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Cross on mount have different meaning.
It is opposite to star. Stars are always favorable and the cross is the other
side of coin. Cross represents trouble in life like danger, disappointments,
fear, death etc.
Cross on mount of Jupiter is
considered good. Cross on mount of Jupiter means love marriage.  It also represents violence.
Cross on mount of Saturn is not
considered good.  It means there will be
an accident in life and lot of hard work to be done to achieve something. In
other words lot of hard work and very less reward. So it is not considered
On Sun mount the results are the same.
Your financial position is week, fame and reputation at stake and the artistic
qualities are at helm.
On mount of Mars means lot of enemies.
Always be careful of enemies. They can harm you at any moment.
Mount of Mercury under cross means
loss in business. Frequent losses are there. It also affects you communication
Cross on mount of Venus shows trouble
and quarrel with immediate relatives.
While predicting one must not go on
cross on mounts but also go thru the other markings of hand.

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