The Tolerance of Hinduism By Jagdish R. Singh (Roy)


The Tolerance of Hinduism
Herman Schneider was only thirty-two years of age
when he was diagnosed as having the AIDS virus. He was
one of many doctors who had volunteered to go to a village
in India to tend to a number of people with AIDS. How
Herman contracted the deadly disease left many of his coworkers guessing, as well as why Herman no longer showed
up for work, and was not willing to share any information
about how he got infected. Some nurses who knew Herman
well seemed to think that he had gotten the virus from
tainted blood. They claimed that for quite some time,
Herman had been taking samples of blood from his patients
to do private studies in hope that he could find a cure for the
By now the disease was in its final stages and
Herman, disheartened by what had happened, feared that he
would eventually die from the deadly virus, since no one at
the time had come up with any medication to counteract the
disease. In a melancholy mood, he began to think that he
would no longer be able to tend to his patients, and how
greatly distressed his parents in Germany would become
when they found out that he only had a few months or
perhaps a year to live.

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