Venus in Aries ⚢ Apr 20 – May 15

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You’re in a decisive, no-BS mood when it comes to your love–life they either make you stupid happy, or you’re dumping them.
If you were feelin’ moody as heck in March, you had good reason to be–between sensitive Pisces season, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, and Venus also floating through the water sign, what else could you do but cry? But now, the Sun is moving from fiery Aries into chiller Taurus, Mercury in Aries makes you a BAMF, and Venus, planet of love, pleasure, and money, enters Aries on April 20, generating more fun plans with your friends, first dates that actually feel promising, and waaaaay hotter hookups. So get ready!

This transit will be enjoyed most by Aries, and its like-minded fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. The other cardinal signs—signs with similar motivations as Aries but operating with different elements—of Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are feeling the heat as Venus in Aries brings more action to their relationships.


You’re feeling bolder and more willing to slide into your crush’s DMs.

Just like Mercury in Aries, Venus in Aries hits the accelerator hard and might surprise you at first. You’re going from dreamy Piscean energy to a more direct, no-BS Arian attitude when it comes to your relationships. Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of action, libido, and aggression, so Venus in Aries is channeling more passionate vibes now. You’re feeling bolder, more willing to slide into your crush’s DMs, and a little hornier (Aries is a ram, after all) too!

Aries’ energy is like that initial spark when you strike a match–your feelings for someone new either fizzle out fast or ignite an inferno if the chemistry is right! If you’re already boo’d up, you can expect the quality of your sex life to skyrocket. You’re both under the Mars-flavored spell of hot-and-bothered Venus in Aries, so your bedroom is seeing way more action now!

There is, however, a catch–Venus is actually at its weakest when in Aries. This goes back to Aries being ruled by Mars. Aries has a forward, go-getter energy that doesn’t always play nicely with Venus’ desire to earnestly connect with emotions. Aka, you have a shorter fuse now, and you’re feeling very stubborn (especially because Taurus season just started, too), so a simple argument can inadvertently explode out of proportion and do a lot of damage if you don’t keep your cool.

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Since Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, it represents endings, which is why you may have cut off a relationship or two when Venus was in that sign. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, pushing for new changes, so this is an especially important transit where everyone (regardless of sign) can use this energy to their advantage! Whether you’re dating someone new, expanding your professional network, meeting new friends, or just looking to reignite the lost spark with your current partner, Venus in Aries is the perfect time! This hot flash doesn’t last long, but in just a few weeks you can fight for (and achieve) the types of relationships that are best for you! i

While Venus is in Aries, she will be a morning star. Look for her at dawn in the east. If you were born with Venus in Aries, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

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