Shiva Mantra: 21 Powerful mantras for Success, job, wealth

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Mahakal and mantra with sun

Shiva mantra is for giving respect to Supreme Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Shiva mantra is so incredible that will change the way you live.

It is for Mahadeva, who is creator of our entire universe.

They control our whole universe and know everything.

Because it is prayer for God Shiva, it provide unbelievable success by chanting only.

The List of Shiva Mantra with slokas and Stotrams

Here is the list of 21+ Powerful mantras collection to get success in Job, wealth (money), and everything.

In this Shiv mantra list, you will see the various Lord Shiv Mantra and slokas. It is with their benefits, Images and Sanskrit lyric for download.

Mantra of Rudra has infinite power that can’t possible to fully describe. But In this article, you see total 100+ benefits.

Let’s see,

  • Shree Shivastavah : Eight verses Prayer starting from “Om Namah Shivaya Sarvaay Devdevaay vai Namah”.
  • Shivashtakam : Eight verses Stotra of Mahadev explaining glory of Shiva.
  • Mahimna Stotram : Prayer by Pushpadanta is very effective and impress Mahadev
  • Few more prayer and Stotra, etc.

Names of Shiva are Mahadev and Rudra. So it is known as Rudra Mantra and Mahadeva Mantra.

If you chant 11 times or 108 times, you will feel magical effect and power. Success and Richness comes to your door. You see that your every wishes is fulfilled.

Your whole life is completely different from a moment when you start chanting and surrender yourself to Lord.

(For proper pronunciation, download the Sanskrit lyric from image.)

Shree Shiva Raksha Stotra: 

For Protection against everything

Once yagyvlkya rishi’s dream Narayan appears and they tell him Raksha Stotra.

Rishi write it what Shree Vishnu say in the dream. For chanting, first remember Lord Ganesha by saying “Shree Ganeshay Namah.”

After concentrate and focus on each word of sloka.

Each word say about greatness of Lord and we request them to protect us.


Our body become divine when we chant it.

It allow us to go beyond material world.

Raksha Stotra is mantra for protection. It protect us from rahu, ketu problems.

It make shield around us that ghost and pishacha never appear.

We make fearlessness by constant chanting.

If we chant it daily with devotion, we go to Shivloka and see Lord Shiva.

Lyrics in Sanskrit

Download Image by Right Click and save. Start to chant today.
Image of Raksha Stotra written in Sanskrit
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Sanskrit and Hindi


Shree Shivastavah: 

Divine Prayer for Supernatural abilities

Shivastavah is found on temple near Java island. Main version has 8 verses.

Starting of slokas is “Om Namah Shivaya Sarvay Devdevay vai Namah.”

Meaning is: Lord is one who welfare, who is Lord of Lords, who has all knowledge, I bow to Lord.

Shivastavah says,

Shiva win the Lord of death yam. They are earth, sun, air, sky and, nature.

We pray them for spiritual supernatural power. Our all works done because of blessing of Shankar.

Benefits of Shivastavah

God give us ability which is beyond normal thinking.

Our body become near to painlessness state.

Chanting change behavior of us. Good qualities will develop.

When we chant mantra, thousands of thought become one thought. Our mind become free from stress and negativity.

Our full concentration is toward Great God.

It help to achieve a level of success which become possible because of chanting.

Lyrics in Sanskrit

Shivastavah Sanskrit lyrics
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Hindi and Sanskrit


Shree Shivashtakam: Powerful Shiv sloka

Shree Shivashtakam Stotram of Nilakanth

Shivashtakam show greatness and power of Almighty Lord which is made from eight verses.

Meaning of ashtakam in English is eight. And It is for supreme Lord who is outer than time.

It describes glory of Supreme God. Lord Shiva who is God of whole universe, who protect everyone and who is omnipresent.

Lord Rudra is mentioned by Girish, Ganesh, Shankar, Shambhu, Mahakal and other various names.


One who chant daily, he get nearness to God.

God is everytime with that person to protect him and provide everything.

Mahadev provides him job success, knowledge and health as it is best for him. He will saved from diseases and negative energy.

