Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Vedic Astrology

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When we seek to evaluate the threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Vedic astrology, we find that root in the affliction of Jupiter in transit. Jupiter indicates human beings, the most intelligent in all creation. This is for the reason that Jupiter (Guru) is the Karaka for Dhi Shakti, the power of discrimination, which is what sets human beings apart. 
Jupiter is aspected by exalted Rahu, and conjoined the combination of Mars and Ketu in Sagittarius. This is Pishacha Yoga aspected by Rahu. There is affliction of Jupiter by three dire malefics. Rahu and Mars are bitterly opposed to each other and worsen the affliction. 
It appears plausible to hold that the virus is controlled by the Nodes because at the heart of its spread is the notion of foreign countries. As far as India is concerned, Wuhan, China is a foreign land where the virus originated. The threat at its core is linked with foreign travel. The other planets indicate subsidiary factors such as the dual signs indicating human beings, and therefore the necessity of avoiding large scale human contact. 
It is worthwhile to note that all dual signs aspect each other with Rashi Drishti (sign aspect). 
It is true that Jupiter’s next transit is going to be in its sign of debilitation, Makara or Capricorn which is a malefic sign ruled by Saturn. But there is a huge improvement despite this major infirmity: Jupiter would be out of the clutches of the Nodes, who, we have surmised are at the heart of the problem. 
The debility of Jupiter would be cancelled both by Mars, who transits Capricorn after Sagittarius, and Saturn who is the lord of Capricorn. No doubt, debilitated Jupiter will be conjoined Mars and Saturn and the mortality rate may be different from what we have seen thus far. The Jiva/ human being has fallen in debility. But there is no Nodal influence. 
Mars is the strength of the Kalapurusha, and Saturn in its own sign indicates that the disease is understood. There is a breakthrough (Capricorn is the natural 10th House) which restores the strength of the Kalpurusha, and therefore of the human being. Mars is exalted and is lifting Jupiter out of its debility. The process is far from easy and will take its toll but the release from the Nodes is bound to have a positive impact. 
Since Rahu is in Gemini (an Air sign), He is propagating the notion that airlines will be bankrupt soon. He has taken control of the Vayu Tattwa and has caught Jupiter in it. 
We also cannot overlook the fact that COVID-19 afflicts the respiratory system. All respiratory problems can be traced back to Rahu, His comeuppance at being beheaded and not being able to breathe at all. 

Once Rahu has nobody to deceive, He himself may reveal the cure (research). 
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