How to stop losing yourself from Relationship?

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There are some phrases that arise in the relationship at that time you stop loss in a relationship. Thus this is abstract as it sounds. This is said to be one of the dangerous paths that one can experience and it only leads to being disempowered, less-fulfilling existence and experience of life.

What does loving yourself look like?

When you start losing yourself from the relationship then it looks like that you are losing your connection to yourself most importantly to your desires, wants and needs that are making you a unique and a good human being.  Here we are providing the sure signs that will prove that you are losing your inner connection with your partner in a relationship.

  • A person will act, think and communicate in the ways that you feel for your partner and it will approve of and desires. Instead of being your true and authentic self.
  • Start ignoring your own needs and desires within the relationship.
  • This is the best way to fall in love again after being hurt.
  • It senses like the relationship is bringing you down.
  • Frequently look to your partner to bring you happiness instead of looking within to be content.
  • You will start losing interest in your hobbies, goals, and dreams and give more attention to your partner’s hobbies and goals instead.
  • When you are along you feel like uncomfortable mostly you prefer to spend more time with your partner
  • You consistently start engaging in activities that don’t resonate with you.

Why did people start losing in the relationship?

After reading above all points one will start thinking that why do you lose yourself in a relationship and the right answer for it is the attachment. You become attached to your partner and then addicted to them under the false pretense that they could fill up something that is empty within you. Stay focused on your relationship will help to provide a solution for the love problem by providing an effective love spell.

In most of the places we are given the space to the articulate your own needs and as a result you involuntarily submitted them to your parents, and became too scared to be yourself and then reenacted or we can say repeated this pattern in a romantic and in a good relationship later in the life.

Is it possible to find yourself again?

There are most of the people who are always looking to their partner to satisfy and fulfill their needs. So take out some for yourself and take yourself on the date. Buy gifts for yourself. Make love to yourself for hours. Be attentive and listen to yourself. Stay happy in any kind of situation and focus on the goals and your accomplishments.

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