Drums of the Desert Pushkar, Rajasthan

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Drums of the Desert Pushkar, Rajasthan | Tabla Tarang | Raag Malkauns |Aalap Artist: H.P.Ramamurthy TABLA TARANG: Is a take off from the Tabla and makes this rhythmic accompaniment a melodic instrument by using a number of treble drums. These drums are tuned to the various notes of the octave, which enables the player to coax ragas and melodies from them. The Tabla player who has attained finesse in playing his instrument may venture into tabla tarang playing and become the main player. Disjunct notes and limited range (not more than 16 instruments can be played because the player cannot reach out to too many) are the limitations of the instrument. Yet it is a novelty as it turns a rhythmic instrument into a melody instrument. Sound is produced by striking the tablas with the fingers and is both mellow and melodious. Subscribe to our Indian Classical Music Channel: https://goo.gl/jka332 #tablatarang #hpramamurthy #drumsofthedesert #melodyondrums

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