Improving the Kumbh

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INDIA, September 4, 2019 (Hinduism Today by Purnendu Singh): There were times during thes Kumbh I went without sleep for two days at a stretch because of my duties overseeing VIP visits. But when I saw that, despite the huge rush, the pilgrims were able to comfortably and smoothly take their bath and felt blissful, I got a very special kind of satisfaction which cannot be easily explained in words. Seeing that, feeling the bliss and peace on the faces of the pilgrims, is the biggest achievement of my posting here. It was such an energy booster for me.

Purendu Singh, one of the Kumbh Mela senior police officers, shares his thoughts and feelings on the duty of a lifetime in the July issue of Hinduism Today. The full article can be viewed at “source”.

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