Chanting Shiva slokas improve our life. It open new opportunities for our goal. 

One who meditate daily on it, he will almost never see failure.

By Powerful sloka, he feel spiritual energy, miraculous effect. It helps us to develop spiritually, such as our mind only remember God.

And We can impress Mahadev if we chant with dedication. God not want any material things from us. They need only devotion. Surrender ourselves to God for getting immediate blessing.

Download Image of this Shiva Mantra lyrics

Shivashtakam Sanskrit lyric
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Hindi and Sanskrit

Vedsar Shiva Stotram: 

Majesty of Mahadeva from Vedas

Four Vedas are main scripture in Indian culture.

Verses of Vedas show Lord Shiva and their qualities and vedsar Stotram is main summary of it.

Vedsara Shiva mantra for please shiva

Verses of Stotra show majesty of Mahadev by various names. Because sanskrit for word “worship” or “prayers” is upasana, it is known as shiv upasana mantra.

In the Stotra, verses says:

Mahadeva has no starting neither end. They have no birth and always exist. They are form of universe.

Mahadev is reason for everything happens in the world.


Reciting during morning provide blessing from Supreme Lord.

By chanting everyday, we will completely change. Everyone can see difference. Our mind, our thinking and behavior will become positive.

Our health will be improved and we stay meantally and physically healthy. We get material needs like money and desire fulfillment.

After end of successful life, you will meet the Mahadev.

[Mantra also has scientific benefits which is proven by science. See here 25+ Benefits of Shiva Mantra with research.]

Mahashivratri is great for chanting because Shivratri is night of Mahakal.

You can chant during meditation and yoga as Shiv Yog Mantra.

Sanskrit lyrics

Vedsara Shiva Stotram Sanskrit lyric
Click to download and zoom

Hindi and Sanskrit


Lingastakam Stotram

Lingastakam is ultimate prayer for shivlingam, the formless type of God.

Each verses present glory of shivlinga. Ling Puran also mentioned this mahadev mantra.

Starting of Prayer is: “Brahma murari surarchit lingam.”

It means:

Shri Vishnu, Brahma and Devtas worship to Shivlingam.


By chanting, you will get rid of sins and become free from suffering.

Enormous wealth and richness enter into our home. Miracles happen every time which seem like impossible.

One can’t even imagine the level of success and happiness achieved by mantra.

Chant shloka at morning and in Temple near to Shivlingam. Early morning and night time is good because our day start and end at time.

Also see: greatness of Lord Shiva and proof of existence

Download lyrics

Lingastakam Sanskrit lyric
Click to zoom

Chanting in temple help for higher level of consciousness and spirituality.

Sanskrit and Hindi



Mahadev Mantra for worship

God Shiva has formless, shapeless form which is worshipped as Shivlingam. Whenever we worship to Shivling, Bilvapatra and water is used. In worship, various types of flowers and fruits also provided.

In worshipping, bilvashtakam is chanted while bilvapatra given to Shivlingam.

It show glory of bilva and how it please to Shiva by bilipatra.

Shiva Puran give more details about benefits of bilva. One Chapter provide rules and history of divine leaf.

Bilvapatra is such a foliage that is dear to them.

While abhishek on Shivling, use bilvashtakam as Shiva abhishek mantra. Give water and bilvapatra to Supreme Lingam. Chant Om Namah Shivaya during pouring water.

Take care as leaf should be whole and not have any hole. Great devotee like Nandikeshwar also get blessing from Rudra by penance and worship.


Once we start the worship, continuous energy flows through our body. We realized ultimate facts and goal.

Life become filled with extreme wealth.

Our health improve. We get the long life and life without diseases.

One verses say:

“Shudhyanti sarv papebhya ek bilvam Shivarpanam”


By giving one Bilvapatra to Shivlingam, we become clean from all sins and bad karma.

Because we become clean and holy, our working ability improve. In our every work, we have help from God. Every moment of life become better.

By devotion, our life filled with eternal happiness.

Bilvapatra is one of the easiest way to get blessing from Rudra Shiva. Only bilvapatra and water given with devotion please Shiva.

