Why Aquarius and Virgo are a Good Match

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Two of the most independent, single-life zodiacs can make for a kismet match, despite what others say. You have the rebellious, off-beat, and authentic Aquarius paired with the hard-working, perfectionist, and diligent Virgo. It’s a water bearer meeting a virgin. An air sign and an earth sign.

A Virgo craves for a clean space, to be presentable, clean energy, clean aesthetics, and purity. Clean = Virgo.

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Aquarius doesn’t put as much energy toward having a clean space (or the concept of clean), though it will be a bonus to them to have a clean space because Aquarius is sensitive and easily effected by the external world. An Aquarius craves creativity over cleanliness, perfection, and the like. Aquarius can get overwhelmed by too many materialistic commands. It would be best for Virgo to take on more household work while Aquarius tends to other relationship matters, from creativity, spontaneity, adding variety, or romance. Virgo should manage good chunks of housework where Aquarius doesn’t like to pick up the slack. Both should work on the home, not just give it to one person. Don’t let Aquarius be too lazy! Aquarius will appreciate Virgo and the safe, traditional, and sturdy environment it provides. Aquarius will see Virgo as having positive parental qualities. But doesn’t want the Virgo to be overbearing toward it. Aquarius gets things and doesn’t need a lot upfront in conflict to understand or solve it. Virgo would be wise to use less words in negativity than more. Because Aquarius will understand instinctively, and can get worn out by too much negativity. Virgo comes to a better understanding through negativity and isn’t as distraught by it — but Virgo is sensitive in its own right. It doesn’t like to be changed or told what to do, how to think, how to feel, be told what is its sexual orientation. Going that far can set a Virgo off.

Virgo can help Aquarius to be a more refined person while Aquarius can help Virgo settle down and be at peace — something the Virgo ultimately needs to achieve. Therefore, Aquarius brings Virgo the much needed enlightenment it has been craving its whole life. The two will fight over their differences making them pull away and pull back to each other. Virgo needs to be careful not to judge the Aquarius too quickly or sharply — this could make the Aquarius go POOF! And perhaps forever.[ads-post]Aquarius needs to be patient with the Virgo, to try communicating what they are thinking, and know Virgo will listen. Virgos are very good listeners and so Aquarians. Aquarius are forward thinkers, but they use the past to advance their future. Virgos do a lot of self analysis of their past to perfect their lives. Both of these can hold heavy shame for not fulfilling their own goals and inner selves. Aquarius wants to be a humanitarian, it does not like conflict. Virgo wants perfection, and can beat itself up for falling short.

Aquarius will feel well taken care of in a Virgo relationship — earth signs offer security. Virgo will feel it can spread it wings more, it can open up its inner-weird, and can grow as a human. The two will need shared hobbies, particularly creative projects.

Aquarius have more emotions to them than meets the eye — this is why they are the water bearer. They store up all their emotions until it overflows or the jar breaks. It is insulting to say an Aquarius is too cold or unemotional. They have a different way of displaying and working through their emotions, which is actually at the core of who they are, not to the side as many people wrongly try to explain about the Aquarius.

[youtube src=”O_7zTgMNWDM”/]The Pros of the Relationship

Virgo can offer structure where Aquarius is having a hard time manifesting. Virgo has such a strong will to conquer its goals. Aquarius is a visionary constantly coming up with new, beautiful ideas, but often doesn’t feel like it has an outlet for it to be a reality. Virgo can help make Aquarius’ world come alive. These two make for an automatic strong business match. A Virgo can act as a producer, publisher, or manager while the Aquarius is the writer, the singer, or the artist. They have what the other person doesn’t have — and also they are both high level thinking signs, so they will feel comfortable being able to explore ideas. Both will take the relationship slow, which is what the Aquarius needs: a relationship that starts more like a friendship. The Aquarius loves to talk and explore ideas. Conversation will be frequent with the Virgo who is constantly putting their self out into the world coming to different ideas.

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Managing the Relationship Better

The Virgo and Aquarius combination works well if the two see how they are different and accept it. They are not mirrors of each other. They are mostly different, but able to grow each other because of those differences. They know how to help each other where they are vulnerable. Virgo can nourish Aquarius and its weird habits, quirks, and feats. Aquarius can teach Virgo to soften, to release judgment, and to embrace life more. The two will do well to think before speaking, to let their anger die and go calm, and for them to try new things and be spontaneous. Aquarius are eccentric lovers while Virgos are very attentive. They may need to encourage each other to break the ice.

Virgo: look for strategies to better relay negative messages. Don’t overload the Aquarius with negativity, this could send them away from you.

Aquarius: communicate even if it doesn’t fully make sense. Keep them in the know. Don’t hold yourself back when you need to push through your vulnerabilities.

[youtube src=”Q25LygTE3Oc”/]What Makes the Two Draw Together

Virgo will be very charmed by Aquarius because they are so different. Virgo, like Scorpio, want the Aquarius to be comfortable around them. Virgos will be very loving and committed to an Aquarius, though if early on the Aquarius doesn’t seem to fit their standards, they may cut them loose. Virgo may feel threatened by how chill Aquarius can be — so they may try to peacock for your affections. The best thing you can do Aquarius is just be yourself. Virgo may feel insecure if they see you around other suitors. But Virgo will try hard to pin you down and figure you out, because Virgo has been waiting for someone who is as fast of a thinker as them, and you stick out like a sore thumb.

Virgo sometimes needs to step away from all the work and other obstacles they have that can get in the way of a healthy relationship with their Aquarius. Virgo wants to take on the world, and sometimes they feel like no one else but themselves can do it. Aquarius does not do well with a mate who is inconsistent. They don’t like to be neglected because all Aquarians are looking for someone who accepts them, and a lack of time or shallow interest will make the Aquarius fade away. Make sure to be consistent and clear about your interests, Virgo.

Aquarius, you need to be open to letting your romantic side out. You can speak through your creativity, bake them a cake, write them notes, draw them pictures, and give them gifts. Let your romance be free and spontaneous so that Virgo is getting a clear signal from you. Aquarius can feel weird if they are forcing their interactions with someone — because it cares greatly about authenticity.

What I like about this pairing is how much devotion Virgo can offer and how Aquarius can tend to it. Aquarius won’t be judged harshly for their emotions in this pairing, but enjoyed for their charm. I think these two can really show a depth that is fulfilling. Some would say Aquarius with a Virgo is weird, but hold on — Aquarius is weird, so what are you expecting from their relationship with any sign?

I support them going long term. The biggest hurdle will be communication and learning how to address conflict. Aquarius can feel deeply hurt by strong judgement. Virgo can feel deeply hurt by screwing up or being too judgemental. The two need strategies to have peaceful conversation. Virgo needs to express itself, but not at the cost of hurting the Aquarius’ feelings. Earth signs need to slow down and understand that there are other methods and strategies at looking at life and handling it. Your way is not the only way; there are other ways that can manifest and be just as accurate if not more accurate. Virgo is great at manifesting things into reality, they are great caretakers, they love acts of service, that’s how they show love. Aquarius is great at the art of conversation, exploring unturned stones, and being sweet. They show love by spending time, physical affection, and compliments. Aquarius show their love by adding you deeper into their social circles — you’ll meet a number of friends and family members.

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