New Year predictions for 2018: Astrology forecasts

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Article is already published in the Astrology portal of
Times of India and being reproduced here again.
The year 2018 is going to be special because in this year
many incidents are going to happen which were not happening for many years. And
at the same many incidents especially in India is going to happen which were
not happening even after was awaited eagerly. In politics, some greater changes
are expected. Any celebrity bachelor will marry this year. The transits and
dashas of few of them are allowing for getting married in the year 2018.The BJP
will be trapped in a feud and infighting in the year 2018. Congress might gain
few unexpected and sudden gains in the year 2018 with some misfortunes.
Till August 2018 India will be in the astrological phase of
dilemma and confusion. After August 2018 some financial problems might start.
Here some strict financial regulation May be made by the government. Next year
some celebrities will be found involved in great financial irregularities.
There seem few bigger verdicts by the Court which will affect the nation.
Bhartiya Janta Party
Even Congress party will not be in very good vinshottaree
Dasha phase but some unexpected and sudden gains are seen in the horoscope of
Congress party. Congress is in the antardasha of eighth house lord Venus placed
in the tenth house. Since 2020 Congress will enter in a Rajyoga phase because
she will enter in Chara Dasha phase of the tenth house for ten years. In
previous forecasts I have already discussed the Saturn transits good and bad
impacts in the horoscopes of Congress and BJP.
Narendra Modi
He is running in the vinshottari Dasha of bhagyesh ninth
lord moon which is placed with the ascendant lord Mars. Ironically moon is
debilitated and because of this, he is unpopular with a section of media and
elite class. His year 2018 is average but a time phase between March and September
seem not good. This time phase might prove bad in many terms.
Rahul Gandhi
His ascendant lord anardasha is in operation in Seventh lord
mahadasha. Ascendant lord Venus placed in the tenth house. But the Venus is the
seventh lord also. He is elected as new Congress chief. Since May 2018 he will
be in comparatively good astrological phase but should not expect much.
Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani will be in the effect of Jupiter vinshottari
mahadasha since August 2019.his Jupiter is not as good as other planets.but
before the Jupiter mahadasha starts he’ll be in the transition phase. His Rahu
dasha is about to end and Jupiter is about to start.Last antardasha of Jupiter
will be Rahu Mars. Mars being second and seventh lord placed in the eighth
house indicates he is going to start something new and different but he might
face some issues.
Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan will be in the maraka phase since March
2018 so health will be an issue for him in the next year. His Venus mahadasha
is in operation; Venus is placed in the eighth house. But he will be in the
antardasha of the sun. Both mahadasha planet and antardasha planet Venus and
sun are placed in the eighth house with mars.
Priyanka Chopra
2018 will be good for Priyanka but some ominous events or
negative happenings might happen to her. She will be in the Venus Antar Dasha,
Venus is badly afflicted since this is in Rahu Ketu axis and Venus placed with
Rahu is aspected by Saturn.

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