Tantra explained through whatsapp

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Tantra is the special procedure to perform any action for the desired and intended results. Tantra is the best decribed as “Technology”. Just like a person in Kathmandu can talk to the person in any part of the world through “Whatsapp” due to the networking brilliance of modern day scientist, similarly tantra is the “whatsapp” application to connect with any gods in this universe to get a desired or intended results.

In “Whatsapp” to connect to another person one needs to install the “whatsapp” in his/her mobile. He gets it activated. He then acquires the whatsapp number of the required  person. Then through the whatsapp number, the person can be texted and contacted. If the person replies the two people then can have conversation as per their convenience. “Whatsapp” is an application and it is the outcome of mobile and internet technology. It has revolutionized the whole networking communication technology.

Like “Whatsapp” procedure, tantra procedure is no different. The tantra practitioner has to install the diksha of the particular deity in his body, when the diksha gets activated after sometime the person then chants the mantra of the particular deity which is like the “Whatsapp” number of the deity. The mantra’s vibration then reaches the deity and like the “whatsapp” user if the deity feels like responding, they reply back. Their replies can be seen and felt in the life of the practitioner.

The technology of connecting with either gods or humans is no different. The same principle applies in both. It is just change in domains and materials else the “tantra” of connecting in both disciplines is always same. It needs a simple analogy to hit realization. 

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