Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius in Vedic Astrology: A Tapestry of Karmic Implications

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The transit of Jupiter, the greatest benefic planet in Vedic astrology, is important for various reasons. The thrust of these is that Jupiter represents the grace of divinity. So, no matter what else is happening in life, the impact of Jupiter is crucial in our lives. Even in stressed circumstances, the benign grace of Jupiter can bring crucial insights and help an individual through his problems. Perspective and faith can be life-transforming, and these come from the planet Jupiter. 
Simply put, Jupiter is the representative of God in the Vedic horoscope. There are unconditional blessings from this planet for all of us and the reason is that He is the significator of Poorva Punya, good actions performed in past lives. The better those actions are, the more positive Jupiter is in the horoscope. Of course, if Karmas were beyond reproach, rebirth would not have occurred and the soul would have found release but with that limitation, Jupiter blesses us to the extent possible, given the contours of the charts that comprise a given horoscope. 
When Jupiter (Guru) is in His own sign Sagittarius in a nativity where Jupiter is a functional benefic, irrespective of what else may be happening to the planet by way of conjunctions and aspects or in other ways, the placement can be very significant in life, especially if the native were to experience the Dasha of Guru at an opportune time. This will happen even when Jupiter is not a functional benefic for the Rashi chart, for when can divinity be detrimental for the individual. In these latter cases, it will be a matter of perspective in most cases unless the Deva Guru is not happy with the individual. 
Jupiter is transiting to Sagittarius, finally on November 5, 2019. Finally, because He enters the sign and then retrogrades back into Scorpio, where He is in exchange with Ketu, who is co-lord of the sign Scorpio. The exchange is also significant and can work as Parampara Yoga where elevated insights from esoteric traditions can uplift life through heightened awareness and knowledge. Generally, however, the combination is a testing one. The conventional blessings of Jupiter appear to dry up owing to the effect of the Parivartana Yoga with Ketu. No doubt, Jupiter will act from Sagittarius but only in this scenario, till He is himself in His own/ Moolatrikona Rashi. 
During this time of Jupiter’s journey in Scorpio and the exchange with Ketu, the effects can be properly studied only when it is simultaneously recognized that Ketu is exalted in the sign Sagittarius. Exalted Ketu highlights its own spiritual goals to the utmost and is likely to denude material prospects which it touches, in equal measure. This makes the exchange between the two planets even more conspicuous. 
Dhanusha Rashi/ Sagittarius, even though ruled by the planet Jupiter, is a fiery/ Agni Tattwa Rashi and is a part of the Dharma Trikona. It is associated with a dynamic intellectualism extending to many areas in life. It is also important to know that the sign also indicates the battlefield and so various war-like situations can manifest. The difference is, that with Jupiter in the sign, the parties guided by correct thinking are on a strong footing and fight for a just cause. Jupiter is not alone in the sign and this will modify results accordingly. But the positives of Jupiter in its own sign are noteworthy. 
We have mentioned this before and are stating this again- there is Gandanta between Scorpio and Sagittarius and the transit of Jupiter through this region, the last degree of Scorpio and the first degree of Sagittarius is vulnerable. The significations of Jupiter, such as progeny and wealth can be stressed. Mostly though, unless the natal Vedic horoscope indicates a specific occurrence at the time, this will mean uncertain value systems, or the possibility of fissures and breaches therein. 
Traditionally, the sign of the archer also denotes fall from a height. In cases of physical challenges or accidents, this is often a defining factor when serious outcomes are indicated for longevity and so on. One may ponder the image of a mountaineer falling off a cliff and meeting his end, as they sometimes do, or indeed an aircraft falling to the ground. These are some of the more stressful physical realities that reside in Sagittarius, and since they do, we are constrained to make a note of them for the sake of fullness. 
For Sagittarius Lagna, the transit is in the first house, including where the Lagna rises in the divisional charts (Varga Chakra). This is a facet emphasized in the Nadi and should not be overlooked. Having said that, we are inclined in this paper to focus on the Gochara in context of the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna in the Rashi Chakra of a given Vedic horoscope, since we seek to interpret the influence of the transit in the framework of physical manifestation of Karma in life. Though the transit under scrutiny is that of Jupiter we cannot but refer to the fact that two malefic planets are transiting the Lagna in the form of Saturn and Ketu. It is known and understood that the Lagna is the Marana Karaka Sthana position for Shani. For those with vulnerable health prospects, Shani, the Naisargika Karaka for disease and ill-health transiting the Lagna, the latter being the place of health and vitality, is adverse. Conjunction with Ketu can only worsen the prospects in this area of life and diagnosis of ailments may be erroneous or delayed.
