Predictions of Violence and Upheaval

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As you know from my previous posts, we are going through a challenging period with regards to Mars and Saturn which is there until September. It is an influence felt around the world – last night’s tragic incident in Dallas resulting in death to 5 police officers, injury to 12 others is yet another expression of the violence and upheaval predicted. We understand that this is the time for these kinds of problems, but nothing really prepares us for the horror when it actually arrives at our door.

None-the-less, we want to do what we can to address underlying issues or cautionary measures that will help us avoid or minimize the challenges during the difficult period at hand. As we look to the planets, remember that they act as a mirror –planets do not cause  or control events on earth, they are indicators, rather like a thermometer that indicates a fever.

Vedic Astrology is called the science of indications; it’s purpose is to offer greater clarity – with foreknowledge we are in a better position to make choices that minimize suffering and maximize opportunities for growth and happiness. Cultivating an understanding of what we can change, and what we cannot is part of the art of living; coming to terms with the distinction becomes an expression of maturity and wisdom. Ultimately, astrology is intended as a tool for being more proactive – for assuming responsibility for our choices whenever possible.

The whole of the cosmos is interconnected in a manner that is difficult for the mind to grasp, but Vedic Astrology is founded on an understanding of the relationship between the heavenly bodies and earthly events. We are all integral parts of a vast and magnificent whole; our paths intertwine in such a manner that each of us are given opportunity to grow in the way that is needed to round out our knowledge of self and of life. This is the purpose of being, after all.

We are in the midst of difficult times – until September we need to be careful, as much as possible.

We offer our condolences and support to the people of Dallas and those touched by the tragic shootings that preceded it.

Clients have been asking me about the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions which I will address next week.

For more information on the current Mars/Saturn phenomenon, please see recent posts.

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