New Problems – New Opportunities

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As we all know, these recent months with the Mars/Saturn transit have been a challenging period; we’re still celebrating its completion and our survival! We’re also mindful that the game-changing nature of this period has altered the landscape of our lives. It requires ongoing adjustments to determine, (each person for him/herself) what, or how much we can accept as the new normal.

So the legacy of the recent Mars/Saturn transit lives on. Like with a storm-ravaged town, the hurricane may have departed, but what remains is the necessary work to rebuild, and while doing that we are rethinking everything. The re-evaluation is a necessary part of the process and that too consumes time and energy.

In the meantime, we have the on-going daily, changing influences to deal with. As such, a stationary-like Saturn in Scorpio is aspecting a stationary-like Rahu in Leo, moving at a snail’s pace so that we have to deal with them in this set-up for an entire year. Complications from these two malefics can come to many areas of life during that time. For one thing, Leo has something to do with government, and Sun is also related to government, so inevitably there will be some significant issues/conflicts/incidents relating to the public and their governments. We’ve seen examples of this influence in recent days and it will continue to build in strength up until October 7th, falling off thereafter which I’ll explain below.

After our long sojourn with Mars/Saturn, you may feel a little disappointed to hear about another malefic influence on its tail. I can certainly understand that. However, the Saturn/Rahu transit carries less weight and the nature of the influence is very different as well. Let me explain:

The Mars/Saturn transit was about a radical, unconventional and aggressive influence. It was about action – getting things done, and Mars is impulsive, quick, immediate. What happened over the course of the Mars/Saturn period upended everything, challenged status quo and created chaos across the globe. It was nothing if not a very active period.

Saturn/Rahu is much more subtle – not so easily traced as far as recognizing its hand in things. Even though the malefic influence can be strong, it grows slowly. Saturn/Rahu indicates suffering; it brings diseases and unnamed health complaints; new kinds of symptoms and maladies can appear during this time. There can be the tendency for depression and health problems that are not easily diagnosed. The influence also promotes holistic health treatments and alternative therapies, as well as mystical, philosophical and spiritual interests.

The relative strength of Saturn/Rahu in the upcoming year depends in part on other elements of the chart at any given time. Presently contributing to this malefic influence is Sun transiting Virgo that is coming into contact with Natal Saturn of the U.S. horoscope. Because this Sun/Saturn becomes fully conjunct in approximately 15 days time, (October 7) – the several weeks leading up to the conjunction is a particularly problematic time. A Sun/Saturn conjunction creates sparks inciting conflict; in this case it will lend support to the aggravating influence of the over-arching Saturn/Rahu transit.

So presently, with regards to Saturn/Rahu, the influence is becoming progressively more potent because of the Sun/Saturn conjunction and we can expect it to give us some trouble for the next few weeks until Sun/Saturn begins to recede October 8. During this time, the propensity for incidents as outlined above will be there. Also present is the penchant for two extremes of health – both the tendency for malefic diseases, (like cancer), and, also the opposite – a greater interest in healing and holistic health practices (involvement that sometimes is expressed in a manic or extreme manner).

Remember, Rahu is considered poisonous and represents extremes; it is shrouded in mystery. It rules serious and confounding diseases – those that are difficult to diagnose and to remedy. Likewise, it represents the healing arts in its many expressions. Activities in these domains are sometimes expressed in exaggerated, extreme forms during Rahu’s period. Rahu is also connected to mystical, philosophical and spiritual pursuits. Because Saturn is also concerned about natural health and vitality it serves to underscore Rahu’s health interest, especially with natural remedies.

Getting back to Mars/Saturn for a moment, you will recall that Mars has now moved on to Sagittarius, leaving Saturn behind in Scorpio – an infinitely easier situation to cope with than both planets together. Saturn will temporarily move into Sagittarius at the beginning of 2017 only to return to Scorpio by June 2017, so there will be little change in the status of Saturn coming up.

Saturn is always promoting that we follow the rules. It is the planet of dedication, duty, responsibility and obligation; it is also about the willingness to work hard. These qualities are encouraged and supported during this period. Inevitability there will also be a general feeling of constriction (as opposed to expansion) because that is the nature of Saturn, as you know. One antidote to Saturn’s contraction is the expansiveness of Jupiter, but as Jupiter is currently in Virgo, (Mercury’s house) where it is weak – it’s not receiving support from Mercury, so we’ll be living with Saturn’s unqualified influence for a time. Later, by September, 2017 when Jupiter comes into Libra we will be lifted up, as Jupiter brings optimism, hopefulness and positive feelings.

In summary, we are prepared that there will be some continued aggravations and incidents in the public arena as well as the propensity for unusual health concerns, especially during this two week period. Saturn and Rahu are with us until next fall in varying strength throughout including at present when the influence is relatively strong. Rahu signals a good time for holistic health methods, spiritual practice and study or activities in the areas of philosophy and all things mystical. In general these days are easier than what we have become habituated to of late, but with the ongoing fallout from the Mars/Saturn period, and Saturn/Rahu upon us, we are still in a challenging period. This is not a time to rest on our laurels, but it’s also not nearly as difficult as where we’ve been.

So, we give thanks that we’re stronger than we might have thought, knowing we’re good to carry on.

Best of luck to everyone,


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