Vedic Ritual of Navagrah Puja and Homa

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‘Nava’ means that 9. ’Graha’ means that planets. As per vedic astrology, there are 9 planets that influence our lives. The position of planet at the time of human birth can have influence on his actions and reaction to completely different things in his life. Each Life because it is has its ups and downs. With there’s improper planetary alignment for a private it’s known as a “dosha” or negative influence. Because of these “Navagraha doshas” individuals represent depression and bound low moods. This low amount could last for a few amount supported the facility of the world. But this could be averted with intelligence. Connecting to the cosmic intelligence to avert any hindrances in life and to bestow tremendous peace and success in life, Navagraga pooja is conducted.

You might have noticed that because the Moon grows (Purinma) in half of the month, the waves within the Ocean rises and their aggression can subsides as we tend to approach no moon day (Amavasya) consistent with this vedic science, these planets and their positions, can have influence on material body and mind.

Navagraha Puja

Navagraha Puja could be a vedic ritual that produces great positive energy, and helps individuals to realize spirit to face any state of affairs in their lives. The vedic ritual performed historically for these 9 planets (Navagrahas) dilutes the negative influences and infuses peace and prosperity. With the blessing of those 9 planets, creature will attain physiological state, wealth, prosperity, Education and information. Navagraha Pooja could be an assortment of powerful rituals performed to the idols.

Navagraha Homa

Homa is fireplace ritual an intense non secular apply that becomes powerful meditation technique once performed with devotion. We tend to invoke the cosmic energy and visualize it within the fireplace. Offerings to the spiritual being are offered through the fireplace.

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