Shani Dhaiya bad effects and its vedic remedies

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 This post will clear your idea about Shani Dhaiya bad effects and its vedic remedyies for human beings. What is Shani Dhaiya? How to known it?. 

What is Shani Dhaiya?

 When Shani transit (Gochar transit period) in 4th house and 8th house of a birth chart  is known as Shani Dhaiya.Shani has taken 2.5 year to move form one rasi to other rasi.

How to known it?

Please check your birth chart where moon is placed. Moon is the first house and accordingly count clockwise and the next is second house,third house ,fourth house……………..eighth house respectively.  To known the current position of Shani click here.


  Shani Dhaiya Bad effects:

  1. When Shani is transit in 4th house of the birth chart .It create problem in education, married life and children.
  2. When Shani is transit in 8th house of the birth chart it create problem in health, career and financial problem.
  3. Some other problems like legal dispute with family members, Dispute related to land are came in the way when Shani is malefic in this period.
Beneficial result of Shani in Dhaiya Period:

1.If Shani is transit in 4th and 8th house with friendly planet then it will give more beneficial result like one get married and he will get a new opportunity in his business or career.

Remedies for Shani Dhaiya

  1. Stop to consume alcohol and non-veg foods.

2.Donate Leather Chapals, Blankets, umbrella ,mustard oil,  Urada Dal,Coconut etc. to Poor peoples.

  1. Feed handicapped, blind and orphan Childs to get beneficial result.

4.To chanting Mahamrutujaya Mantra /Hanuman Chalisa or Shani Beej Mantra to reduce the bad effect of Shani.

  1. Offering Milk in the root of Peepal Tree  (Aswatha tree ) and spend minimum 30m near the Peepal  tree will give you beneficial result.


We advice all of you, do not fear to Lord Shani. He has well known as LORD OF JUSTICE and provides justice in his period.  If you have faced any problem in Shani Dhaiya period then to adhere our simple method of remedies to  reduce the bad effects of Lord Shani.

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