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All the time we have known, people have been fond of a document that works as a future-teller. At the least, they love the concept of a piece of text that can be interpreted and analyzed for finding the ups, downs and other aspects of one’s life. It’s the same reason kundli in Hindi, also known as many others depending on the area & language, became so popular among those who believe in Hindu religion. It has been touted, for many more years than you expect, as a reliable document that provides insights on one’s past, present, and future. Kundli has its base on the time of the individual’s birth and the planetary positions of that specific instant.

kundli in hindi

Make Your Kundli In Hindi Online With This Method –

There have been enough discussions on the scientific viability and integrity of kundli, and astrology itself for that matter. We are not going to do the same here. We would rather have a topic that will be useful for the people who already believe in the impacts of kundli and those who really need to get one for themselves. In the past years, we have seen a better, innovative and seemingly-easy way to create kundli in Hindi as well as other languages. We are talking about Kundli software and online services that create your kundli in just a few seconds or something.

We did a survey among a random group of people who believe in kundli and discovered something amazing. Not only did they know nothing about such kundli software and websites, but also thought that astrologers were the only way to get their kundli ready. So, we thought of doing an article on this subject. And, here it is. In this detailed article, we have covered the different positive aspects of preferring kundli software to the traditional kundli methods. That is, the next time you need a kundli in Hindi for a newborn baby, you can make the right decision.

How Did Kundli in Hindi Online Come to the Stage?

Before we move on to the actual reasons why Software-based kundli is better, there’s another section to be explored. Have you ever wondered why these digital services were made? Obviously, there would have been the desire for convenience and easy to use interfaces. However, there was another point that made people rethink their decision to go for the best astrologer in town. In the past decades, we have been seeing a lot of fraudsters and non-authentic people in the world of astrology.

Those people see astrology as a simple business and as a way to earn quick money. As you can guess, this is completely unethical and cause a lot of issues in the long run. You can simply understand the further impacts if one starts relying on a non-authentic and wrong kundli document. His or her life could turn into chaos, let it be education, marriage or something else. Along with that, we saw the rise of errors as well. All these things were making things worse whereas a kundli is supposed to do the opposite.

So, as an answer to all these questions, we have kundli software that can give you an authentic kundli in any language that you like. In this article, we will be listing out those reasons to recommend kundli software and the digital method over the traditional way. Shall we start? There will be around 5 reasons for doing so, but you will find much more depending on your current situation and requirements.

1 – It’s Easy to Get Your Kundli

This is perhaps the biggest reason why kundli making using software is recommended over the traditional & time-taking method. Let’s have a look at the things you need to do if you want to get a kundli ready using a traditional method. First of all, you need to collect more than required information about the person, whose kundli is to be made. This information may include the name and other details as well. However, in most of the cases, you will have to carry the basic ones like time of birth. Now that you have the required information with you, another step is about finding an integral part of the process — an astrologer or a dedicated kundli maker. Once you approach the kundli maker with this information, you need to wait for more than a few days when he makes the calculations based on the data you have provided. After calculations are done, all of it is converted to a well-organized document named kundli. Quite a hectic process it sounds, right?

easy to use

In a software-powered way, however, things are super easy and you don’t have to worry about anything. Here too, you need to provide the basic details such as the time of birth and location of birth, but there will be no need to wait for your results. All you have to do is to launch the website or software for making kundli and type these details into the respective sections. After that, you can give the service a few seconds to do all the required calculations and come up with the kundli document. Depending on your requirement, you can get the kundli in Hindi, English or any other language. As you might know, the core elements of a kundli are the same, no matter what language you are using. It all happens in the span of a second, which you won’t even notice if you have a faster internet connection. So, we were saying, you can have the kundli ready in a few clicks and keystrokes. If we compare this to the long process of waiting in the queue, it’s way too better!

When you don’t have time to move and visit all the astrologer every time, this is pretty convenient too. It’s not just about the time either. If an astrologer becomes way too busy or something, it can affect the total authenticity and specificity of the document. It’s like two shots with the single bullet, as you don’t have to wait for a more authentic document. So, if you are planning to get a kundli from a software or online service, this is the biggest reason to do so, we’d say.

2 – Your Kundli Will Be More Authentic

For some of you at least, this statement may sound a bit awkward, but you need to accept the facts. We do agree with the fact that there is a misconception regarding kundli documents that are made using software or online services. Some people believe that online-powered or software-powered kundli are less authentic when compared to the astrologer-made ones. This is utter bullshit, and we have plenty of reasons to prove otherwise. Before we begin, we want you to understand how kundli making works. As we had covered in an ultimate guide to kundli, the creation of kundli depends on the planetary position at the time of one’s birth. Depending on that, every Sign should change and will change. That is, even the smallest error in perception will defeat the purpose of kundli in the long run. What’s the point of having a kundli if it does not represent your life? We are living in a world in which there is a new baby every single second. It also means that slight errors can cost you a lot at the end of the day.

Authentic Kundli

Nevertheless, it needs to be noted that almost all of these perception errors are human. They are caused by the human intervention. For instance, suppose the astrologer is a bit angry or frustrated while making your kundli. Then, chances are high that there will be some serious mistake in calculation of the positions, which would really impact the results in the course of time. When we come to the case of kundli software, this will not happen. The reason is simple too: kundli software is made with the help of algorithms that can easily understand the planetary positions without human intervention. As you might know, there are many online services and free projects that give us the correct celestial body position without messing up with anything. Also, you don’t have to worry about the serious aftereffects either. To cut the story short, you can have one kundli that is as authentic as it can be. Don’t worry about the integrity of algorithms, because the best kundli software and services will be creating the algorithms with the help of the best astrologers in India.

