The Joy of Holi's Colors

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INDIA, March 10, 2020 (Navhind Times): Holi. The mere mention of the word itself, is enough to light up one’s face. Indeed, this festival of joy which is celebrated with great fervor and zest, across India sees people, young and old, and from different religions, backgrounds, etc, uniting together with their friends and families to take part in the celebrations and smear each other with colour. All resentments are forgotten, as the vibrant colors lend a feeling of positivity to this day of rejoicing.

While Holi is held on the full moon day, during the month of Falguna, the night prior to the festivities is observed as Holika Dahan in which bonfires are lit up to burn away the evil. Folk songs are sung and dried fruits are thrown into the fire. Hindus in some Goan villages gather at the temple. “A group of men along with the priest invoke the village deity. Each villager must break a coconut after which the villagers dance to the beats of the dhol and taso with the betel nut tree,” says teacher, Atisha Surliker. During this time the dates of the village Palki Utsav, celebrated during the month of April are mentioned. On the morning of Holi, there is an air of excitement in the air. “Falguna being a colorful month, it brings out the essence of nature. Everything looks scenic and beautiful. Nature appears in a different perspective. And on Holi, everywhere I go, I see the assemblage of bright fun colors,” says Surliker.

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