Sun Enters Libra: A Precarious Balance

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No matter where you live on earth, today the day is equal to the night. The Sun is equal to the Moon. The nature achieves the perfect equilibrium between day and night, male and female, high and low.

And this is the perfect metaphor for the sign of Libra. Libra’s mission in the Zodiac is to strive to find the balance between opposite factors. Libra feels compelled to act when one side of the scale starts to tip. Libra is the only sign on the Zodiac NOT represented by a living being, and this is because Libra is the sign of pure reason and judgement. I am sure you all know many Libras who are anything but fair or reasonable (that’s because no human being can have all planets in the same sign) but in its pure essence, Libra is all about unbiased reason, about equality and fair chances.

Sun is in Libra from September 22 - October 23
Libras are diplomatic, elegant, sincere. Libra’s behavior is always dictated by mind and intellect. With an abundance of feelings Libras do not allow passions to win up, trying to keep everything in a balance. With all their sensitivity, they still follow the culture of its manifestations. It is very important for them to form all their relationships right. Communication with them is pleasant and harmonious. Libras often love and develop art. They have a highly developed sense of beauty. The like to dress up stylishly. They love big celebrations. They do not like anything vulgar.

They give a great importance to the aesthetics matters, uncivilized excesses are rejected. Highly developed sense of form often leads to reluctance of getting to the core. so here comes frustration, shallowness, as a result there remains something vague and formless. Being slippery politeness, Libras always keep a distance between themselves and others, with all their contact they are in danger of loneliness. Their nature is receptive, they always have a variety of interests, they are very sociable, love to argue. They are quite cold in communication, which attracts people to them, because behind this coldness always felt the hidden feeling. If those feeling will break through, the equilibrium will be disturbed, which is difficult and dangerous for Libra. Therefore they prefer to love in general and to live with illusions. Over the years, they can become talented actors. They know human weaknesses and the need to overcome them, so they can educate themselves. Acknowledging their mistakes, finding the strength to confess them, Libras are always the first to look for reconciliation. They are witty and interesting interlocutors. Their mission is to balance, to negotiate, to represent. Art, music, all that adorns life and demands the good taste – is their business, from the hairdresser to the head of the cultural institutions.

Libras always create a good and healthy environment
Due to the strong demand for harmony and sociability, Libras always create a good and healthy environment. They are usually easy and pleasant to work with. Libras are able to represent their company perfectly. The success of others does not hurt Libras, they just watch it to take an example. Only they do not like if someone belittles their dignity. Most Libras are naturally insecure, because they always see two sides at once and swing, trying to keep the balance, and they should be praised for this. But the authorities should be aware of Libra’s distractions – they do not notice little things, their minds are agile. Libras often lack of concentration. However, they immediately apologize for their mistakes . This is required by their sense of harmony. Libras are very adventurous, but in need of a good employees, because they can not carry the whole job through. They have a strong sense of justice. They work hard, especially after the age of 29. Libras always seek for knowledge and spiritual development.

Love is always the main basement for Libra’s union, because they always dream of some ideal. But Libras also like to flirt and this flirt not always necessarily leads to intimacy and does not mean that Libra is ready for something serious. The eroticism alone is not enough for the union – Libra needs a common interests and love for beauty. Absolute loyalty should not be expected, as curiosity is driving Libras forward, though in restrained and cultural way. Children of Libra will be brought up with the good taste and independence.


Libra’s risks: when the equilibrium is disturbed for some reason, Libras often lose the line of behavior and become ashamed of themselves, therefore starts a chain of mistakes without end. Another risk is the overreaction with demands to their partner in matters of love and friendship. Libras are looking for the ideal, and it is unlikely to be found in real world. Risky features are the uncertainty and instability that leads to vanity, dandyism. They are vindictive, but rarely give vent to their anger.

Harmony and balance are the basic tones of the music of your life. You instinctively understand the need to adapt to the interests and desires of people, and you are always ready for the constructive dialogue. You are a gentle person, a good diplomat and you are doing everything possible to avoid conflicts and disagreements. A spirit of cooperation and compromising is accompanying you everywhere. Thanks to the charm and caution, you achieve the results you want where it is impossible with the force and power.

Ability to get along with people is too important to you, that’s why sometimes you are in danger of depending on the approval and opinions of others, while making your own decisions. You rarely begin to act without consulting and without support. You prefer self-sufficient co-operation and the share of rewards when you succeeded. Loneliness feels like something very unnatural for you. You have a great need in a partner and in relationships.

Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope
You give most of your energy to the person you love. Big idealist and romantic in everything that is related to marriage, you are looking for a partner who would be equal to you: intellectually, physically and spiritually. You become a serious, caring friend or lover, and get a great pleasure from the traditional attributes of love – courtship, flowers, etc. The relationships of this type you take as a kind of art, you are not sorry to spend your time, attention and creative efforts there. You appreciate sophistication and decency in your partners. The partner should not be dull, rough or sharp.

You preserve a noble objectiveness and provide the person you love with equal opportunities in both your personal life and in the larger world in which you do not accept personal involvement. If you fight for something, then very often it is the objectivity in relation to a person. The balance is extremely important to you. You do believe in the golden mean, avoiding fanaticism and extremes of any kind.

You have a strong need for beauty and harmony of the environment. The natural sense of style and a good taste are reflected in the way you dress or organize your home, workplace, and etc. Everything has to fest your eyes. You get the satisfaction from working with people as an attorney, counselor, consultant, expert in negotiations, as well as in the world of art, which may be design or photographing.

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