Pitru Paksha 2019 Date How to Perform Pujan

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Pitru Paksha 2019 Dates and time how to get rid of Pitra Dosha, How to Perform Pujan on Pitru Paksha

What is Pitru Paksha

However, Pitru Paksha is a 15 lunar day’s period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors, especially through food offerings. According to South Indian Amavasyant calendar, it falls in the lunar month of Bhadrapada beginning with the full moon day or day after full moon day

13 September (Friday) Purnima Shraddha
14 September (Saturday) Pratipada Shraddha
15 September (Sunday) Dwitiya Shraddha
17 September (Tuesday) Tritiya Shraddha
18 September (Wednesday) Maha Bharani, Chaturthi Shraddha
19 September (Thursday) Panchami Shraddha
20 September (Friday) Shashthi Shraddha
21 September (Saturday) Saptami Shraddha
22 September (Sunday) Ashtami Shraddha
23 September (Monday) Navami Shraddha
24 September (Tuesday) Dashami Shraddha
25 September (Wednesday) Ekadashi Shraddha, Dwadashi Shraddha
26 September (Thursday) Magha Shraddha, Trayodashi Shraddha
27 September (Friday) Chaturdashi Shraddha
28 September (Saturday) Sarva Pitru Amavasya

Holy Places For Shradh Rituals

Therefore, As per the Hindu mythology, there are some important places in India for performing the rituals of Shraadh for the departed souls to stay in peace and be happy.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Prayaga (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh
Gaya, Bihar
Kedarnath, Uttarakhand
Badrinath, Uttarakhand
Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
Nasik, Maharashtra
Kapal Mochan Sarovar, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

How to Perform Pujan on Pitru Paksha

However, we can perform the Puja in a lake beside their house. They can also perform this Puja at the banks of a river. One can also visit Gaya or Varanasi to perform the Puja. White rice, A bucket of water, Piece of Kush grass (with roots attached), and Black till for performing the Tarpan.Ghee, 5 pairs of Puri/Suhari and Sweet rice, Black Till, Camphor, 1 Diya, Wood, Mango leaves, Lota with water and prepared food to take outside for performing the Havan. Prepared meals, or 3 or 5 pairs of Suhari/Puri and sweet rice for performing the Bhojan. Mix the black till and white rice into the bucket of water. After that plant the Kush grass on the southern side of you. Then tie the Kush grass into a knot. Join your hands together and allow the water to scoop down your palms.

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