Rahu, the Election and Recent Events

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Rahu reared its head in an impressive show of force this past weekend, perhaps even exceeding expectations for its raw power and ability to bring upset and dramatics. If nothing else, it was a potent reminder of Rahu’s strength; it can be deadly.

Because the USA chart is passing through Rahu Maha-Dasha and Rahu Sub-Dasha, presently Rahu is undeniably with us. This influence will be here for the next two years in varying strength depending on other factors throughout the period. At this time, given we are in both the major cycle and sub-cycle of Rahu, (aspected by Saturn until Oct 8th – just past), this resulted in a kind of double-down with Rahu. So, culminating at the weekend, this past week was a time of an intensified Rahu influence. As you will recall, September brought us to the end of our difficult days with Mars/Saturn. However, given the Rahu SubDasha, and given that Rahu is also a malefic (like Saturn and Mars) with a penchant for mischief, often bringing turmoil and disorganization, we still were facing significant challenges as the Rahu influence mounted. Link to previous blog introducing current Rahu cycle: http://chakrapani.businesscatalyst.com/vedic-astrology/new-problems-new-opportunitues

Most of you will recall me referencing Rahu and Ketu during your readings with me, but you may not, as yet, have more than a cursory awareness of their significance. It is a fitting time to learn a little more about this often misunderstood but critically important planet, (that is not actually a planet which I will explain below). Remember that Rahu represents extremes, promoting both wisdom and spiritual enlightenment and well as representing the underworld and the depraved. It is closely linked to what is “illusory”, and what is mysterious and difficult to pin down. Rahu is a force for either the greatest evil or greatest good. I think you will find it a fascinating study.

To better illustrate what is Rahu I would like to take a moment to review the recent past where Rahu was in clear evidence. As outlined in my previous blog, Rahu was building momentum in a steady swelling of strength culminating on Saturday, October 8th. At the peak of Rahu’s power, the incriminating Trump tape was published followed by many Republican politicians jumping ship amidst widespread disdain expressed from all camps. Sunday’s contentious debate between Trump and Clinton completed a surreal few days in American politics with pundits pronouncing that this latest Trump episode signaled that the race was over. That remains to be seen, but the weekend’s events were classic Rahu involving a kind of revolution, rooted in the unconventional and outrageous and involving flamboyant theatrics and upset. Rahu is also ruler of all criminal activity as well as perversions or deviations of sexual activity. It brings deep-rooted psychological disorders, is disruptive, eccentric and unlawful. It brings problems through excess or over-expansion. It is associated with what is shady, deceitful and untrustworthy.

Rahu is universally feared because of these and other negative attributes, but remember it can also be linked to the most lofty of undertakings and all domains of spirituality. It is always unconventional and always a revolutionary, but these qualities can also be put to noble purpose to fight the good fight as in the case of a Robin Hood-type figure.

The weekend also brought us the most deadly hurricane in a decade which thus far has resulted in 34 deaths across five states and epic numbers in Haiti, at this point over 1,000. It destroyed more than a million structures and caused more than 10 billion in damages. Hundreds of thousands of people were still without power on Monday, still dealing with record rainfall, flooding and related problems. Fittingly, Rahu is an airy planet that rules wind and presides over tornadoes and hurricanes.

In my previous blog I also referenced Rahu’s connection to mysterious illnesses and this past week I witnessed the first published account of a virus that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) refers to as a new, mysterious illness with polio-like symptoms involving the nervous system and resulting in paralysis. There is little that can be done with regards to treatment of this condition and there is no cure. During Rahu’s period there will be far greater incidents of medical conditions that confound current medical knowledge. Link for information on this medical phenomena: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/mysterious-polio-illness-paralyzing-u-s-children-n658766

You could say that last weekend constituted a kind of initiation into what is the power of Rahu, but do not worry – the upcoming two years will have only intervals that are as intense as this brief recent period. So what do we see going forward?

Given that the election and inauguration are within Rahu’s period, in some significant manner the 2017–2021 presidency will be colored by Rahu. The next U.S. President will bear the mark of Rahu regardless of who it is. Jupiter’s influence will be there too starting from June 2018 when it’s sub-cycle begins and lasts until the end of the four year term. Confusion and a certain amount of turmoil continues to be there until June 2018 which is the beginning of the Jupiter Dasha of the USA chart. Jupiter will bring order and discipline and heralds a new, better time for the country.

Rahu, in western cultures is often referred to as the “Dragon’s Head” and Ketu, the “Dragon’s Tail”; they are found directly opposite from one another in the horoscope. However, rather than dragons, Rahu and Ketu actually represent the serpent energy. The dragon reference appears to have grown out of a cultural aversion to the serpent that was caused or amplified by the biblical account of the serpent’s role with Adam and Eve. It merits note that the serpent features prominently in all the great ancient civilizations including in China and other Asian cultures as well as in Egypt. In the Americas we see the serpent notably represented in Mayan artifacts and also within the tribes of the Native Americans. The serpent energy has always been connected to what is esoteric, mysterious and transcendental. That is certainly the case in the Vedic texts where the serpent is commonly referenced in their mythologies and is associated with the kundalini energy that flows up the spine.

Rahu and Ketu, the “lunar nodes” are considered so important that they have been elevated to the status of planets in Vedic Astrology even though they are actually points of energy (like the ascendant or mid-heaven). Rahu and Ketu occur as the result of the interplay of the Sun and Moon. More on that in a later post…

Understanding Rahu is essential to understanding your horoscope. In the proceeding weeks and months I will endeavor to explain how Rahu is manifesting in national and global affairs. In the process, as you begin to observe and reflect on the Rahu phenomenon around you, you will also begin to unlock the secrets of how the Rahu energy is manifesting in your own chart. I think you will find it exceedingly interesting, and, because an element of life is mysterious and transcendental, you cannot be a truly wise person until you come to terms with the influences represented by Rahu.

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