed with the help of the huge database of planetary positions. In every step, powerful computers and algorithms are being used  and there is no need to worry about the burden of errors. Every single calculation will be perfect as it should be.<

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In a second or so, you can receive the complete Kundli in front of your eyes. Now, you should compare this above-mentioned process with what happens when you approach an astrologer for creating a Kundli. He/she will have to input details from you manually and compare it with the years-old document he has been using for the entire career he is leading. Then, hours are being spent in cross-checking and finding the respective elements for each part of the Kundli. Like this, there are many steps involved, consuming a lot of time than you expect. And, amidst all of these steps, there are high chances of mistakes too. Even the current mood of an astrologer can cause errors while making the Kundli, which makes it less authentic and defeats the whole purpose of such an insightful document. Obviously, there are some experienced astrologers who make no single mistake in the process of Kundli making, but we can ignore these negative possibilities.

Wrapping up, we think we have come ahead of what we were saying. An online-powered Janam Kundli is not only as authentic as an astrologer-made kundli but can be more than that. As far as the perfection and viability of calculations are concerned, we can say that an online kundli software is better in many aspects. Still, we’d leave the selection completely up to you, though our recommendation will always be the online method.

4. You Should Have An Unbiased And Authentic Janam Kundli.

Do you think that the Kundli document that you receive from all astrologers are equally authentic? You are completely wrong, or, at the least, you do not know the problems that are involved in the traditional method of Kundli making and analysis. To understand the point in an effective manner, we can consider a common situation. Obviously, the plot is set in a simple village where not many people are living. And you are going to approach a prominent astrologer out there, who knows you and your family. Can we now analyze some of the possible situations that can impact the authenticity of the Kundli document? Let’s start with the one who is making the Kundli, the astrologer in point, itself.

You reach the astrologer and make a request to create a Janam Kundli for you or another person you like to get insights of. In the first look, there may be nothing wrong, but there are some hidden possibilities. First, the astrologer may know you already and may be expecting some good things to happen to the person. In some cases, this attitude may cause the Kundli to be extra positive than it really is. For instance, some of the bad signs may disappear from the final Kundli document, which isn’t really good. The same things can happen in the other direction as well. For some unknown reason, the astrologer may be expecting some negative fate for the person, whose Kundli is being calculated and crafted. In the case, he/she may put some known or unknown effort to make the Kundli look bad and thus cause a lot of issues in the future.

This is the sole problem when human intervention is present in the process of Kundli making. With all due respect to the experienced astrologers in town, there have been instances when the advertent/inadvertent errors from the astrologers have caused a lot of people who then believed in astrology and power of Kundli. And that is the same reason why we want you to have an authentic and unbiased Kundli that is transparent as far as your life and future are concerned. A positively biased Kundli may make you feel happier, but in the long run, it does more harm than good, you know. After all, you need a document that gives you proper insights into life, and not some simulated content. Keeping all these in mind, you should take some additional effort to ensure the authenticity of the life-book you have.

We sometimes believe that online Janam Kundli websites were made to fix this issue, probably by someone who faced the issues due to the errors from an astrologer. As you know, these websites the human element from the whole equation, thus transforming Kundli making into a systematic process. If you’re worried about its integrity, you don’t have to be. Such online websites are made with the help of powerful algorithms for calculation and crafting of Kundli. So, as far as the planetary positions and valuable information are into the account, you don’t have to worry about anything.

5. Janam Kundli Analysis Should Be Done Properly.

People follow a hasty approach when it comes to matching or analyzing their Kundli. Selective belief is not really a good thing, no matter what you are believing in. The same goes with Kundli and astrology as well. It is not a good thing to disregard what your Kundli says just because you don’t like what is being said. Similarly, you cannot stop doing your hard work or making your basic effort just because the Kundli says that it’s a good time for you. In shorter words, you should never take your Kundli for granted. Moreover, you should seek its insights and help whenever you can. Let’s have a look at the common situations when you can use your Janam Kundli for getting an idea of what needs to be done.

Marriage is perhaps the most important decision one would take in his life. Just think about this: you might be making the decision after you have earned your education, got into a position and have made a no less than impressive living as well. In that situation, you cannot make a mistake that would turn your life upside down. In this situation, your Janam Kundli can help you in many ways. There are two options. As you know, a marital relationship is about the compatibility between the two people who are involved in the union. To have a viable estimate about the compatibility, you can compare the Kundlis of you and the bride/groom. It is definitely an easy task, especially if you are going for one of the simple-to-use online Kundli matchings and making websites. This matchmaking will probably help you to take a decision that moves your life smoothly.

janam kundali predictions

Kundli, as you know, isn’t just about comparing two people. It says a lot about the person and his future and characteristics in different aspects. For instance, there will be a time in your life when it is not a wise decision to make financial investments and start new ventures. No matter how hard you try during these times, there won’t be much of hope or success, for that matter. Kundli analysis will let you know about these issues before they actually happen. Here too, the binary of options is here — traditional, astrologer-based one and the online Kundli website-based ones. It does not matter which way you take; the real point is that you should have analyzed the Kundli using the actual data and principles. Only then will you be able to get your proper future predictions and remedies, if any.

Cutting the story short, having a Kundli also gives you the responsibility to make use of it. Also, while doing so, you should be using the right type of methods and other aspects. For instance, you should not be running towards each and every astrologer. It will, in the long run, tamper your belief in astrology, because there are many fraudsters in the world of astrology and Kundli-making itself.

These are the 5 most important things you should know about Janam Kundli and its usage — be it a common analysis or Kundli matching. In both cases, it is your responsibility to reach the right people. When you can’t find the right people who will be judging your Kundli in an unbiased manner, you must be finding the solace with online Kundli websites. It should be noted that those websites can get your Janam Kundli in English or other regional languages, as your requirement wants you to. For instance, if you don’t have a Kundli with you but want to consult a local astrologer, these features should help. At the end of the day, you should give the certain amount respect the insightful document deserves.

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