Germany, Mars and Saturn

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The good news about August is that it is the last month of the troublesome Mars/Saturn influence that has turned the world on its ear since February. The conjunction is not over yet but after three more weeks, life will begin to resume a more recognizable, coherent order.

There will be vestiges of this extended period of upheaval, chaos and revolution, but the modus operandi becomes again more reasoned and predictable. In the meantime, all across the globe there continues an aggressively contentious, peculiar, disorienting ambiance surrounding our relationships, business, politics, and events in the natural world. It’s not over yet. Mars/Saturn is about upending the status quo and redefining boundaries – we are seeing its expression around the world.

In Germany, for example, the country is struggling to come to terms with recent terrorist attacks that have brought into question the immigration policies championed by their Chancellor. Over a million asylum seekers passed into Germany last year, a few of whom have subsequently been tied to the violent terrorist attacks resulting in 13 deaths and many more injuries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies are seen by many as threatening Germany’s fundamental security, over-taxing the social support systems as well as related services in other EU countries. Eurosceptics and populist movements challenge Merkel’s agenda regarding migration and other EU policies in favor of individual countries that can pursue their own social, political and economic agendas. This appears to be a continuation of the isolationist undercurrent that led the people of the United Kingdom to vote for Brexit, a decision discussed in my previous posts.

Merkel is a cautious, methodical, and intellectual head of state – the undisputed premier leader of the European Union, and the most powerful woman in Europe. Despite her position of respect and longstanding favor with the German people, there are currently demonstrations all across the country protesting her policies, and some even call for her resignation. I believe Merkel can weather the storm, but Saturn is in its most challenging position August 11th through the 25th, becoming direct on the 14th which further intensifies the ongoing Mars/Saturn conjunction. So the most intense period is yet to come. It can manifest in agitation, conflicts and disagreements, and any kind of attack, (in European countries or Britain – we cannot rule out this possibility).

These are challenging days – we feel it here in America in the strange, prolonged, presidential contest (amongst other things) and pray that it doesn’t get any worse. Besides the incidences of violence, the Mars/Saturn influence has brought astonishing, bewildering behaviors to the fore of our political stage, and has polarized the population as they attempt to make sense of it all. Beware that we not be so absorbed in our own woes that we don’t notice that there is struggle of a similar magnitude (or worse) throughout the world.

Mars/Saturn is an intense energy that has resulted in this period of caution – a time to postpone or avoid conflicts as much as possible, a time to avoid taking risks, and a time to employ cautionary measures that minimize vulnerability to hazardous situations.

As I have said, this too will pass – we can see light at the end of the tunnel, so we soldier on, giving thanks for our many blessings and trusting that all is for a higher purpose.

It’s not over yet, so be safe, and God bless.

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