Remedies for Getting Early Marriage

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Remedies for Getting Early Marriage : Marriage is a very important phase of life. After a period of time everyone wants to get marry and settle down in their life and wants to live happy married life which is not difficult but some girls and boys are having problem of delay in marriage. So for them we are giving some remedies by using which they can easily get marry earlier and infect with their desired one also.

Remedies for early marriage

1. If girls marriage is getting delayed the she should keep Fast for 16 Monday and offer the fruit and water to lord Shiva, and along with that tie the note between Shiva and parvati and pray for early marriage

2. Girl should read verse related to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in the Balkand of Ramcharit Manas every day her wishes of early marriage are fulfilled

3. Girls should keep Shiva parvati picture in their room and touch their feet daily for early marriage wish

4. ” Hey gauri shankraardhangini yatha twam shanker priya

                 Tatha ma kuru kalyani kan kantam su durlabham “

This mantra should be recited by the girl on daily basis and after reciting this mantra she should touch the feet of maa parvati. This mantra is very effective and surley fulfill your Desire

5. Girl should offer Lal Chura, Lal Chunaria, Red Flowers, Henna, Roli, Lal Jora, Red Ribbon, Seven glass bangles of red color to Maa parvati in Shiva temple

6. In the month Shravan offering 108 pepal leaves on shivaling everyday helps in girl’s early marriage

7. If any other girl is getting married in the family then girls of marriageable age should put a bit of heena on her hands immediately after it has been put on bride

8. Girl should offer five ladoos to Ganesha Ji for eight weeks for getting good matrimonial proposals and for getting married early

So these all are the remedies which should girl use for early marriage. And we assured you that you can see the miracle how good proposal start coming.

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