Why Kundali Matching is Important Before Fixing The Marriages in India

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Marriage is a sacred institution and has much more reverence in India. It connects the lives of two people with each other. According to Astrology, Kundli matching for marriage is necessary because it helps to analyze the potential of the connection of two people. It has many other uses as well. Let’s take a look at some.is kundli matching important

1. It Helps To Find If Two Partners Are Compatible Or Not –

It is of utmost importance in a Marriage that the partners have good compatibility. In fact, many believe it as one factor which can even make or break a couple’s married life. According to the Astrology, there are 36 different gunaas which are required to be matched. This helps to find out the compatibility level between two potential partners. The more the gunaas match, the higher is the compatibility and the happier their marital life is. So Kundali matching helps in this.

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2. To Discover The Financially Stability After Marriage –

After the marriage, two different individuals come together. But when taking the oath and the vows of togetherness then it has a lot of effect on the planetary influences as well. The planetary influences from the Birth Charts of both the partners begin to affect each other. Hence, it can have a positive or even a negative impact on the financial stability of a household. It is very important to know of it in advance and prepare for it. This is why most of the reputed astrologers who offer astrology compatibility reading between two potential life partners always tell the people to consider this facet of Kundali Matching very carefully. By doing this, they help them to deduct the consequences of financial instability in the lives of the bride and the groom after their marriage takes place.

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3. To Know About The Progeny in Potential Partners Life –

One more significant factor which requires deep assessment as well as analyzation while matching the Janam Kundali or the Birth Charts of potential partners is how happy they and their future children are in the life ahead will. Through this, the astrologer can go on to predict as well as indicate the chances of childbirth. They can also tell the potential problems related to it after the marriage of the future life partners. Therefore, we can say that this is a vital point which needs to be mulled over before one agrees to take vows of togetherness for the lifetime.

4. To Find Out The Doshas/Planetary Defects in Horoscopes of Potential Partners –

There are many occasions where some planetary influences in one’s Janam Kundali or Birth Chart carry a few “Doshas” or faults. The examples of these doshas are Mangal Dosha, Shani Dosha or Chandra Dosha or Sarp Dosha etc. Due to these planetary defects, there can be a number of problems in the marriage of potential partners. Besides this, these can at times turn out to be very fatal for even the partner and not only for the natives themselves. To an extreme and in rare cases, it can also lead to death after marriage but also for their potential life partners. But with the help of Kundali Matching, one can deduct these “Doshas”. This can be done by performing a certain rituals or poojas after detective the exact dosha.

5. To Know The Requirements Of Any Special Ritual For Pacifying Malefic Planets –

Kundali Matching also helps to know the requirements of any special pooja, Homa or rituals before marriage. Sometimes these are necessary in order to ensure a happy married life. If “Doshas” are detected in birth charts, then they can only be corrected after performing certain poojas, Hamas or rituals. So by Kundali matching, one can know if they need to do them and hence perform these rituals well in advance and ensure a happily married life.

The Last Words

So we have seen that Kundali Matching before marriage is of utmost importance and should not be avoided. To have a good married life, everyone must get their Kundlis matched well before marriage and then deduct all the faults as prescribed so that you do not have to face any problems or consequences later on.

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