Terrorism, Mars, and Saturn

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The June 28 terrorist attack in Turkey becomes yet another expression of the Saturn/Mars phenomenon which is with us until the end of August – 2 more months. As I’ve said, retrograde conjunct Saturn/Mars is intensely powerful and will be experienced on a global scale.

What does one do with this information going forward? When we know we are facing challenges ahead we prepare ourselves by taking precautions as best we can, and then continue on with our normal daily lives. That is all we can do because the part that is out of our control is – out of our control.

The role of astrology is to allow us greater awareness of the circumstances and conditions of our surroundings that we can be more proactive than we might otherwise be. How one uses the astrological data is up to the individual as far as what feels right to them, but typically one does not look to contrive or contort their lives to avoid possible problems. Rather, one can consider simple preventive measures and take care to avoid unnecessary risk.

There can still be further trials to deal with during this period so we proceed with caution, remaining alert to whatever we can do to mitigate or avoid potential problematic situations.

We remind ourselves that whatever the hardships, this too will pass and that ultimately, all is for a higher purpose.

For more information please consult my recent posts on Mars and Saturn.

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