Top Planetary Influences That Virgo Should Be Wary Of

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Virgo is a mentally keen astrological sign with a meticulous and organized approach to life. Orderliness is essential to a thriving Virgo h…

Virgo is a mentally keen astrological sign with a meticulous and organized approach to life. Orderliness is essential to a thriving Virgo home life, but the sign’s fastidious nature makes it especially prone to cosmic disruptions. Here are Virgo’s most impactful planetary aspects that natives of the sign should monitor closely:

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising

People born between August 23rd and September 22nd have Virgo as their solar sign, which means the zodiac’s traits reach outward manifestation. Meanwhile, a Virgo moon sign is trickier to calculate and detect; mostly, this aspect reveals an assiduous internal demeanor regardless of what the sun sign might project. Finally, Virgo Ascendant individuals aspire to embody the sign’s personality more than its philosophy, and Mercury bestows them with level-headed trustworthiness to assist in this aim.

Your Mercury Sign Influences Virgo’s Expression

Because the Virgo sign is directly ruled by Mercury, this planet has an outsized influence in their natal charts. As a result, every Virgo should pay close attention to their Mercury sign. Here’s how different aspects in Mercury impact the Virgo disposition:

  • Aries: This combination lends Virgo increased levels of confidence and assertiveness alongside a love of witty banter. 
  • Taurus: Mercury in Taurus is known to soften a Virgo’s tendency to be high-strung, but this aspect can also amplify complacency and stubbornness. 
  • Gemini: Virgo benefits from having the other Mercury sign in its own house, and this position lends itself to discernment and acuity. 
  • Cancer: In this spot, Cancer can cause Virgo to second-guess excessively and focus exclusively on surface matters in lieu of examining deeper issues. 
  • Leo: Virgo’s highly exacting perspective turns on itself here, and Mercury in Leo may cause extreme self-examination alongside serious egoistic challenges. 
  • Virgo: This fortuitous occupancy basically amounts to Virgo squared, so the sign’s analyzing nature and nurturing personality are both exponentially heightened. 
  • Libra: Mercury in Libra is a solid balance for Virgo that compels them towards more extroverted pursuits with an eye towards social justice. 
  • Scorpio: This aspect can supply Virgo with an unexpected temper and temperamental edge that frequently overrides a logical core via emotional outbursts. 
  • Sagittarius: With Mercury in Sagittarius, Virgo tends to eschew its rigid need for structure in favor of an impulsive lifestyle that tests their planning abilities. 
  • Capricorn: Virgo can become downright bureaucratic and mundane with this element, but it supplies a steadfast resolve that can carry them through anything. 
  • Aquarius: Contradictions are prevalent in Virgos who have Mercury in Aquarius as they strictly abide by systems no one else perceive, which makes them seem unpredictable. 
  • Pisces: Mercury in Pisces is a potent equalizer for Virgos, and it balances the mental acumen with a sensitive core and spiritual awareness.

The Increased Perils of Mercury Retrograde for Virgo

Because its ruling planet stations in reverse three times per year, the Virgo sign is uniquely susceptible to the routine cosmic disruptions that this planetary event entails. As such, Virgos need to be especially astute regarding Mercury retrograde periods and plan ahead.

Final Thought: Is Chiron the Real Ruler of Virgo?

Mercury’s influence on Gemini is far more pronounced, so many astrologers have speculated that Chiron must be Virgo’s true overseer. The ancient proverbial healer seems to line up precisely with our contemporary understanding of Virgo, so it’s wise for natives of this sign to look into the icy celestial agent’s influence as well.

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