Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Astrology

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Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Astrology

First house Sun.

Sun is lord of 9th trikona house and is posited in friend’s house. It indicates long journeys, learning, wisdom, prudence, fortunate with strangers, foreigner’s, wife’s relations and voyages. Interest in science, invention, law, philosophy or political economy. Such persons are wealthy, respected, and blessed with power and authority. Long life, strained relations with friends.

First house Moon

Moon. The eighth lord in Lagna if not afflicted, one will be blessed with long life. The affliction of the stomach is indicated. Fond of art, adulterous, sweet spoken but spendthrift. Gain through lawsuits and matters connected with the deceased. Accumulation of wealth and gain through the business of others. Likelihood of some wounds on the body. Devoid of comforts from parents till young age. If Moon is afflicted, then it indicates short life, death by irregularity, trouble, and loss for others.

First house Mars 

The lord of 5th and 12th houses in friend’s camp. Complexion will be like copper. Many enemies and love affairs. Wealthy and man of power and authority. Afflicted health. A propensity to pleasure, a troubled life, on the whole, secret sorrows, limitations. All these difficulties can be minimized through occult or spiritual practice. The danger of imprisonment or disablement.

First house Mars Mercury

Mercury is lord of 7th house posited here in Lagna in enemy’s camp aspecting its own 7th house. Lord of 10th house in Lagna is good and will confer dignities, honors through merit, intelligent, good-natured and of good behavior. Wealthy and blessed with the comforts of life. High ambitions, gain through Govt.; unions, partnership, love of women and gain through them. Connection with the process of law. Such persons are found well versed in Mathematics and are connected with medical Science. One thing. I will say that since Mercury is lord of two kendras and so malefic but when afflicted will give the reverse results as indicated above.


Jupiter is also lord of two Kendra houses, 1st, and 4th but being Lagna lord it is benefit, when posited in own house in the Ascendant will confer wealth, respect, rank and authority to the native. One will be blessed with long life, fortunate inheritance, gain through land, property, power over enemies, owner of property and conveyance, good health, harmony and triumph over difficulties. Religious, generous and charitable. Judge the reverse if afflicted or combust.

Venus Lord of 6th and 11th houses (both malefic) in the Ascendant is in enemy’s house. This position being in Lagna will give an average length of life. Will hold a rank under the Govt; kidney trouble in old age is indicated. Difficulties and reversals in life and may face debt. But the native meets with real friends and supporters can overcome enemies and obstacles through the support of acquaintances. Fortunate actions and hopes are attained.

Saturn in Ascendant

is an enemy’s camp and lord of 2nd and 3rd houses. “Being lord of the 2nd house gives good results but the lord of 3rd malefic. Saturn weak in this case is very benefited and makes the person millionaire” vide author’s book, “Saturn, a friend or Foe?”.
So it will make one wealthy, of good position in life, comforts from wife and children, respected but devoid from the comforts of brothers, worried and gloomy face. Average intelligence helpful to others, any part of the body will become defective and worries on this account. Gain through writings and learnings.

Rahu in Lagna

of this ascendant confers honors, wealth and favor through religious, educational or scientific affairs. It adds power to the personality and gives the opportunity to self-expression. Foreign travel, a good progeny, respect and honor in foreign countries in old age.

Ketu in the Ascendant

is not good and gives short life unless aspected by Jupiter. One is devoid from comforts of ancestral property. Tribulations and difficulties in life may endanger face and eyes.

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