Democratic Convention

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What can we expect as we move on to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week?

Fortunately for the Democrats, the astrological set-up offers some mitigating influence to the Mars/Saturn situation in the immediate period coming up, more than was the case this past week for the RNC.  Most likely there will be greater unity, less agitation and confusion than at the Republican convention.  Mars/Saturn continues – Mars having joined Saturn July 13 which again brought their challenging influence to the fore.  As you know, the Mars/Saturn problems will continue on through August, sometimes less, sometimes more, but always there.  However, the early days of the Democratic Convention will be supported by a favorable Moon which moved into Aquarius Friday, the 22nd.  This Moon has the power to enhance communication – helping relations between parties to be smoother and more harmonious.

Clearly the Democrats have an advantage for having witnessed this week’s Republican convention and will be looking to learn from all that transpired in Cleveland.  It appears to me that the Democrats will have an easier time of pulling off a unified front.  They are on the way in-as-much-as the DNC Rules Committee is meeting today, attempting to reach agreements in advance of the convention on Monday.  Given the favorable Moon placement going forward until Wednesday, they will get a boost that could help them push through the thorny issues that the Rules Committee are grappling with.  These are the hotly contested rules that will determine the super delegate system in future elections, as well as to open up the Democratic primary process – issues that have become very important to the Sanders camp.  If the Democrats are successful in reaching a consensus regarding the agenda before the Rules Committee on Saturday they will have overcome the most difficult feat of the 2016 DNC.  Additionally, the Clinton people have set up a means for delegates to submit unofficial opinions, suggestions or amendments in advance of the DNC in an effort to come to terms with dissension before convention-time.

Essentially the Democrats are already dealing with some of the most contentious issues before convention – lucky because this is more favorable timing, (also continuing early into the week), besides the obvious advantage of coping with potentially divisive issues away from media glare.

That being said, these Mars/Saturn days are difficult – that is a given, but the Democrats appear to be in a position to harness the harmonizing influence of the Moon and possibly will be able to start the convention on Monday with greater unity and good will amongst the party members.

To be clear, the Aquarius Moon offers some temporary advantage, but the Mars/Saturn influence is extremely powerful and it continues to be a force to recon with.  Whether Democrat, Republican or any other political group, it constitutes a formidable influence felt across the globe.

For more information regarding the current Mars/Saturn period please see recent posts.

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