Saturn Transits: 10th House 2017-2020 Meaning & Effect For The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

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When the transit of planet Saturn finishes in Sagittarius officially?
Saturn goes out of the Sagittarius to enter in Capricorn on Wednesday December 20, 2017.

What is the meaning of transiting Saturn in the sign of Capricorn?
What does it mean when the planet Saturn passes in transit in Capricorn for my sign?

Saturn Transits: 9th House 2017-2020 Meaning & Effect For The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac
Saturn is often considered a planet that brings damage, a malevolent planet, the opposite of Jupiter. But Saturn is actually essential in the lives of all of us for our own personal growth, for our maturity. Certainly his way of acting is hard, concrete, sometimes terrible and can lead to difficult situations but that it was necessary to deal with situations. Saturn is the time, cronos, Saturn cut off the dead branches, things more useful to our work life, emotional and sentimental. After his passing we can be bigger, stronger and more aware of our quality. Sacrifice asks us this planet.

But what will bring Saturn on December 20, 2017 when enters in the earth sign of Capricorn and it will remain until 2020 ? What are the signs most affected by the rays of this planet so-called malicious ? Let’s see now. Saturn in Capricorn will encourage the sign of the Virgo and the Taurus with which it will form a trine aspect. Moreover, even Scorpio and Pisces will benefit from its positive rays because the planet will be in sextile aspect with respect to these two signs.

Saturn will be in opposition to the sign instead of the Cancer and in quadrature with the sign of the Libra and Aries. The sign of Capricorn, in which Saturn will be, will not be much favored. The Gemini will not see his opposition and finally the Sagittarius will not see its conjunction. But remember that we are considering this step in a general sense and not taking into account the position of the other planets in the natal staff that each of us possesses and at the same time transit of other planets such as Saturn. Take this information and then very slowly. That’s what will bring Saturn to the 12 signs of the zodiac:

Saturn in capricorn on 2018 2019 2020 – forecasts for the sign of taurus and virgo: these two earth signs can be no doubt benefited from the entry of Saturn in Capricorn but especially those born under the sign of the Virgo will receive much strength by Saturn because Jupiter is rather opposed to the Taurus sign in 2017 and 2018. The planet of time and wisdom can lead to be less cheerful but certainly will help you realize some dreams with great difficulty but with results that will come and will be reliable and long lasting. When Saturn forms a trine aspect we can be sure that people will have a superior ability to reason things through, to make the right decisions both at work and in love. Try at your side now a very serious person with which to create a future based on maturity and economic stability. possible gains that are not only increasing but are also constant over time. Your sacrifices are well evaluated by the people who matter in your life. On the economic gains may also increase and in any case you will be glad of the money that goes into your pockets and that may be invested in building a house or buying a home ready for your family. The freelancers can finally live a period of great stability with customers and gains on the increase but also thanks to the great efforts they will make.

Saturn in capricorn on 2018 2019 2020 – forecasts for the sign of capricorn: Saturn in your zodiac sign indicates the beginning of really complex at least two years, difficult where you have to commit a lot to get maybe very little. The sacrifices will be on the agenda and the difficulties you will encounter often will awaken the urge to drop everything but this should not happen because the fruits of all this very heavy weather will come after the connecting transit will be finished. family and health problems are very likely especially if you have a family elder, but you also have to pay close attention to your fitness. Absolutely not postponed medical examinations and do not think that problems can be solved overnight. These years will be very tiring for you, for your body and your mind but certainly buy a lot of wisdom and maturity that will return profits in the coming years. Bones can give you different problems. As for the professional sector, the commitment that you have to put in everything you do will be multiplied, but the results are also very small in economic terms, the sector in which you might have difficulty coping with some expenses that come suddenly.

