Mahabharata Sabhaparva By Srinivasa Prasad Pillutla


In this book Pandavas are cheated by Kauravas in a game of dice and take all their wealth and banish them to forest for 14 years.
I have recorded my study of Mahabharata second chapter Sabhaparva in this ebook.
Mahabharata is history of India, an epic war that ended one era and ushered in the current era. It is a story of what is Dharma, what is right or wrong. Characters of all shades of human psychology and emotions appear in this book. It is a case study of all types of personalities and situations. This book is the first chapter ‘Adiparva’ of Mahabharata a.k.a Jayakavya. Mahabharata was originally written by Sage Veda Vyasa. I tried to study it and made some comments according to my understanding.

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