What are the most ticklish zodiac signs

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What is your usual response to tickling? Let me guess, you would start laughing even before anyone touches you. It is almost like having a sour taste in your mouth just by looking at a lemon. But not everyone dies laughing after a good tickle. Do you jump when people try to that, or do you get very annoyed?

Find out what are the most ticklish zodiac signs and how sensitive they are to tickling.

Aries will tickle you back to the point you would beg them to stop. There’ s no chance you can escape them. You would find yourself trapped in the hands of an Aries. So, think twice before you start teasing them.

Taurus loves tickling others, but doesn’t enjoy much when tickled. They are sensitive to touch in general. They would most likely lie on you and make you laugh until you cry. Be careful and don’t make them mad. Otherwise, they will get revenge ten folds.

We can say that Geminis are one of the most ticklish zodiac signs. They can be pretty childlike and always have funny reactions. They enjoy being tickled and always laugh hysterically. Funny thing is they are a bit forgetful. It’s like laughter brainwashes them. So if they are in the middle of a conversation, it will take them some time to get back on track.

If you tease a Cancer, you would be surprised at their reaction. They would say absolutely nothing, but go to their room and slam the door. You would find yourself in an awkward situation. But, you will never again think about teasing or tickling a Cancer.

Their reaction depends on who is tickling them. If that is someone they are attracted to they would be totally fine with it. Otherwise, they would get extremely offended and mad. You would quickly find yourself explaining them that you only had good intentions. So Leos, no hard feelings!

Virgos have different reactions to tickling. Sometimes, they are completely unresponsive. They would stare at you without laughing until you stop. You have to admit, it is not fun to tickle someone who is indifferent to it. If you want to have a quality time with a Virgo, make sure they have put everything in order first.

Libras love tickling and teasing. Only when they realize their hair and clothes are a mess after rolling on the floor, they would suddenly calm down. You know Libras, they always want to be moderate in everything.

At first, Scorpios enjoy being tickled. They would laugh and enjoy the moment with you. But when things start getting out of control, they can can easily get mad. Without any hesitation, a Scorpio will tell you to stop it right now. And if you see that mean look on their face, you better do that.

Sagittarius would definitely tickle you back. And once he is done with you, he would start looking for another victim. So, if you are not ticklish and find nothing funny about it, you better leave the room.

People avoid tickling Capricorns because of their strange reactions. They are either so tense and hard to relax, or they are simply indifferent to it. However, when they feel no pressure whatsoever, you can have a good laugh with them.

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An Aquarius would pretend like nothing is happening, but they would actually love it. But be careful, they would think about how to get you back. They would choose the perfect moment and you would be caught completely off guard.

At first, Pisces would hate it. Then, they would realize tickling can be really funny. Touch them anywhere you want, but don’t touch their feet. They are extremely sensitive to this area.

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