Upcoming Lunar and Solar Eclipse

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Many people don’t realize that an ECLIPSE refers to a period of time that the energy from any given luminary is obstructed. An eclipse of the SUN or the MOON, considered the life-giving planets, is a most inauspicious period. During either a SOLAR or LUNAR eclipse, these planets’ critical energy is blocked and there is an increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This has adverse health effects, especially on those of weak constitution or whomever may already be suffering from some health complaint. Depending on the birth chart, some people are more vulnerable to these transits than others.

Generally speaking, an eclipse adversely affects the health and vitality of any new undertaking, so we try to avoid starting something significant during the period of an eclipse. Depending on the particulars, the effects of an eclipse lasts between one to three months, with the most intense effects immediately surrounding the actual eclipse date. The upcoming LUNAR ECLIPSE on August 7 is something to keep in mind as you plan your daily affairs, but it is not a singularly noteworthy event. However, the SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 21 is of considerable importance and may have a significant impact on earthly phenomena.

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