6 ways on how to Apologize to someone you have hurt

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It is not anyone’s intention to hurt someone, especially to those whom we love. But it’s a fact that where there will be love it is normal to have disputes, apologizing, etc.

There are various ways to how to apologize to someone you’ve hurt:

1.  Admit your mistake

If you are not aware of your mistake then there is no point in apologizing. The entire foundation of apologizing is based on the fact that you recognize your mistake. And try to get the solution of love problems.

2.  Make efforts along with saying sorry

While you are apologizing, you should be prepared to chill out their mood so that they forgive you for your mistake. Check out the things to be happy when you are not happy with yor marriage or relationship.

3.  Taking entire responsibility for your action

While apologizing, you should make sure that you take complete responsibility for your action. Don’t try to pass on the blame to someone else or involve them in your mistake.  Sound like a grown-up a person who is responsible for their dealings.

4.  Be sure that you won’t repeat it again

While apologizing, you should also give an assurance that you won’t repeat it again in the future. This promise shows that you care about your partner and don’t want to hurt them in any way by repeating the same mistake again.

5.  Be reliable while regretting

It’s important that while apologizing that you should sound sorry for what happened. The feeling that you have truly apologized will come only when agreed your mistake and are taking accountability for your action. Show respect towards your spouse.

6.  Not to suppose for instant absolution

You should never expect immediate forgiveness and should give them space to come out of it. They were hurt by you and it would take them time to recover from that pain. Expecting urgent mercy shows that you don’t care about their emotions and all you think about is yourself.  If you’ve apologized correctly, your spouse will forgive. It’s just a matter of time.

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