Identity Challenges on Campus: Rajiv Malhotra Discusses with Hindu Students Council

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NEW JERSEY, July 23, 2020: Recently, in December 2019, Rajiv Malhotra hosted the leaders of the Hindu Student Council at his residence for dinner. A group of senior leaders of the HSC got together for an evening of discussions, brainstorming, Q & A and to celebrate 30 years of the Hindu Students Council. HSC is an organization of Hindu students from different campuses across America. The young and energetic group discussed a host of issues with Rajiv Malhotra. He emphasized on the importance of asserting their Indian roots and standing up for Dharma.

In this episode, the students share their challenges of identity in American universities and how to combat it. They reflect on the importance of Hindus educating themselves before debating, discuss important issues concerning cultural appropriation, the prime example being yoga, and stress the importance of upbringing children with Hindu values.

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