Jupiter will help, and help greatly, through one’s own insights and thinking since the Lagna denotes the self of the individual. Furthermore, Jupiter is the Karaka of Dhi-Shakti, the power of discrimination, otherwise known as Viveka. Guru also has Digbala, directional strength, in the Lagna and directs the intelligence favourably. This is a great positive and can help tide over numerous challenges in life. 
For Dhanusha Lagna this is more a time for internal reorientation and seeking of blessings from the Goddess. Guru aspects the trines from the Dhanusha Lagna and blesses the 5thand 9thHouses. Children, future plans, higher education, father, fortunes and so on are favourably impacted. It is not advised that the individual should seek out serious battle, though this may manifest, since Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined, and this does not bode well for the individual and the adversary in this scenario. Let this be a time, instead, for new beginnings for these can truly be made during this transit. 
Let the new beginnings be auspicious and not forced, especially owing to misadventures in personal life. The 7thHouse of marriage also bears the brunt of the aspect of two malefics during this time and obviously it is the aspect of Guru which can save the day for the natives of this Lagna. The spiritual thrust will come, but with the insights from Guru (Sanatana Dharma, esoteric arts of India such as Jyotisha, Guru, sage thinking, phlegmatic mindset and adherence to Vedic wisdom) it should come preferably without the severe tests of the Guru-Ketu conjunction. Avoid the temptation of using wisdom superficially and only for the sake of appearances because this happens with the Saturn-Ketu conjunction. The way of Jupiter is better. 
For the Dhanusha Arudha Lagna, the situation is a more testing one. Financially and socially, at the manifest level, the Sagittarius Arudha Lagna is confronted with tests. Saturn in the Arudha Lagna is onerous and so is Ketu. Saturn is not good for the Arudha Pada and Ketu, being the significator for Moksha is not suited for a strong indicator of reality in the world of Maya. Jupiter Himself is not ideal in the Arudha Lagna though He will definitely promote a good perception amongst those who interact with the Dhanusha Arudha Lagna individual. The Arudha Lagna has to do with creating material reality and Jupiter is not ideal because He is fundamentally disinterested in these matters.  
For Aries Lagna, the other Lagna in the Dharma Trikona of the Kalapurusha, the transit is in the 9thHouse from the Lagna. Just as generally, the widely differing nature of the three planets in Dhanusha gives mixed results, as it must, the implications for Dharma and Bhagya are also similarly muddled for Mesha Lagna people. While Jupiter suggests visits to temples and taking recourse in religion, Saturn works exactly to the opposite effect. In the natal horoscope, Shani in the 9thHouse portends denuding of belief in God and an agnostic or outright atheistic mindset as age progresses. The 9thHouse is associated with advanced age. Exalted Ketu in the 9thHouse will promote spirituality but may do so harshly for a variety of reasons, including those enumerated above. Implications for the father will depend on the natal condition of the 9thHouse and related factors, as well as on the Karma contained in the Dwadashamsha Chakra pertaining to the parents. 
Conventional luck and fortune are being subjected to stresses but that is largely due to the malefics stationed in the 9thHouse. Jupiter will help and to improve matters it is suggested that the individual adhere to the path of the benefic planet. Mesha Lagna benefits with the Graha Drishti of Guru to the Lagna, which imbues the self with positive energies, influencing personal health favourably. The same influence is exerted on the 5thHouse itself which is a positive influence for planning and children.
The Mesha Arudha Lagna is again confronted with mixed possibilities. Here, ironically Saturn and Ketu are most welcome since they aid the individual in his efforts to succeed in the material realm, but Jupiter being the significator for truth balks at some of the Maya. It takes time for Jupiter to support the individual in the 9thHouse from the Arudha Lagna, the time needed to assimilate the truth, which is not an easy process. 