In the Mahashivratri, chant 1008 times Om namah Shivaya and give 108 bilvapatra to Shivling at temple.

Sansrit lyrics

Bilvashtakam Sanskrit lyric
Click to zoom


Hindi and Sanskrit

ChandraShekhara Ashtakam

Once moon has curse by Daksha that he will decay. Moon has no way to stop curse so he request sage to solve curse.

Sage suggest to worship Rudra and chant Mahamrityunjay mantra 10 crore times.

Moon, his family and sages go to Somnath and start to chant Mrityunjay mantra.

After six month, Lord Shiva please to moon and give darshana. They remove curse in partial way that he decay half time in month and other half time he grow.

Shiva remove all pain moon face and give boon that he stay on head.

Chandra is moon and who have moon on head is chandrasekhara which is name of Shambhu.

Prayer for almighty God in form with moon is Chandrashekhara ashatakam. It has such meaning which pleased to bholenath.
Prayer start from name Chandrashekhara, and request Lord Shiva to protect us. They protect us against every types of diseases.

With glory of Mahadev hymn say how great is God.


Because Chandrashekhara prayer show qualities Shankar, they will give boon to us as they give to moon.

As they remove pain of devotee, we never face any trouble. Our illness can’t stay in body because Mahadev protect us.

Students achieve good marks and success in exam. Because the concentration, focusing power and higher level of intelligence. Fundamental process of brain will improve which end in better remembering power.

Chant it 11 times in morning at Shiv Temple. You will get success in everything by powerful Shiva mantra, a Mahadev mantra.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Om Namah Shivaya: 

Most Powerful Mantra 

for Success

Om Namah Shivay is one of the most powerful mantra of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Purana and Ling Purana advice us to chant it 108 times or 1008 times for success.

It is know as panchakshari mantra without Om. If Om is included, it called shadakshar mantra.

It means:

“I bow to Supreme God Shiva.”

You can chant it at any place, any time. The only thing required is devotion.

If Mind is toward God, it give incredible effect.

First try by listening, because listening is first step of chanting. See here video of om namah shivay chanting.

You can also write it in book because writing help for repeating it in mind.

Benefits of Om Namah Shivaya

Chanting Om Namah Shivay 1008 times daily results in wish fulfillment.

One who chant Shiva Mantra 108 times daily,..

…he will get material benefits like job, wealth, good health and money.

Regular japa result in incredible effect and experience.

Shiva Purana describe about Panchakshari mantra in detailed information.

Shiva purana state,

One who chant with dedication to Shiva and has always mantra in heart, then he will not need to read or know anything.

Because he get all knowledge of Vedas, Purana and even about world.

People who want money and good health, they also achieve it. Mantra open all ways from which you gain prosperity.

By divine power of mantra, all wishes fulfilled. It change the way of your life.

By chanting 1008 times, it cure all diseases and provide success in everything we want. Start uttering from now and feel effect.

Text of Om Namah Shivay Mahamantra

Om Namah Shivay Photo

Mahamrityunjay mantra: 

Mahadev Mantra for protection from death

Mahamrityunjay mantra is powerful Shiva mantra to get protection against illness, dangers and death.

Vedas and puranas mention it with benefits and story.

Mrityunjay means one who win over death. It says we worship to Mahadev, who have three eyes. We pray them to free us from captivity of death and suffering.

Markendaya rishi free from death. Story is,

Markendaya sage has life time of 16 year means after 16 years, death will come and he can’t live longer. But Markendaya worship to Lord Shiva with true devotion.

He chant Mrityunjay mantra for long time. When yamraja come and try to take soul of sage, yamraja can’t success because he have protection of Mahadev. Mahadev come to protect devotee Markendaya and save him from death.


We achieve protection against death by uttering with complete devotion and surrender to God Shiva.

Black magic and negative energy can’t do anything, if we chant daily 9 times, 11 times or 108 times.

By meditation of this Shiva sloka, you will protect against enemies.

Chanting 108 times result in obstacle removal. Our all problems will be solved.
God keep away from harms.

Brahmins advice us to chant for Rahu or Ketu problems because it give Rudra’s divine protection.

