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Lal Kitab is the very popular astrology and palmistry book which was published in the Urdu language in the 19th century. They are five sets of Urdu books which are based on Samudra Shastra. The origin of the book is Persian and it has very effective principles and remedies based on palmistry. Remedies in the book are based on the planetary affections. Lal Kitab is believed to be a wonder book of astrology. Over the years the book has been followed by North Indian and Pakistanis. It contains Vedic astrology.

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab Writer And History

Roop Chand Joshi Lal Kitab WriterThe writer of the book is still unknown. People believe that the originator of the book is Pandit Roop Chand Joshi from Punjab. There is also a belief that Ravan has been considered as the original author and he lost the possession of the book after he lost the power. Later book was the surface in Aaad in Arabia and translated in Persian and Urdu. It also became popular in the name of a red book of Persian but the book has the planetary knowledge and has names of Navagraha which is used by Vedic people to give remedies. Pandit Roop Chand Joshi published and authored five set of books in the name of :

  1. Lal KitabKe Farman 1939
  2. Lal KitabKe Arman 1940
  3. Gutka 1941
  4. Lal KitabKe Farman 1942
  5. IIm-e SanudrikkibuniyadkilalKitab 1952

Why the book name is Lal Kitab?

It is the book of Astro-palmistry and it is of red color. Traditionally the business ledger books come in red color. The red color is the auspicious color for Hindu. The Lal Kitab is red because it is the ledger book of our life.

Why Lal Kitab is so popular?

It is an auspicious book for lovers of astrology. It is written on all the aspects of life. With the help of Lal Kitab on can understand the past, present, and future. In this book, palmistry has been beautifully defined. The human brain has 42 divisions which are related to the birth chart. it shows how human being are related with palm lines and signs. The palm lines show the horoscope of the individual. The horoscope is defined by the planet placements of each house in the birth chart. The book is very precious as one can predict about the past sins and can use the remedies and measure to overcome the negative impact of those sins.

Today we all are facing troubles in our life whether financial personal or health. We get influenced by our surroundings and feel fear and anxiety. Lal Kitab is a magical solution to all the issues of life. It makes us free from all the problems of the life. To check the horoscope, one needs to know about the date, time and birthplace.

The Lal Kitab offers the knowledge of palmistry and astrology and it defines all the rules, principles and remedies. Even a common can read the book and gain the understanding of astrology. It provides remedies for planetary sin on the horoscope. The remedy does not involve wearing expensive gems and all. Since 1983 it has gained popularity when fate and fortune book has used the remedies from Lal Kitab. It contains poetic verses which are based on the philosophy from the Persian origin. All the five books are having kundli matching energy which is used as Tantra Udava. The book shows the different position of the planets in the horoscope and how they affect the palm lines and affect our life. Those people who follow the book do not believe in Havans and humans. The earlier book was famous in the name of red cover then soon it became famous as Lal Kitab of remedies. People believed the philosophy and principle of the book and accepted the new style of palmistry which gives quick and effective remedies for all cause. The remedies and methods are not using gemstones or any sort of puja so it is not similar to Jyotish or Vedic astrology.

Lal Kitab Remedies For All Major Life Problems!

Lal Kitab has unique remedies to solve human issues in personal and professional life. It does not practice Puja or Havans and other complicated rituals like mantra and tantra. All the methods are self-defensive in the Lal Kitab and are very effective to solve the human troubles. The kind of remedies the book offers are as follows-

  • Throwing coins in the river.
  • Feeding grass to cow.
  • Feed bread to dog.
  • Provide meals to unmarried girls.
  • Avoid eating on the bed.
  • Keep dining table close to the kitchen.
  • Usage of silver utensils.
  • Give respect and blessing to elders at home, at the office and in neighborhood.
  • Feed monkey and so on.

Few More Solutions To Reduce Planetary Effect On Human Beings

To reduce the bad effect of planet Lal Kitab has the specific solution as per each planet:

  • For Rahu Dosh, all Kitab offers not to insult a women or elders. Always touch feet and take the blessing of the parents in the morning.
  • For Ketu book offers to take care of pets and donate on every Sunday.
  • For sun always wear a white cap and give sweet to the blind people.
  • For moon take bath in rainwater and give full glass milk to the father.
  • To reduce mars effect avoids telling lies and put a red color cloth in the pocket to get good luck.
  • To reduce the mercury effect avoids keeping money plant and prohibits novel and liquor.
  • For venus feed the cows.
  • For Jupiter do not accept free gifts from anybody and
  • For Saturn provide a glass of milk to the well.


Lal Kitab explains how palm lines are influenced by the planetary position in the individual’s horoscope. It is based on Vedic astrology. There are many practitioners of all Kitab n India and in abroad. In few places, Upayas (remedy recommended) and Farmans (The Edicts of Lal Kitab) are the everyday part of the life. For example, we tend to throw the coin in river whenever we pass it.

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