A Brief History of Ancient Astrology explores the theory and practice of astrology from Babylon to Ancient Greece and Rome and its cultural and political impact on ancient societies.

  • Discusses the union between early astrology and astronomy, in contrast to the modern dichotomy between science and superstition.
  • Explains the ancient understanding of the zodiac and its twelve signs, the seven planets, and the fixed circle of ‘places’ against which the signs and planets revolve.

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आर्यभट्ट की जीवनी : गुन्नाकर मुले | AryaBhatt Ki Jivani Jivni : Gunakar Mule| के बारे में अधिक जानकारी :

इस पुस्तक का नाम : आर्यभट्ट की जीवनी है | इस पुस्तक के लेखक हैं : Gunakar Mule | Gunakar Mule की अन्य पुस्तकें पढने के लिए क्लिक करें :  | इस पुस्तक का कुल साइज 4.4 MB है | पुस्तक में कुल 82 पृष्ठ हैं |नीचे आर्यभट्ट की जीवनी का डाउनलोड लिंक दिया गया है जहाँ से आप इस पुस्तक को मुफ्त डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं | आर्यभट्ट की जीवनी पुस्तक की श्रेणियां हैं : Biography, Uncategorized

Name of the Book is : AryaBhatt Ki Jivani Jivni | This Book is written by Gunakar Mule | To Read and Download More Books written by Gunakar Mule in Hindi, Please Click :  | The size of this book is 4.4 MB | This Book has 82 Pages | The Download link of the book “AryaBhatt Ki Jivani Jivni” is given above, you can downlaod AryaBhatt Ki Jivani Jivni from the above link for free | AryaBhatt Ki Jivani Jivni is posted under following categories Biography, Uncategorized |


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Astrology Uncovered: A Complete Guide to Horoscope and Zodiac Signs Discover how astrology works. This book is written by an expert on astrology. This book will teach you the meaning and significance of the planets in astrology, how to read the astrological chart and a detailed breakdown of each birth sign, horoscope and zodiac sign. After reading this book you will have a full understanding of what astrology is, how it works, how to read star signs and most importantly how to read your birth sign and that of your friends and family. Learn from a master on the subject.


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Ch. 63. Effects of Prana Dashas in Sukshma Dashas

1. If we multiply the Sukshma Dasha spans by the Dasha years of each Grah and divide the product by 120, we will get the Prana Dasha.

(2) Sūrya-Sūrya. Interest in unnatural sexual intercourse, danger from thieves, fire and the king, physical distress.

3. …-Candr. Enjoyments, availability of good food, development of intelligence, opulence and glory, like that of a king, by the beneficence of generous people.

4. …-Mangal. Antagonism with the king with the connivance of others, dangers and great losses.

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Many of the secrets of life and consciousness can be discovered through Vedic Astrology. Mythology students will find it helpful in unlocking the astrological keys to the great archetypes of the psyche.

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As a Yogic science, Vedic Astrology has been practiced for more than 5000 years with one ultimate aim: to provide insight and guidance towards the fulfillment of the soul’s destiny. Vedic Astrology provides a map of the soul’s territory, to quicken the journey and avoid delays in the process. You can learn to read the map of the birth chart and thereby harness the trends of the cosmos.

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This Books gives an Elaborate Review and Explanation on the 9 planets in vedic Jyotish as different elements of our Consciousness.This book will tell you how different planets are just different elements of parts of our conciousness and mental make-up and why a planet represents what it represents. It has a detailed description on Rahu & Ketu and also an elaborate chapter on retrograde planets in vedic astrology. This Book tells you how Astronomy is related to Astrology and why does Astrology work so accurately. This book will give you a clear picture how planets relate to our psyche on a mundane as well as abstract plane. Hope you all love reading it.
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Vedic Astrology Simply Put is a colorful, fun, and simplified entry into the mysterious and captivating world of Vedic Astrology, called Jyotish in India. William R. Levacy, an astrologer with more than two decades of experience, offers beautifully rendered illustrations and text to ease your understanding of this ancient system of behavior and trend analysis. This book gives you straightforward guidance on:• How to decipher the myths and origins of Vedic astrology• How Vedic astrology differs from Western or


This book is for those interested in Yoga and Vedic / Indian principles and how to see those Universal truths through Vedic Astrology. Ponder this, right now you are on a rock moving close to 70,000 miles per hour around a huge ball of fire. This has been happening for 4.5 billion years. This is where astrological wisdom should begin. The ancient Indian’s knew this, and developed many systems of living that shows how spirit takes form and how to evolve consciousness within that. An understanding