We will secure from unnatural death, as shield of Mahadev on us.

Many example of people from ancient history, who is at near to end of life and saved from impossible situations.

Sanskrit Lyrics

Mahamrityunjay mantra Hindi text and Sanskrit

Dwadash Jyotirling Stotram: 

For removing sins

12 jyotirlinga in world is summarised in dwadash jyotirling stotram. Slokam say about 12 main shivling and place where it located.

Somnath jyotirlinga which is in Somnath district, Gujarat.

Somnath jyotirlinga in dwadash jyotirlinga mantra

It also mentioned Rameshwar Mahadev, Viswanath Mahadev and Trayambakeshwar Mahadev. Last verses say about benefits.

Effects of chanting

Last verses says:

We become free from all sins by chanting everyday in morning and evening.

Lord Mahakal will fulfill our wishes.

We get help in situation while we want to change job or career with high salary.

Chanting Stotram is equal to mentally visiting twelve jyotirlinga.

You will not suffering from black magic.

Obstacles will go away from life.

Sanskrit lyrics:

Dwadash Jyotirling mantra
Dwadash Jyotirling


Hindi and Sanskrit

Shree Shivashadakshar Stotram

Shiv shadakshar stotram is Om Namah Shivaya with each character’s description, made from Om, Na, Ma, Shi, Va, Ya.

Shiv sloka explain each character’s power and reason behind. We give honour to Lord by reciting their names.

First verses is:

Omkaram bindusanyuktam nityam dhyayati yoginah, Kamadam mokshadam chaiv Omkaray Namo Namah.


I bow to Om which is form of divine point is meditated by Yogi every time, which give every material things and Moksha.

Download mantra of Lord Shiva..


By reciting everyday, one will get Shivloka. In Shivloka, we meet Lord Shiva.

Devotion toward God become strong.

One will get material benefits like name and fame, desired job, study, and long life. Stress will be reduced and mind become purify.

Chanting Shiv shadakshar mantra solve situations which seem to unsolvable.

It is better if you chant it at least 108 times and practice to chant regular.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Shiva Maanas Puja

Shiva Manas Puja Mantra

For worshipping God, it is not necessary to worship physically. We can worship God by mind and Shivmanas Puja is for mental worship.

Puja is worship in which we give lotus to Shivlingam and give water by visualization.

Imagine that Shivling is made from gold.

In the prayer, We go into detail with great method for worshipping.

If one can’t physically present at Temple, he can chant Stotra.

Maanas Puja benefits

By mentally worshipping, memory will improved. Negative thinking stop, Positivity comes in life. Job seeker who want career immediately, get desired career.

You will not required to pray for wealth. Because you automatically get money and become rich.

Worship improve our thinking process.

Because chanting help to achieve higher consciousness, it remove anger and sadness from our mind.

Download Sanskrit lyric of worship from image

Sanskrit lyric of Shiv Manas Puja
Click to zoom

Sanskrit and Hindi


Shree Shiva Mahimn Stotram (By Pushpadanta)

This is one of the most famous mantra of Lord Shiva, made by Pushpadanta.

Shiva mantra which describe glory, Mahimn Stotram

There is interesting story behind it:

Once the Pushpadanta go into castle of King for getting flower.

He has power of invisibility. So no one can detect him for flower stolen.

But purohit of King spread nirmalya everywhere. When Pushpadanta cross it, he lost ability of invisibility.

At time, he want forgiveness from Mahadev for his mistake and he chant Mahimna Stotram.

This Shankar stotram is so powerful and miraculous that he get darshana to Lord Shiva and they give him forgiveness.

By speaking, one get forgiveness from Mahadev. God will fulfill his wishes. Because Stotra say the glory of Rudra which is infinite.

Pushpadanta says, it is impossible to describe power of Shiva even by Brahma.

He say that Mahadev’s majesty is beyond our speech and thinking. Vedas even can’t describe Mahadev’s majesty and say “Neti Neti”.

We speak your greatness because by it our mind become purify.

Benefits of Stotra

Mahimna Stotram is must read for pleasing and getting blessing from Supreme Shankar.