So, at the end of the day, by making kundli software your preference, you are going to have a authentic trustworthy kundli document, which you can rely on for your life. One thing you should understand about kundli is that it can get more specific if the calculations are a bit more authentic. The more specificity it has; the more story it tells about your life. This should be enough to keep you stuck to the digital way if you are going to see the kundli as the divine guide for your life, right?

3 – There Will Be No Bias

We don’t know if you have thought about this possibility of having biases in the kundli document. For now, you are clear about the fact that a kundli can have a long-term impact on your life, right? It’s the same reason why even the slightest bias will cost you a lot in the course of time. For instance, you are approaching a popular astrologer in your area, for making a kundli for your child. However, the astrologer has a secret grudge against you, for something that you do not know. Do you think that you are going to have a perfectly crafted kundli for your child? The answer is a strict NO and that’s a big problem if you think about it. Just think of the many consequences you will face if the astrologer makes some changes in the kundli and those calculations turn the predictions upside down. Just think of the situation when even the best decision will be deemed to be the worse by the kundli. Like these, there are many instances when bias can defeat the purpose of a kundli.

no bias

The online method for kundli making removes the element of bias from the whole scene. Except in the time of development, human beings are not involved in the process of kundli making, you know. It means that no one is going to deliberately edit the kundli document, even if they have some grudge towards you. This is a surely-commendable advantage of sticking to the software-powered way of kundli making if you think of the possibility. First of all, you are not providing your personal details to the website. As we said earlier, even if you don’t have an account, you will be able to use kundli-making apps and software from the web. All you need to do is providing the basic information such as your time of birth and location, for that matter. in not more than a few seconds, you can see the kundli document on the screen, available for download or printing for that matter. All such kundli software is powered by a general algorithm that’s as powerful as you will expect it to. Even then, the chances of human interception and biases have been kept to 0%.

We understand that not many of you have discussed this aspect of bias yet. If you think about the issue, this is something that can defeat the whole purpose of a kundli. A biased kundli does not really matter if it has been biased in the negative or positive manner is as bad as a misinterpreted kundli. If you are looking for a worthwhile insight into your future, it should be crystal clear as well as true to the conceptions that are used for making the same. In other words, you will have a true possible record of your own future if you do stick to the digital world to make the kundli.

4 – Easy Access, Availability of Kundli in Hindi and More

We are now living in a digital world and it makes sense to keep your documents available in a digital format. Then, as we have talked earlier, your kundli is an important document that you will use on various occasions of your life. So, the above-mentioned advice is applicable here as well. When you create a kundli using one of the trusted kundli software or services, this becomes a piece of cake. You will be receiving the document in a digital document, which you can carry with ease. So, when it comes to sending the document over to someone, it will be done in a single email or something. You are actually getting rid of the process of keeping the physical copy and taking photocopies of the same, whenever you need. In this case, a single mail would do the job, which is a great matter of convenience. We believe that this perk of easy access is going to be a big reason why kundli software services make more sense than the traditional counterparts.

Easy Access

Another point to be noted is the availability of kundli in different languages as you would expect it to. It does not really matter if you want to get the kundli in Hindi or English, everything can be translated into the language that you expect. Apart from these, there are some online services that give you the correct kundli document in the required language. That is, if you want to get it in a regional language, you can mention the same while making it, and the need would be fulfilled. This is something you can rely on when you want to use the kundli in a different place than where you have made it. For instance, you may have moved to another part of your country and may want to consult an astrologer at that particular place. Even if you don’t have the copy of the document in the regional language, you can log into the online service and get the translated copy.

Last but not least, there are some integrated services you can find along with kundli-making services in the industry. For instance, some service will provide you the best advice for education, relationship, and financial needs. In addition to that, you have the benefits of easier access too. Also, it’s completely up to you to decide whether to make the kundli in Hindi by date of birth and time, or with something better. Some services let you add extra information to the making process, such as the coordinates of the born location. This way, you can have a more specific kundli in your possession. We already mentioned that the kundli is quite a lot depends on the person and being more specific will enhance the insights you receive after interpretation. We hope these reasons are strong enough to pull you to this method of kundli-making than the old-school ones.

5 – It’s Easy to Match Two People’s Kundlis

In case of normal kundli documents that are made by astrologers, the process of interpretation and analysis is way too difficult. You have to visit the astrologer for comparing two kundli’s are making the decision in the end. However, things are extraordinarily easy if we consider the case of kundli software. The best part is that you don’t need to wait for the professional astrologer for the comparison process. And, there are two ways you can use for comparing two people’s kundli. The first way, you can compare the different elements of kundlis of both the persons. The second option is to use the built-in engine for date comparison.

kundli is easy to match

Out of these, we would recommend the second option, for obvious reasons. First of all, the system will be creating an up-to-date kundli in Hindi for both the people. That is, the system can analyze the current positions of the major stars and planets in a moment of time. As you can guess, this process is more effective than that of comparing two general kundlis. In other words, once you have decided to stick with the online method for kundli matching, you have a better chance of getting accurate insights in the end. You can even compare two people’s compatibility using their names too, but the results will be rather vague.

At the end of the day, you have better access to kundli matching using the online services — not to mention the perks of additional accuracy.

The Final Point

As you can see, the world of kundli software and online kundli software is filled with a lot of advantages. It is easy to use, does not consume a lot of time and offers the best authenticity if compared to the other major alternatives. Regardless of the particular area you consider, it is just perfect. And that’s something you can count in when you need a quick and effective way to get this document. It does not matter where you are or even if you have an astrologer nearby; online world is so much better. Feel Free To Contact us if you have any queries related to creating you kundli in Hindi language from here.

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