Teachings On Shiva And Shivling – Brahma Kumaris

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Brahma Kumaris organization teaching gives the symbolic
meaning Shiva and Shivling:

The linga is worshipped as the very image of Shiva,
indicating that Shiva has neither male nor female form. Shiva is invoked as an incorporeal
point of light. That is why the 12 renowned Shiva Temples in India are also
known as Jyotirlinga, signifying light.

The three-line mark on the Shivling known as Tripundi
symbolizes the three-fold characteristics of the Trimurti, the lord of three
subtle deities; Trinetri or the one who has the third eye of wisdom;
Trikaldarshi or the one who surveys three aspects of time and Triloknath or the
lord of the three worlds.

Shiva is also known as Shambhu or Swayambhu – the One who
incarnates on his own, onto this Earth, or the One who cannot be created – and
Sada Shiva meaning that he is the Supreme Soul.

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