[ads-post]Saturn in capricorn on 2018 2019 2020 – forecasts for the sign of scorpio and pisces: the sextile of Saturn does not bring a lot of energy as it does for the trine of this planet but these two years are also for you the years when you can finally be reborn thanks to the support of Jupiter forms a trine aspect with you. This dual energy will bring first really want to do things right without leaving anything to chance. In fact, your mind probably bring forth some ideas that over time could turn into important projects thanks to which arrive several successes. But Saturn, just remember this, it does not get what you pay and then all you get is certainly about your hard work, your sacrifices both in love and in the work where you can hope to find a good job that will not be easy but it can still be satisfactory economically. These months, even these two years should also be exploited to realize a dream in your love life. If you want to move in together or get married then this decision should be made after much thought and I recommend it to have someone at your side who is mature and constructive. The business sector has also benefited from this Saturn also for people working in the company, in fact your work commitment can be evaluated very well by the head and you can get some increase in salary.

Saturn in capricorn on 2018 2019 2020 – forecasts for the sign of gemini, leo, sagittarius and aquarius: these 4 signs of the zodiac will not suffer the direct influence of Saturn and this can be good but also can be bad. In fact, however, Saturn always brings the person to grow, to face the problems of life and to seek viable solutions. These two years can then be exploited to find new ideas in the workplace that can go ahead without any particular problems of course if in your astrological chart, there are no major transits and complex. The energy of Saturn, however, although it does not hit you straight makes its influence felt in several sectors including the familiar and sentimental sector as well as in the professional one. The climate at work, though in the past has not been very good with a few colleagues, can improve and indeed may even be born viable friendships while the economic sector does not create any kind of problem even if the costs can be excessive especially for Aquarius and Gemini who undergo quadrature of Jupiter. Family must be very careful not to create a hostile environment especially with the children who undoubtedly love you but perhaps begin to demand more independence and you do not know what to do. Maybe your parents can give you some useful advice for this problem. good health and also good mental energy to be exploited in work and sports.

Saturn in capricorn on 2018 2019 2020 – forecasts for the sign of Cancer: here is the most complex transit for your life especially if you have completed more than 60 years. Saturn is the opposite to your heaven, and this is undoubtedly good news because the situation becomes complex in many areas of your life. These next two years are very strenuous, requiring a lot of patience and effort, but the results are really very few. At best, all you do in the work will lead to significant delays and at this stage decide to carry out some of your projects requires strong determination but also a perseverance and tenacity out of the ordinary. Saturn does not give absolutely nothing and puts a spoke in the wheel in the workplace where it can create an atmosphere not conducive with some co-workers or your boss at work. The economic sector will see in great difficulty with many expenses to deal with and even sudden besides many expenses for your family and especially your parents that maybe they are very old. Your health is to be monitored especially if you are over 50 years old and you have bone problems. Scarce energy and fatigue is felt so go to the doctor who will advise you to recover the will to live, and that optimism that Saturn for at least a couple of years will take. Delays in everything you do. This aspect of opposition does not recommend making financial and real estate investments.

Saturn in capricorn on 2018 2019 2020 – forecasts for the sign of aries and libra: squaring Saturn is all on your side but this is not good news. In fact, it can also be more complex than his opposition. Unfortunately these two years you have no doubt commit 200% to get the minimum result and this situation will be able to create a period of great physical and mental fatigue but also a stage where you will not feel like doing anything. You in fact feel slightly optimistic and if you are already predisposed to melancholy then the sadness will prevail. Saturn wants you to do many sacrifices and sweat but do not want to give anything at the moment. In the field of work many of you feel the need to change jobs, to resign from the workplace that also because they may have to live with many problems communicating with co-workers and bosses. The Board of Saturn is to not let the work that otherwise you will be very hard to find a better one than this, partly because the economic sector will be in crisis because of so many expenses that you will face, expenses will also arrive in unexpected and sudden way. The slowness of the period can certainly make you out of my head, you crazy especially if you were born under the Aries sign that always needs so much energy in the things he does and often acts without thinking much about the consequences of his actions. Several problems in health can come and especially related to the teeth or other bones of the body. Certainly you will feel older, not so young, with little physical and mental energy. Loves are in crisis and many couples may burst.

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