2019 Vijayadashami, Dussehra date and Puja time

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2019 Vijayadashami, Dussehra date and Puja time, dussehra date and puja 2019
Vijayadashami 8th October 2019 Tuesday / मंगलवार
Therefore, Vijayadashami celebrations include processions to a river or ocean front that carry clay statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, and Kartikeya, accompanying by music and chants, after which the images are immersing into the water for dissolution and a goodbye.
However, Ravan kidnaps Sita. Raam requested Ravan to release her, but Ravan refused; the situation escalating and lead to the war. After performing severe penance for ten thousand years, Ravan receives a boon from the creator-god Brahma: he could henceforth not be killed by gods, demons, or spirits. He is portrayed as a powerful demon king who disturbs the penances of rishis. Lord Vishnu incarnates as the human Rama to defeat and kill him, thus circumventing the boon given by Lord Brahma. A deadly and fierce battle takes place between Raam and Ravan in which Raam kills Ravan and ends the evil rule. Ravan has ten heads. The killing of the one who has ten heads is called Dusshera. Finally, Dharma was installing on the Earth because of Raam’s victory over Ravan. Thus this festival is celebrating reminding the victories of Good over Evil.

Dussehra date and Puja time

Therefore the timing is as follow.
Vijayadashami on Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Vijay Muhurat – 02:06 PM to 02:52 PM
Duration – 00 Hours 47 Mins
Bengal Vijayadashami on Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Aparna Puja Time – 01:19 PM to 03:39 PM
Duration – 02 Hours 20 Mins

How to celebrate Dussehra?

However, we can enjoy festivals.

Dress up your children as various characters from the Ramayana and prepare them to perform the famous scenes from the Ramayana.

Recite the stories of the legendary King Rama to your children.

Tell them that Dussehra is celebrating to honor the victory of the good over the evil.

Take your children to the local fairs/meals and have them watch the “Ramlila”.

Buy them swords, Dhanush, gadda, masks of various characters, etc.

Motivate children to use their creative skills to make Dussehra crafts like a bow and arrow and similar crafts.

Play recitations and hymns highlighting the life story of Lord Rama.

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