For the remaining Lagna in the Dharma Trikona, the Agni Tattwa Leo Lagna, the association of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius occurs in the 5thBhava from the Lagna. For Leo, this sign represents children and future planning, and the texture of consciousness, the Chitta. Jupiter coming to the trines to the Lagna augurs well for the advent of blessings, which are needed to counter the adversity of the malefics in the 5thHouse. For these individuals, if the 5thHouse is otherwise fortified in the natal chart, then the entry of Jupiter will elevate matters. The 5thHouse is a place for receiving blessings with folded hands, and this is especially so when there are malefics transiting the 5thHouse; otherwise, malefics in trines are a recipe for depression, especially when there are two or more of these. This is especially true for the natal horoscope for transits by definition are transient and come and go.         
Jupiter in the 5thHouse in Dhanusha Rashi can bring about an epiphany. This can be religious, philosophical or anything partaking of intellectualism in its many varieties. The beneficial energies of the planet pervade the mind and lead to a consciousness which is prepared for this. Epiphanies occur when the groundwork required for these is already well in place. People who have been travelling their lives in congruence with this prospect will find that this transit supports the manifestation.
With its 5thHouse Graha Drishti going to the Bhagya Sthana from the Lagna, Guru will inspire good fortune and correct ways of thinking about the world. The 9thHouse aspect of Jupiter also goes to the Lagna Bhava and improves the understanding of the health and the decisions that are made by the self. New beginnings can inspire the future.
Affections and marriage are other areas which can be favourably influenced during this transit, especially if the natal horoscope promises this. This is from another level of these studies but can be made a note of, given the intricate demands of the two Gurus in Vedic astrology in certain cases. 
Broadly speaking, the 5thHouse is a Lakshmi Sthana and the axis which is made with the 11thHouse relates to financial well-being. This transit of Jupiter could impact these matters favourably for Leo Lagna. 
This is highly pronounced for individuals with Leo Arudha Lagna because Jupiter is transiting the 5thHouse from the Arudha Lagna. in horoscopes with positive wealth potential, this transit can be quite conducive to gains. 
For Taurus Lagna, it is the 8thHouse which is populated by these three planets. The 8thHouse, though having the propensity to be neutral, is one of the evil houses of the horoscopes, being a Dusthana. Saturn alone here can sometimes be a positive placement, but for Taurus Lagna, as the 9thand 10thlord, placed in the 8thHouse, this is not really applicable. With Ketu, the 8thHouse shows affliction. The transit of Jupiter through this 8thhouse from the Lagna is that of the 8thlord in the 8thhouse. Any chronic illnesses that have come to the fore will be helped by the presence of Jupiter in the sign. Ketu may be interfering with the correct and timely diagnosis of these ailments and this problem will be assuaged by the arrival of Jupiter, even if in due course. 
The 8thHouse is associated with deep personal transformations. These are inscrutable in nature till the point they are either fully or substantially assimilated. Transformations are never conventionally easy and come through intense mental and/ or physical distress and challenges, these latter being hallmarks of the 8thhouse. Taurus Lagna can experience some of these attributes now especially since Jupiter and Ketu will be joined in the sign. The aspect of Jupiter to the other Moksha Trikona Bhavas for this Lagna further accentuates this potential. Loans, debts and other liabilities could show up during this time. 
For businessmen with Taurus Arudha Lagna though this transit presents a different proposition. The 8thHouse from the Arudha Lagna deals with loans for business and in some cases this funding can be quite useful. This is an evaluation for a situation where Jupiter alone tenants the sign. Here owing to the affliction, and resultant stresses associated with borrowings, Jupiter can ease the problems and show the best way ahead in this scenario. The main proposition that aids understanding here is that the 8thhouse holds the sustenance for matters that reside in the 7thhouse. The 7thhouse also houses business activities and therefore the transit in the 8thhouse for Taurus Arudha Lagna is relevant. 
Virgo Lagna is experiencing turmoil at home with malefics transiting the 4thhouse. Jupiter rules the 4thHouse for this Ascendant and His entry into the sign of Sagittarius can at the very least bring true perspective and understanding of the issues that have precipitated the turmoil in the first place. The natal condition of the 4thhouse in charts with this Lagna will determine the true impact of the transit. If the 4thhouse is severely damaged in the natal horoscope, then Jupiter’s transit will only reveal the truth of that affliction for Guru is about Satya. Breach of Sattwa Guna or correct values and action will be precipitated into view. If, on the other hand, the 4thhouse is not afflicted in the natal horoscope then the hopscotch in the 4thhouse will work differently.
