The End of Mars/Saturn

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August 25th brought an end to the last intense phase of Mars/Saturn which is now, at long last winding down from its challenging seven month reign. The worst is over, but until September 17 the conjunction is still operating. Presently the paths of Mars and Saturn are gradually separating such that by mid-September they become once again as two independent planetary bodies, (infinitely easier to reckon with one of them at a time!). Saturn will continue in Scorpio whereas Mars will move into Sagittarius.

But things can still happen. Gradually the environment will become less charged with the negative, aggressive influence that has been our companion throughout this period, although there is still potential for problems until mid-September. We cannot let our guard down yet.

At the height of the recent conjunction (Aug 12-25 when Saturn became direct and the two planets were relatively more closely connected), we suffered the Louisiana floods and the earthquake in Italy, tragic natural disasters – but it could have been worse. At this point, the presidential contest, (one of the most in-our-face ongoing expressions of the Mars/Saturn conjunction) is losing some of its vitriol. In general, there will be much to contend with in the wake of this powerful conjunction, so a certain amount of energy will be needed just to sort through the fragments of our upended institutions, customs and values. Beyond dealing with the immediate conflicts and confusion created by Mars/Saturn, it is basically a game-changer that has altered the landscape of our daily lives. Mars is about revolution, Saturn is about challenging status quo. Working in tandem they have undermined the very foundations of our ways-and-means of doing things leaving us feeling vaguely uneasy, disoriented and anxious about what is coming of the world.

Remember, Mars is the planet of war, aggression, confusion and bloodshed. Out of the turmoil it creates, new realities and insights are revealed. Saturn makes people to suffer in order to help them discover or better understand the basic rules of life. It is called the planet of truth; it leads you to truth by revealing what is false, and requires that one employ discipline and hard work – that is Saturn’s mission. Separately these two planets can wreck a lot of havoc – together, as we all know at this point, they create a mighty force indeed.

The point is, what is dispensed by the impartial hand of nature becomes a given with which we must come to terms. We are reminded to reflect on what we can learn amidst the changes born of this tumultuous period. Behind the laws of nature there is always a purpose, lessons that hasten our journey of self-discovery forward.

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