It help to get a mind which has no negative thought.

Slokas remove dangers from life. You will become fearlessness and overcome to all fear.

You see changes in yourself and you feel positive energy.

Our intelligence and thinking capacity will radically improved.

Chant it one times daily for immediate effect. If you recite Stotram at Temple in morning, result is such that it can’t possible to describe.

Download images,

Shiva Mahimn Stotram lyric Image
First 21 slokas
Mahimn Stotram


Sanskrit and Hindi

Shiva Tandav Stotram by Raavan

Ravana is one of great devotee of Lord Shiva. His devotion is such that it still filled in Stotra chanted by him, Shiva Tandav Stotra. It is due to ego, he being killed. He has knowledge of Vedas, he is Brahmin by Birth.

To please Lord Shambhu Shiva, he has sacrifice his nine head.

He made this Stotram which filled with energy and devotion. Whenever I even listen Stotra, energy comes in all body. It filled like Mahadev’s tandav.

Meaning is so great, It explain Lord Shiva who has Jata (Long hair), on whom head flow of river comes on Earth and shake earth. Who have Serpent on neck.


One get salvation (Moksha) end of life.

Because it describes glory of Lord, it give eternal happiness. By effect, You will experience higher level of spirituality.

As Ravana speak stotra, it is effective for everything.

Meditation with stotram benefits for inner peace, long life and protection from enemies.

One achieve fast success that can’t happen without God’s interpretation.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Chant it at Temple during morning time.

Shree Shiva Bhunjagam

Shiv Bhunjagam

It is rudra mantra for getting happiness and concentration which is made from forty verses.

While it take 15-20 minutes for chanting but has an power which is impossible to get by other way.

It mention Lord by name Virupaksh, Shiv, Trayambak, Mahadev, Devesh and Devadidev.


Bhunjagam stotram is one of the best way to reach Mahadev and their protection.

By Mahadev’s divine protection, we will protected from all diseases.

Reciting will help you to get health, good luck and spirituality.

You will be protected from all enemies because you are under the shelter of Mahadev.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Shiva Pratahsmaran Stotram: 

Mantra of Rudra for early morning

Pratahsmaran stotram is specially for remembering majesty of Mahadev at morning.

In Sanskrit, pratah means morning and smaran means remembering.

Mahadev is remover of all fear of birth and death.

They have ganga on hair. They are Suresh which means Devo ke Dev.

Lord Shiva and their hymn is equal to medicine for us.

God is reason for creation of universe and whatever happening is because of Sadashiv.

God Rudra has no starting neither has an end because they are infinite.

Lyrics of this Shiva Mantra

Shiva Pratahsmaran Stotram sanskrit lyric
Click to zoom

Chant it early morning, each day..


At the end, it say that one get rid of suffering by deep chanting.

Deep chanting with devotion can change destiny. It will become reason for creation of good life.

We will free from the cycle of birth and death by chanting at morning.

We get benefits in a way that whatever we think is becoming true.

When we dedicated to Rudra and chant mantra, God Shiva is near to us.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Umamaheshwar Stotram

Shri Shankaracharya write and chant this mantra. We give respect to Shiva and Parvati, and show greatness of them.

Goddess Parvati is mother and Lord Shankar is father of universe.

Umamaheshwar mantra Stotram

It is made from 12 slokas. Thirteenth sloka give details about benefits of reciting.

Reciting effects

By chanting in three times of Sandhya daily, You get inner peace, improved eyesight and intelligence.

It help to achieve inner strength, and spiritual wisdom.

Situations around you will suddenly change. You will see that you become known to everyone. Shloka provide name and fame beyond the imagination.

You will receive long life and at the end of life, get Shivloka and meet Supreme God.

You will get peace even after death because you have the shelter of Shambhu.

Download Stotram of God Shiva in sanskrit lyric;

Umamaheshwar Stotram sanskrit lyric
Click to zoom and download

Sanskrit and Hindi


Shree Shiva Stotram Himalaykrutam

Himalaya, father of Parvati recite Stotra and worship to God. In the Brahmavaivart Purana, shiv sloka mentioned in Krishna birth Part.14 verses is in it.