If the 4thhouse is not afflicted, then the malefics indicate transient heartache which will be mollified by the presence of Jupiter. Jupiter is well-placed in the 4thhouse and will bring proper understanding to the heart and home. Again, the Tattwa in the Lagna indicates the emphasis on the Moksha Trikona indicating a fundamentally spiritual influence of the Jupiter transit. This manifests in the aspects to the 8thand 12thHouses. Whatever is in the 4thhouse in the natal horoscope, will find play owing to Guru, who makes things ‘succeed’, or in this context bring them to fruition. 
For all Lagna, if a Nodal flip is happening, in that one Node of the Moon is transiting over another in the natal horoscope then the other side of the story will manifest. For example, if Ketu currently in the 4thHouse for Virgo is transiting over natal Rahu in the 4thHouse or another Yoga involving the North Node then the other side of what Rahu precipitated will come through. This can be a difficult experience and since the Nodes are Karmic, life can turn around, as if over an axis. 
For the Virgo Arudha Lagna individual also, the transit is not very good. What is required in the sign of Sagittarius for this Lagna is creation and what is happening is destruction. Immovable property, home and vehicles need to be watched over carefully. Jupiter helps immensely, trying to stem the flow as it were. 
Personal life and intimate choices have, for some Capricorn Lagna people, reached the nadir of self-negation with the transit of Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius. With the entry of Jupiter in the sign, some sanity will prevail and the feet of the individual will move in the right direction. Personal life can prove to be a real testing stone and the way it has been dealt with in the past will dictate the real impact of the current transits. We need to be aware that just as the 12thHouse is indicative of the pleasures of the bed, it is also the Moksha Bhava. In either event, the self is effaced in some manner. I have seen some Makara Lagna natives with Dhanusha Rashi getting spiritually inclined owing to the pressures of Shani on the natal Chandra. This is especially so since Dhanusha Rashi happens to be their 12thHouse from the Lagna. Some conventional negatives in life have been recognised and there is an attempt to resolve them or truly appreciate their significance through spiritual insight. Since the 12thHouse is also the Ashram of the Guru, they have started meditation practices or attending lectures at the premises of a spiritual figure. 
The Moksha Trikona is again influenced owing to the Prithwi Tattwa in the Lagna. The 4th, 8thand 12thHouses receive the aspect or conjunction of the transit Guru. If anyone is trying to throw dust into the eyes of another with this Lagna through false spirituality or fake austerities, they will be taken to task very harshly. Shani-Ketu sometimes cause this, and because of the involvement of Guru, the benefits associated with, and emanating from the planet Jupiter can vanish. Keep Jupiter truly in your lives. 
The Capricorn Arudha Lagna suffers massive expenditure during this time. For those with tax related problems, this transit of the malefics is traumatic. Shani is the Naisargika Karaka for forced exactions of a monetary nature and His presence in the 12thBhava from the Arudha Lagna with Ketu (mistakes, error) is a clear pointer to this. If these planets are transiting over an afflicted 12thHouse from the Arudha Lagna, then utmost attention will be required to tide over these problems. With Jupiter in the 12thHouse, if the natal Yogas point to this outcome, and only then, the accumulated wealth (treasure) runs the risk of being taken away.
Gemini Lagna is aided by the transit of Jupiter in the 7thHouse. The attitude to marriage and partnerships was assailed by the transit of Saturn and Ketu and helped only by the Parivartana Yoga between Ketu and Guru. Now, with the arrival of Jupiter in the sign, marital and business matters will receive correct direction. Desires will have some Sattwa Guna because Jupiter aspects the 11thand 3rdHouses with Graha Drishti. The Lagna also receives the aspect of Guru which brings heightened sense of propriety and rationale to the intelligence and to the decision making. But still three is a crowd and people with this Lagna have to direct their state of being in line with the teachings of the Deva Guru. There are bound to be some conventionally challenging experiences, and it is better if one is not directly a party to these, say for example in cases where the Lagnesha is in the 7thHouse in the natal horoscope and these planets are transiting over the functional intelligence. 
The presence of Jupiter helps the career as well because the 7thHouse from the Lagna is also the 10thfrom the 10thHouse and supports the 10thHouse. 
