The 12 Houses Of Janam Kundli Explained

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As soon as a child is born, his/her Janam kundli is made. This is done to predict his future and knows the planetary influences at the time of his birth. But when you see a Janam kundli, you are hardly able to understand things. So to make it easy, there are 12 houses of Janam Kundli. Each of them has its own significance. Let us find out what each house represents.

kundli sthan

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Read below to see the detailed meaning and importance of each house of Kundli.

1. First House

  • Lagna-sthan, Tanu-sthan

  • House of the Self – Tanu Bhava

This house basically governs the head and face of an individual. Through this, one can signify the life, longevity, self, health, nature as well as the appearance of the native. Complexion, sorrows, and profits to younger brothers and his friends can also be judged by it.

2. Second House

  • Dhana-sthan, Kutumb-sthan
  • House of Wealth – Dhan Bhava

Through this house, one gets to know the inflow of finances, right eye, family, early age and boyhood, speech, sanyas, servants as well as friends. In general, this house is present for depicting self-earned wealth, loss or damage, worldly possessions, jewelry, grandfather, and mother.

3. Third House

  • Shatru-sthan, Parakram-sthan
  • The House of the Siblings – Sahai Bhava

Through this, one gets to know a relationship between younger brothers and sisters. Overall, this house signifies courage, intelligence, education, ornaments, clothes and short journeys. One also gets to know about body parts like arms, right ear, and shoulders etc.

4. Fourth House

  • Matru-sthan, Sukha-sthan
  • House of the Home/Mother – Bandhu Bhava

This house depicts mother, property, conveyance, happiness and domestic surroundings. In body parts, breasts, chest, lung, stomach and elbow joints are depicted by it. Besides, we also get to know of Old age environments, private affairs, inheritance, false allegations, agriculture land produce etc.

5. Fifth House

  • Vidya-sthan, Putra-sthan
  • The House of Children – Putra Bhava

Native’s Children, speculation, luck and intellectual status can be gauged through this house. This house majorly denotes about pleasure, love affairs, legal or illegal amusements, rape, kidnap, etc. Amongst body parts, this denotes Belly, heart, liver, and spleen.

6. Sixth House

  • Ripu-sthan, Rog-sthan
  • The House of Enemies – Ari Bhava

This house is majorly responsible for enemies, health, service, and servants. On relative’s front, this is related to uncle, aunts, and relations on father’s side. On body parts front, it is connected with kidney, large intestine, uterus, and anus. It also tells about subordinates, debts, obstacles in life, mental worries, theft, and calamity etc.

7. Seventh House

  • Bharya-sthan, Maraka-sthan
  • The House of the Spouse – Yuvati Bhava

All the Matters related to wife, husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness etc. are related to this house. Besides this, one can also use this house to check marriage, married life, love contracts, litigations, divorce, and reputation. The body parts connected with this house is private parts, uterus, glands etc.

8. Eighth House

  • Mrityu-sthan
  • The House of Death – Randhr Bhava

This house is used to check the diseases, death finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in-laws, mode of death, worries, and privations in the life of the native. The body parts connected to this house is scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc.

9. Ninth House

  • Bhagya-sthan
  • The House of Fortune – Dharma Bhava

This house depicts your future in general. It tells you about religion, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education and learning etc. It also tells about faith, wisdom, prosperity, powers of foresight etc. Body parts connected with this house are hips and thighs.

10. Tenth House

  • Karma-sthan, Pitru-sthan
  • House of the Career – Karma Bhava

This is a very important house. Thai house denotes profession, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honor, power, and authority, Government favor, trade, business, occupation etc. The Body parts which are connected to this house are knees, joints, bones, hairs as well as back.

11. Eleventh House

  • Labha-sthan
  • The House of Large Sums, Gains, and Friends – Labh Bhava

This house helps to analyze the accumulated wealth, relationship with elder brothers and sisters etc. of the native. Friends, fluctuating money gains, emotional attachments, love affairs, friends, honor, social success etc are also judged by this house. Associated body parts are legs, left ear, teeth, ankle etc.

12. Twelfth House

  • Vyaya-sthan
  • The House of Enlightenment – Vyaya Bhava

This house essentially signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, lawsuits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, and hospitalization etc. One can also know about conjugal relations with opposite sex. The sorrows, debts, lost goods etc. can also be judged by it. Connected body parts are feet, left eye, teeth etc.

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The Last Words

So we have seen that all the 12 houses of the Janam kundli have their own significance. Each house determines different things in the life of the native. Besides, each house is also connected to every body part. Hence it is important to know about them to analyze the kundli.

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