As the King Himalaya speak, this Mahadev mantra has transformative effect.

Himalay says:

God is Brahma who create universe, God is in form of Vishnu who protect universe and, in form of Rudra who destroy whole universe.

Himalay made it to show Glory of Mahadeva.

Sanskrit lyrics

Shiva Stotram Himalaykrutam sanskrit lyric
Click to zoom


We achieve brain with reduce anxiety because our mind concentrate on divine words.

Behavior of people will be change around person.

He feel help of God in hard situations.

At end Shankar Stotram says, one will become free from all sins and fears by chanting it regular.

If one has not any child, he will get baby. If one has problem in marriage, it will be solved.

Because rudra mantra impress Lord Shiv, we get the blessing of Rudra and protected against suffering and enemies.

Chant it minimum one time daily and feel effect.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Karpur Gauram mantra

Karpur Gauram mantra beautifully describe glory of Lord Shiva and explain their form.

Mantra called Lord Shiva by “Karpur Gauram” means they are white like Karpur (Champur). Lord Shiva generally imagined as in blue color or dark color. But they are so handsome, so Pure, like Champur.

Lord Shiva is like incarnation of kindness who’s mercy never ends. I bow to God Shiva.


Mantra helps to know Lord Shiva, and their mercy toward us. While chanting mantra, you may experience, God Shiva, Lord of Universe helps you.

Mantra in English
Karpur Gauram mantra
Karpur Gauram mantra in Hindi

Shree Shivaparadh Kshamapanstotram

To request forgiveness from Shiva, we chant this stotram.

“Aparadha” means offense and “Kshama” means forgiveness.


By reciting it, Lord Shiva forgive mistakes. They will take care of us.

Sanskrit and Hindi


Daaridryadahana Stotram: 

Most effective mantra 

For Wealth (and Job)

Vashishth made this auspicious stuti for removing poverty and suffering. As Slokas remove poverty from life, we will get wealth.

Vashishth says, Shiva is God of whole universe. They free devotee from hell.

Mahadev has moon on head. Ganga flow through Shiva’s hair.

Supreme God, who save devotee from death, who is remover of sins, and has three eyes.

Lord Rudra, who give their devotee to Moksha, who is God of ganas, who has five head.

Shiv Stotram show respect to Ultimate creator of world.

Ninth verses describe it’s miracle and power.

Benefits of Daaridryadahana stotram

As the shiv mantra say:

Vashisthen kritam stotram sarvarog nivaranam, sarvasamparkaram shighram putrapautradivardhanam

Meaning is:

Our all diseases go away by this vashisth made stotram from which we get all types of wealth quickly and give good child.

You will become free from povery and diseases. All your problems will be solved.

By this Slokas you get job or if you have business, it will grow.

After some period, richness is come to your door and you get extreme wealth. It will create situations around you which help to get money.

Many people experience power of Stotra and get enormous amount of money. We get the peaceful life.

How to chant for job and wealth?

First step is clean your mind, means no negative thought or useless thoughts.

Second step is surrender yourself completely to Lord Shiva because it is most important to please them.

Now, chant this mantra. Make sure that you chant it everyday without missing any days.

For quick effect, chant everyday 21 times or 11 times with pure devotion.

Chant daily in three times of Sandhya for go to heaven after death.

Remember to have faith (Shraddha) on Supreme God. They will definitely give you money and whatever job you need, any wish you have will be fulfilled by Rudra.

See this mantra in Sanskrit

Daaridradahana stotram for Lord Rudra
Click to zoom

Sanskrit and Hindi



1. I am in mission to bring almost all Shiv mantras and slokas. After creating this page, I find many more mantras and stuti, so I decided to write separate post about. Links will updated here.

At time of Puja of Lord Shiva, recite these mantras.

2. While in this post, number of material benefits are described, true purpose of mantra should be connection toward God.

3. This list of 21+ mantras may be overwhelming. For it, choose any three mantras and chant it.

Chant regularly Shiva mantra for anger, anxiety, desired job, family unity and victory.

Om Namah Shivay!..

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