The Mithuna Arudha Lagna is blocked at the present time and if the blockage is in evidence in the natal horoscope then servants, spiritual figures, lawyers, finance professionals and anybody indicated by Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter will tend to prevent the social and financial personality from exerting itself. With Jupiter people it will be possible to arrive at a settlement to improve this situation. 
Libra Lagna has Guru transiting the Marana Karaka Sthana position in the 3rdHouse with Saturn and Ketu bringing ordinary ideas with which to project one’s personality. The 3rdHouse position of Jupiter runs the risk of denuding the planet of His benefic grace for the nativity in question. From this weakened position, Jupiter cannot be expected to transmit any significant blessings to the 7thHouse which He aspects. The 9thHouse and the 11thHouse are likewise influenced beneficially only in a marginal sense. The overall decision-making and conduct is to be watched carefully and advice sought when in doubt, especially if the natal horoscope does not indicate an outright positive time. 
Tula Arudha Lagna is not at all helped by the 3rdHouse transit of Jupiter and in fact Saturn and Ketu may help in some mundane pursuits instead. It is recommended that people with these combinations should seek advice at the first sign of adversity during this transit. 
For the final Ascendant in the Vayu Tattwa Rashi, Aquariushas Guru transiting the 11thHouse and is best amongst the lot. From this location, not only are the gains (Labha) fortified but the aspect to the 3rdHouse mitigates needless aggression and abrasive thinking. The 7thHouse in Leo is a Mitra Rashi for Guru and is positively aided in the realm of marriage and partnerships. For the individuals with the Arudha Lagna in Kumbha Rashi, this is a fine transit and can bring windfall in finances and wealth. The only advice would be to choose the source of income wisely. Keep to the path of Jupiter and this transit promises to be an excellent one. 
For the Jala Tattwa Lagna, Cancer Lagna is facing a time of precipitation of internal weaknesses and Jupiter’s transit is not good overall save for the purpose of improving relations with in inimical persons. The transit is through the 6thHouse of Roga, Rina, Ripu where an outright benefic such as Guru does not know what to do. The malefics perform better but only because they give the wherewithal to fight adversity. The 6thHouse ceases to be an Upachaya Bhava of growth during such a Gochara and becomes a Dusthana. The positives of Guru are lost to a degree. Professionally though, the planet will try to help with His aspect to the Karma Sthana and the 2ndHouse, all part of the Artha Trikona. 
The 6thHouse is 12thfrom the 7thand can dissipate or stress the marital bond if this is foretold in the natal horoscope. 
The individuals with the Arudha Lagna in Karkata Rashi find it a very difficult transit because Jupiter is in a sense renounced for the time being and very strongly at that because Guru is in His own Rashi. It is only Saturn and Ketu who keep the person engrossed in the rough and tumble of life. Wealth and finances are at risk if the danger is evident in the natal horoscope.
Scorpio Lagna again has a chance to enjoy the sustenance of the Dhana Bhava, which applies with greater vigour to the individuals with the Arudha Lagna in this Rashi. Jupiter protects finances vigorously which may have been stressed by Saturn and Ketu in transit especially if the individual suffers adverse Dashas in the nativity. In excellent Dashas, these negatives do not manifest because Gochara only delivers what the Karma promises in the first place. The positives in the 6thand 10thHouses are greater for this Lagna and the Arudha Lagna given the strength in the Dhana Bhava by location. 
Pisces Lagna enjoys a spotless reputation, on which slurs may have been cast by the malefics. Jupiter makes everything right for this Lagna being the Lagnesha in the 10thHouse in Siddha Yoga. But you must do this yourself because Guru is the Lagnesha. Self-effort brings a new dawn and gives growth in finances from the 2ndHouse and measurable growth generally from the 6thHouse. For this Arudha Lagna, the effects are the same but always shining bright with their visibility. The 10thHouse is the Swarga or the zenith of the horoscope and the individual shines with the auspicious light of the Deva Guru during the Gochara. Do not succumb to the mistakes of Ketu or the options indicates by Saturn. Again, keep to Jupiter else the cleansing of the Parampara Yoga cannot be more severe than for the sign of the Rishis. 
This paper ought to be read together with the following studies on the other transits either operating at the time or otherwise relevant for further perspective:
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