How to worship Lord Saturn to reduce the bad effects

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I have describe how to worship Lord Saturn to reduce the bad effects and getting beneficial results.

General concept of People about Lord Shani

Generally people are fear to listen from astrologers that Shani (Saturn) is entering in their birth chart or Shani Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiya Shani Sapta is running in his birth chart.

As per our research we found that people are sociologically depress after listening the name of Shani and started various rituals or puja to safe guard them.

We advice all of you not to fear lord Shani dev as he is known as Lord of Justice and provide you the result as per your Karma.

If you have done good works previously then this is the time to get the best result but if you have involve in bad works then this the period in which you will be punished accordingly and no one will save you.

How to worship Lord Saturn to reduce the bad effects

We advice some rituals or Puja which will be minimize the bad effects of Shani and minimize your punishment.

Vedic Puja for Lord Shani :

1.Conduct a Rudravishek in Shiv temple and feeds some poor peoples.

2.Navagrah Santi Puja with Beej Mantra of nine planets.

3.Offer a Ghee Deep near Peepal tree on every Saturday and Tuesday .

4.Donate following materials to poor as per your financial capacity like Leather Chapal, Mustard oil,Iron materials, coconut, Urad, umbrella etc.

5.Wear a Seven Mukhi or One Mukhi Rudraksha.

6.Chanting Mahamrutujanya Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa or Shani Gayatri Mantra or Shani Beej Mantra on daily basis 9,27,54 or 108 times as per your convince. Number must be fixed.

7.Shani Mela on Saturday in the period  of Shani transit in your birth chart.

Note :Do not confuse with all this method of worshiping lord Shani. You will obey only one or two method in your daily life to reduce the bad effects of Lord Shani as per timeline.

Restrictions to minimize the bad effects of Shani

1.Stop to consume alcohol and non-veg foods.

2.Do not cheat poor peoples .

3.Do not misbehave any elder person.

4.Do not telling too much lie .

5.Do not through foods or waste foods.

6.Do not involve in illegal works.

Our Suggestion:

Prevention is better than cure. So do not involve in illegal work and cheat poor peoples .It will punished you at the time of Shani transit in your birth Rasi .If you have done mistake in previously then to obey our simple puja methods and restriction to reduce the punishment and bad effects. We all are sons of god and god will forgive us.

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