New Year Forecast: – Modi or Rahul – Whose stars are stronger in 2019

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Article is already published in TIMES OF India‘s The same is being reproduced here.
Before making a forecast on both esteemed politicians I
would to like make it clear that generally, I have found that the horoscope of
politicians are not much trustworthy. But the horoscopes I am going to use for
Mr Narendra Modi and Mr Rahul Gandhi is being used by senior astrologers
cautiously. Rahul Gandhi’s birth details are said to be found from the hospital
he was born. But this is found many times that big shots of politics
deliberately distribute different birth details to different astrologers. Don’t
know why. But I am trying to make yearly forecast initially for two top
politicians of India for the year 2019.
Rahul Gandhi seems to enter in a comparatively very better
phase. He is in the effect of Vinshottaree Dasha of Mars and in the sub or
antardasha of Moon. Since Moon is involved in stronger Rajyogas as tenth lord
being aspected by Sun-Mars combination.moon is the last vinshottaree dasha of
Mars mahadasha will be operating till mid of the April 2019. Congress has won
all the three states. From mid of the April 2019 Rahul Gandhi will be in the
effect of Rahu vinshottaree dasha . Rahu placed in the fifth house is
considered better for the politicians since fifth house is considered for
political posts/offices. Rahu is placed in its own constellation and in the
sign of Saturn.
Dispositor of the Rahu is Saturn itself. Rahu is aspected by
Retrograde Jupiter. Over all his Rahu dasha is favourable for him. He seems
performing well in the forthcoming general elections at least he will be
performing far better than other opposition parties in the possible
“gathbandhan”. This is very tough to forecast whether he will become P.M in
next government since nothing could be predicted once the election is declared
and the possible coalition takes the shape. Because in mundane astrology
predictions about Premiership are possible once the elections are declared.
Elections can be declared some early also
Narendra Modi is in the effect of the debilitated moon dasha
phase. This is not a surprising fact because he became Prime Minister in the
same moon vinshottaree mahadasha phase. Though moon is debilitated but is
involved in greater Rajyogas. That is why he achieved the highest office of
India.but in 2014 he was in the effect of Jupiter antardasha of Moon
vinshottaree that time phase Saturn was transiting over ninth,
Lakshmi sthan , house of destiny and also house of political achievements.
But right now Modi ji is in the effect of seventh , twelfth
lord venus placed in the tenth house. This means he was in the effect of Moon –
Jupiter and now and in 2019 he is in the effect of Moon-Venus. The time phase
between 21st February and 13th april will be litmus test for him. In transit
Saturn is transiting in the 31 saamudaayik ashtak varga and the transiting Jupiter
is over 30 points.
Since Venus is placed in the tenth house being fourth lord
so chances of his being Prime minister is not deemed but off course his planets
are not as stronger as those were in 2014. so who will be the next Prime
Minister Modi or Rahul as of now this cannot be forecasted. And there are
always chances of a third man also. But this can be admitted that his horoscope
is still stronger and Rahul Gandhi has just entered in a better astrological
phase and from mid April the planets will be stronger. So forecasting about the
next P.M will be possible once the elections are declared.

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